Meghan Howland (b.1985, USA)

In a recent statement, Howland shares the point of view that new emotions surface when we see the beauty in something that has almost been destroyed. In her paintings, there has always been this common origin, created though a careful and methodical undoing of the “shackles of the present”, and a retreat into the past. Both fictional and actual, biographical, and even autobiographical at times, caught in a hybrid world of fantasy and existence, of love and hate, euphoria and cruelty. A lot of it stems from an emotional kinship, the concept of portraying and establishing communication with the excluded or neglected, the niave, but also the exposure of the false, and the wicked.There is also an awareness of what some say is the rotting underbelly that is our inherited world of decadence. Howland’s work sometimes references social media, fashion, and art history, representing the consequences of indulgence, greed, and sloth, and by using the powers of paint, injecting it instead with a new range of emotions, of possibilities.

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