Double standard:

When Sir Mixalot and Freddie Mercury sing about big butts, it’s a classic.

When Meghan Trainor sings about big butts, she is “hating on skinny girls” and “glorifying an unhealthy lifestyle”

Because men are allowed to objectify us, but we are not allowed to be proud of our own bodies.


“ It’s about how, you know when you date someone, and then you break up, and then you see them on a date with someone else but they’re so happy, so you’re like, I’m happy for you. Maybe some day in the future if we’re back together, that’d be cool. Good luck. I haven’t seen that smile in a long time, that’s great. Maybe some day when we’re old and grey, we could be in love once more.”        - Meghan Trainor on the song she wrote with Harry Styles, ‘Someday Maybe’. (x)

When people think Meghan Trainor’s songs are empowering

So we all know that “All about that bass” was already not empowering because it bases the acceptance of fat bodies on the validation by men*. no thank you! (and i mean that with and without a comma)

But the new song: “Dear future husband” is just the exact definition of post-feminist, so NOT feminist and also not empowering! It’s what anti-feminists and MRAs will use to say: “See, feminists say they want equality but then still want men* to pay for dinner“ Somehow everytime a woman* looks self-assured and says she has a job people think it’s feminist, no matter what else she says.  But no, this song is not feminism. It’s post-feminism. It’s women* who define empowerment in the sense of only financial independence and high positions in (predominantly male) workplaces, but their definition of *being treated like a lady*, *being a woman*, *being a real man*, *having a man around the house* and generally gender roles and stereotypes are very misogynist and in line with patriarchy (e.g.: women* are emotionally unstable, affection and sex is something given by women* in exchange for material gifts and “gentleman”-behaviour, women* want to get married to men* etc.)

Angela McRobbie calls them “Top Girls” and traces the phenomenon back to the general assumption that basically feminism has done it’s job, gender equality has been achieved and everyone just has to work hard to achieve their dreams and we can all go back to being happy and “playing” with gender stereotypes - since we all know they are stereotypes anyway- well maybe some of them are true haha - sometimes when I’m on my period I really am hysterical lol - also, in general I work better with men, less drama ^^

NO. Stop! 

I think everyone can see for themselves what I mean by looking at the lyrics of “Dear Future Husband” by Meghan Trainor - and don’t even get me started on the video! I don’t even want to link to that shit!