this little holiday card from Salomon Contemporary came with an exhibition announcement:

The Beacon” @ Salomon Contemporary
10 January - 16 February 2013 
Meghan Boody, Joe Bradley, Phillip Estlund,
John Gordon Gauld, April Gornik, Alexis Rockman,
Michelle Stuart, Spencer Tunick and Lawrence Weiner
(image: John Gordon Gauld, In a Dark Time, the Eye Begins to See, 2006)

Opening Reception: Thursday 10 January, 6 - 8PM

Take a tour of artist Meghan Boody’s “tripped-out Tribeca wonderland” - via New York Magazine. It contains no less than two secret rooms. Here is one of them:

Boody in her shrunken sanctuary. The grass-cloth wallpaper and bed fabrics are from Brunschwig & Fils. The porcelain figurines were all found at flea markets.

To get into this tiny nook, one must climb “up a set of stairs hidden behind a door that’s been camouflaged in wallpaper from Sonia’s Place”. Oh, and did I mention the coffee table in this house is a cage which contains a silicone female doll and live white mice? I compel you to take the tour. Meanwhile, I’m going to figure out how me & this rad lady can become bff and have playdates.


Down the Rabbit Hole!

New York Magazine’s profile of Meghan Boody’s apartment as a “seven-room fantasy lair that is equal parts Alice in Wonderland and Being John Malkovich is spot on! The Tribeca loft, a rental that she now owns, is like mix of Alice in Wonderland, overgrown English garden, and Casablanca. It features Boody’s own artwork and was transformed by the artist’s own aesthetic and the help of architect David Hotson and artist-contractor Randy Polumbo.