No dairy..ever? Day 11

So here we are, turns out I didn’t die when I entered cheese withdrawals last week. Instead I read this book that was recommended to me by at least a dozen people. This book (written by ANDI-score inventor Dr. Joel Fuhrman). When I flipped it over at book warehouse I read that it contains a highly effective, scientifically proven way of eating. It promises to help you live longer, reduce dependence on medication and dramatically improve you overall health. I like science, I love food, so (naturally) I jumped in feet first and it turns out…Doctor Joel is onto something. Not only has this book kicked my weight loss off to a great start (6lbs to be exact) it has also improved my understanding of what I have been doing to my body for the last 26 years. It forced me to rethink and re-look at how I respond to and cause cravings in my own body. Just so you know; THIS ISN’T JUST ANOTHER DIET BOOK. This is a book for someone looking to change their lifestyle. This book changed the way I want to eat. The formula is simple: health= nutrients/calories, which means you eat heaps and heaps of nutrient dense food so you no longer crave fat, sweets and high calorie food. Like any lifestyle chang it has its restrictions, the nice part is he explains why they exist and what they do to our bodies. Not sure if you caught the eating heaps of food I mentioned a couple of sentences back…that might possibly be my favourite part. I am truly enjoying what and how much I get to eat. Plus the book includes a sample grocery list and more recipes (yes their easy and they taste good) than I can count.

Conclusion? I will no longer eat a fist size piece of cardboard or a 6-almond “snack” again. I encourage you to read this book. It will apply to someone in your life (or in your future..hello skyrocketing childhood obesity). It’s a gem..     


Alicia Silverstone talks to Dr. Oz about her new book “The Kind Mama” and the extreme measures she was willing to go to for the health of her family.