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i can’t believe people (especially of gerard’s fanbase) are actually problematizing frank’s cameo on the last funny or die video.

friends, this is ACTING. how many actors did have to say things they don’t agree with on their roles…. that’s not frank’s point of view (and if you’ve been a fan for a while, you def know it). and not everyone in frank’s fanbase did agree with that, so why are you generalizing?

be able to differentiate fiction from reality, don’t send unnecessary hatred to him or those involved in the short film and for god’s sake, don’t compare attitudes from one or other. this is not a competition between gerard / frank or whatever.

So Freakin Done

Pairing: Jared x Myself

Word Count: 1703

Warnings: foul language, looots of gifs, and a few not so made up topics that I wish were made up. 

A/N: I just really needed to take my mind off how horrible my day was and the best way to do that was imagining that Jared and I were face timing. I’m just ugh. In that mood where nothing is going right and it seems to be my fault that everything went wrong. And because this is honestly more for myself I will be writing this in first person. Which is something I don’t normally do. Just like writing somehting for myself.
*This is all made up to try and make myself feel better so nothign against his family they are amazing and so yeah lets get into it. 

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Manda: Hey Jar don’t mean to bother you but I’m in need of a friend right now. 

Manda: Today’s been total shit and as always I can’t think of anything to do other than spam you until you answer. 

Manda: Of course that is always so rude of me, but you could not begin to imagine the crap day I’ve had.

Manda:Say hey to everyone for me when you get the chance. 

Sam Winchester: Hey the spam is appriciated. 

Sam Winchester: Don’t worry about being a bother. ever. Tell me what’s up.

Manda: I can’t type it. I’m too frustrated.

Sam Winchester: Okay understandable. Give me ten minutes and I’ll be in my trailer. We can face time. 

Manda: Thank you.

Sam Winchester: Of course. Oh Jen and Mish said that they could go all kunk fu panda if you need them to. 

Manda: Those dorks. 

Sam Winchester: Agreed.

Sam Winchester: So tell me something that has nothing to do with what’s caused your frustration.

Manda uh..I saw three stray dogs jump the fence to my apartment complex. 

Sam Winchester: Whoa! Did you call animal control?

Manda: Nah because I was on my way to what edned up being the start of my horrible day.

Sam inchester: Ahh. Well I hope they are okay and they get taken care of. 

Manda: Same.

Sam Winchester: Misha tripped over his trench coat three times in the same take.

Manda: How?

Sam Winchester: Exactly my point. No one knews why. 

Manda: The set is haunted and the ghost as something against him.

Sam Winchester: You never know. 

Manda: exactly. 

Sam Winchester: So. Ready to facetime? Or did you wanna be a girl and gefix your hair firt? ;P

Manda: your such a meany but I did that already xD

Sam Winchester: Knew it xD

Manda: >:P

*~Sam Winchester is facetiming you~*

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I smiled as his face came up on the screen. As always he was making faces and talking to the black screen as it loaded. 

“Oh Hello you. How are you?” He grinned as he extened the word you.

“Hey. I’m okay. Better now that I can see you.” I smiled as I extended the word you out just as he did.

“I’m glad. So tell me. What happened?” He leaned back against the sofa as he held his arm out so his torso was in frame as well.

“ Well other than the emotional pit that I fell into I almost ran head on into a semi. My mother called me and yelled at me because as we both know that it’s my fault that we moved here and that she hates her job.” I rolled my eyes and shook my head as I did my best to not break down in tears right away.

“Seriously? She’s still blaiming you? Like that isn’t okay. You. Wow okay continue.” I inhaled sharply as I shrugged.

“So after she hung up I just instantly was in tears. I went to rub my eye and had began heading into the left lane. Of course half the state of Gorgia is only two lane roads. So A Semi was coming down the otleft side. He honked his horn because I was bassicaly riding down the middle of the road. I got back into my lane quick enough, but like. You can’t do that to someone. How could you sit there and emotionally terrorize someone while they are in the middle of driving? Like that’s so wrong on so many levels..” I watched as Jared frowned and adjusted how close his phone was. 

“We know it isn’t my place to get to into it, but god I’m soo sorry. I wish I could be here with you. Maybe take you and have you live as a stay at home nany. I know the boys would love that. Hell Gen would kill for that. You know she would, but like just.” He scratched his nose and huncked over his knes still frowning. 

“I’m really sorry. I wish I had more to say.” YI shrugged and gave a half smile.

“Kidnapping me sound like the best option. I’ll have my bags packed and ready. Just tell me when you will be here.” I didn my best to giggle at the rediculous idea. 

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He laughed and ran his hand through his hair as I sat up straight and popped my neck

“Don’t tempt me. I can totally ask for a day off and have you back in like three hours tops.” You laughed as he continued to laugh through his comment. 

“Don’t tempt me with the impossible and nonexsistant job offer. You know that I’m stuggling with that.” I stuck my tongue out at him as I tucked a loose strand of hair behind my ear.

“Right sorry. Don’t mean to. But hey keep fighting for that end goal. You can do it. I know you can. You are smart, funny, beauitful, did I meantion beauitful? Because you are. Not saying that just to make you feel better. Sort of, but really. You are very beuaitful and bright and I know that you can get a job. Have you need calling them back and going in person to talk with managers? Things like that can relly help make a difference. It shows that you care about the company and that you are willing to fight for that possition. So please. send me a message when you call someone. I’ll help in he best way I can without using my celeberty card.” I laughed as he said that and sniffled because of the topic. 

I didn’t want to talk about or cry about not having a job and it being hard to get one to him. 

“Have you applied to schools like you told me about? “ I shook my head no then looked at his exspresssion that I didn’t like to see. 

“Come on Manda. You gotta do it. Please. Apply to the community college. and prove to all the four year schools that your smarter than smart and you will get in.” You nodded and took a deep breath. 

He got up and walked aroun for a moment. I heard water running and smiled as he began sipping on the glass. 

“So,What is the plan for tomorrow?” He asked as he sat back down with a smil. 

“Oh, one sec. Putting a beanie on.” I giggled and pulled my ponytail out to fix it. 

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Nothing was wrong with it,but because he was fixing his hair why not fix my own. He came back into frame and I waved my hand over my own phone that was sitting next to me. He made a weird face when he noticed I was gone and I couldn’t help but giggle even more.

“I’m just fixing my hair too.” He chuckled and I grabbed my phone again smiling at how much more relaxed he seemed to be. 

“My plan tomorrow is to go talk with managers in person and then apply with the comminuty college. But first tell me. What exactly is a celeberty card and what power does it have?”” I leaned back again’st mthe wall as he chuckled.

“It’s basically…” “Hey! Jared! Can I come in?” Someone knocked on the door and he looked up as someone came in and blopped down next to him. 

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“Hey! Panda! It’s you!” Jensen was everly excited with his greeting and I laughed as he popped up in the frame.

“Hey Jensen!” I smiled even more because  here I was talking with somee of the greatest guys in the world. 

Still completely blown that Jared and I are close friends and even more emberassed to say that I was crushing big time on not only him but his best friend.

“So what you two love birds talking about?” He smiled big and Jared rolled his eyes as Jensen too his phone and held it for a moment.

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“Nothing. Just was about to say goodbye actually.” I didn’t want to be blushing the whole time, plus the conversation was private. 

Not that you wanted to share with Jensen, but he didn’t know the whole story and it would be best if he didn’t jump in right in the middle of it all. 

“Yeah, she’s got some cookies to go make for a birthday party. That I wish we could go to It’s for her little sister. You remember Linds?” Jared looked over at Jensen and he covered his mouth as he gasped.

“You better send me a dozen.” He laughed out and you I smiled big.

“Of course Jensen. You know you always get a dozen when I bake. No matter what the occation is.” He smiled and laughed in triumph. 

“This is the truth. Alright well I’ll let you get to it then. Jared and I have to go anyways. He’s been cooped up in here talking to you and forgot to ask when he needed to be back for a wardrobe change. Which happens to be right now.” Jared’s eyes grew and he rubbed the back of his neck. 

Jensen handed him the phone and I felt a little better. It had just been under a week since I last blushed while facetiming Jared and whenever Jensen came in I couldn’t help but blush even more. It was rediculous how these two humans made me feel.

“Guess we really do have to say good bye then. Well I’ll talk to you later. I’ll message you first this time.“ I nodded and he kissed the screen as he usually did for everyone.

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Jensen had left already and I waved goodbye as the scren shut off. I exhaled hard and laid back against my pillows. 

“Gotta do it for Jared. If Jared believes in me then I gotta believe in me too.” I smiled slightly then pulled my laptop out to check in on Tumblr for the night. 

Yūri!!! On Ice: Summary
  • Viktor and Yūri: Love Each Other
  • Leo and Guang-Hong: Also Love Each Other
  • Michele: Loves His Sister Sara
  • Nekola: Loves Michele
  • Georgi: Still Loves Anya
  • Anya: Does NOT Love Georgi
  • Yuri: Loves His Grandfather
  • JJ and Christophe: Love Themselves
  • Phichit: Loves The Drama™
  • Seung-Gil: Loves To Be Excluded From The Drama™
  • Makkachin: Loves Steamed Buns

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