No soy materialista…
pero quiero ir al cine juntos,
yo las palomitas,
tú las entradas…
Ir por tacos al pastor
y yo invitaba el helado…
Comprar libros
y prestarlos,
o leerlos juntos…
Yo para ti uno de botánica,
Yo recibiría algo de poesía
o medicina interna…
Rentar una cuenta juntos
en Netflix y turnarnos
nuestras series favoritas…
Ahorrar para una cámara
para los dos, de los dos…
Hacer compras juntos
por Internet para
completar el envío gratis…
Comprar pizza de dos sabores,
tener una casa bonita,
un perro, tres aves,
seis hijos, muchos árboles…
Y ambos cuidarlos a todos…
Dividir los deberes
y los costos del hogar…
Luego enfermar juntos,
completar para
los medicamentos de ambos…
volvernos viejitos,
dividir pensiones…
Viajar bien lejos,
turnando los destinos…
No soy materialista.
Yo sólo te quiero a ti…
—  Clara Ajc

I was doing fantastically in terms of physical health for so long there I almost thought I’d imagined all the crap I went through and now my body has decided to go back to having zero chill so that’s nice

Prayers would be appreciated

Do you think they retrieved Kite’s body?

Did they leave it there to rot?

Given the number of casualties, I assume any emergency help had to dig mass graves.

Is Kite rotting on the precipice of a underground mountain of corpses?

Is he still where they left him?

Does anyone know?

How often does Gon think about it?

Does he think about?

I’m glad that this time, the hiatus between Shadowhunters S2A and S2B will be so short because I can feel myself drifting away already, looking for other stuff that could grab my interest. I have 4 fics started and not finished and as much as I love the SH characters and pairings, I’m getting bored with reblogging the same gifs and pics again and again and AGAIN. I hate it when it happens and it’s so frustrating when I can actually feel it happening, when I can feel myself losing the “OH, SHINY!” feeling. 

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It sucks that shipping off my laptop feels like cutting off my right hand because “oohhh millenials cant live without technology!!!” But just like, it fucks up so many plans. It means I can’t work outside anymore, must be in labs. I’ll have to minimize contact with half of my friends. I’ll loose access to photoshop and art at home. I had Dnd characters on there I was working on rolling but gotta wait.

My files are backed up, I only lost an essay. It just kinda throws me off the ball.