The Rules of Team Free Will:

1.  Must look good in plaid. 

2.  Must *vaguely* resemble some kind of animal.

3.  Must be able to look ridiculously attractive in literally any situation.

4.  Must struggle with feelings of paternal abandonment.

5.  Must have an addictive personality and/or alcoholism.

(Don’t look so innocent, Sammy.  We know about the demon blood.)

6.  And probably PTSD.

7.  Must be the object of at least one supernatural being’s affection.

8.  Must be a master of dramatic eye-rolls. 

9.  And bitch face.

10. And finally, must be able to die a lot yet remain oddly unaffected.  

AU where Persons A and B are roommates and A is a vampire and doesn’t even hide it but B just thinks they’re joking all the time.

“Is that wine? Can I have a sip?”

“It’s blood.”

“Haha, whatever you say.”

“Where did you get these sweet fake fangs?”

“They’re real. I’m a vampire.”

“Sure you are, and I’m Bigfoot.”

Body contact excuses

- person A hugging everyone so they can get to hug person B
- person A lightly pushing around person B/pinching them
- person A running their hands along Bs wrists/sensitive areas because they know they like it
- person A caring exaggeratedly about the roughness/softness of Bs hands
- person A teaching person B basic self defence
- person A using person B as a pillow all the time (B pretends to hate it but they know they like it)
- person A grabbing things from person B all the time
- person A always making sure their knees/elbows are touching when they sit next to B

With some characters I’m like: Hell, yeah, I’ll multiship the hell out of you with anyone who’s good enough for you and love all these ships like babies and be overwhelmed by so many feels!

but with some characters I’m totally like: You have ONE soulmate and ONE ONLY and ONLY THEY ARE GOOD FOR YOU and no one else is ever going to deserve you and make you happy and any other ship is a big big NOTP, because JUST NO.


You know that really sexy kiss moment. Pizza Man moment.  Actually I was having a lot of trouble. I didn’t even know why but I was having trouble doing the turn and he picked me up and he kind of rotated me  which looks awesome but it was actually very practical. It was just a very cool friend thing to do uh, cause it made my life so much easier. To me that’s like the perfect articulation of him and the whole Supernatural group. We got each other’s backs.” - Rachel Miner

How they met

- Person A was standing on a chair/on top of something and when they slipped and fell person B happened to be walking by and caught them
- Person A and Bs dogs really liked each other and in the process got their owners tangled together from their leashes
- Person A was playing [insert sport] at the beach and the ball hit person B, simultaneously spilling their drink on them, so A offered to buy them a new one
- While engaging in a spontaneous group snowball fight (in a public place)
- While both hiding under a table (for whatever reason)
- A and B were on the same rollercoaster and A grabbed B’s hand
- A was B’s waiter who dropped pasta on them
- When the vending machine got stuck and A started hitting it and B helped
- In a haunted house where A bumped into B in the dark, mistook them for a dressed up monster and in the process screamed so loudly they startled B more than they were scared themselves
- At a Christmas party where A was costumed as Rudolph the reindeer and B made fun of them only to find out that they were very hot underneath
- A showed up drunk to an interview and B was their interviewer
- They both missed their bus and ran frantically after it until they realised it was futile

You know you’re a hardcore shipper when...

You get butterflies when Person A does something nice for Person B or when Person A looks at Person B.

OTP things at the beach

- Jumping and swearing at the hot sand
- Applying sunscreen on each other
- Person A carries the squealing person B into the water
- Taking underwater kiss pics
- Person A remarking on person Bs underwater mermaid hair
- Mud-sand fight
- Sharing an ice cream cone and getting it on each others faces
- Making out from the ice cream
- Lying on top of each other
- Person A burying person B in the sand
- Finding rocks that look like each others eyes
- Taking obnoxious couple-at-the-beach pics
- Arguing about how much prettier person A or B is than the sunset