Super Fun Decor Ideas for Your Mehndi!

By Sukruti Kadakia

I was justtalking to my sister regarding her upcoming wedding in April, and we happen tochat regarding the décor and entertainment ideas for her mehndi functions. I thought I should pen these fun ideas down for all of you. Casual, Laid Back and super fun mehndi events are definitely the kick start to the wedding celebrations!  These few fun decor ideas, will ensure that the mehndi is not just about those squiggly lines on your hand, but an event for everyone to enjoy and remember!

1. “Vehicle Trend”

Probably our most favorite mehndi decor trend is having a truck for your juice or desert bar!!! So Much FUN, the truck adds that perfect amount of pizazz to your wedding and it’s something that will be talked about.

The Rickshaw is another popular vehicle doing the rounds of mehndi events!! Dress it up in yellow and orange and circle your venue with your husband!! Makes a great photo op as well!!!

Another truck and rickshaw we spotted.

2. The “Pamper Me” Cushions Decor Trend

Seriously, this decor idea is a must for every bride, specially if its only the girls side function.

The “Pari Hoon Mein” cushion – just in case anyone had a doubt you know?

The “Maa Ki Laadli” cushion- or switch it up with “Daddys Little Princess”. SO CUTE.

3. The “Parandis and Jhoolas” to form a flea market decor trend

Turn your mehndi into a full on flea market with Parandis hanging from trees, a wooden jhoolars and  fun little games (a real wedding with the most fun mehndi ever is coming up).

4. The “Upside Down Umbrellas” Decor Trend

Who knew umbrellas could be a fun decor accessory? Change up the white with pops of neon and have them hung from your ceiling for an uber cute, fun, mehndi decor idea.

5. Do it Yourself Mehndi Decor:

  • Get mirror work dupattas from Jaipur and have them strung across your space for a quick and effortless DIY.
  • Silk sarees interspersed with fairy lights is not only a gorgeous DIY Decor idea for your mehndi but almost looks like a pro has done it!
  • Use Bangles and string them together as hangings descended from the ceiling- tell your friends to pick off whichever bunch they like.
  • Get creative- use kalire (gold things Punjabi brides wear) and attach them to ribbons and have them descended from the ceiling.
  • More props like pankhas, embroidered potlis and cushions can totally set the tone for your mehndi!