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Every movement doesn’t have to center on everyone’s problems. Specific groups of people have their own kind of oppression, and it benefits them to address their unique experiences in a narrowed and collective manner. It’s not about excluding others, it’s about a community that addresses their specific issues.

Should POC movements, spaces, and issues be inclusive of white people? No.

Should intersex movements, spaces, and issues be inclusive of non intersex people? No.

Should disability movements, spaces, and issues be inclusive of abled people? No.

Would you complain to any of those movements for being exclusionary and non intersectional?

So why should feminism include males, why can’t there be female only spaces and movements? Why are we the ONLY ones that have to address EVERYONES problems? Why are we the ones that have to include EVERYONE or else we’re bigoted?

I need a Green Day friend who I can be excited about Green Day with and discuss their music and their importance and their silliness and everything about them but none of my real life friends are that into them and I have trouble messaging people first 


DEBATE 1: ONLY 2 vs. OVER 9000

Laci Green live stream includes radical feminist Meghan Murphy.

YouTube Channels I watch:

Many/most of these YouTubers fit into at least two of the following categories, but I’ve tried to group them by their more dominating overall theme :) Some are my friends, some are people I’ve never had contact with, and everything in between. I owe a lot of my feminist education to many of the ladies in that category, so I definitely recommend hitting subscribe on those channels.

(Asterisks indicates a channel I am obsessed with and love to binge watch) 


Feminism/Social Issues/Rad Women:

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If you have any channels to recommend based on my interests (or would like to share your own), please feel free to reblog or comment below :)

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ULTIMATE FAIRY TALE MEME : [ 3/5 Genre Swaps ]
Red Riding Hood as an epic fantasy film

‘In a world plagued by werewolf attacks, a single group of women serve to protect what few people remain known as the Red Riders. Taming ordinary wolves to be their companions, and charging against the attacking lycanthropes upon black steeds with silver swords in hand, they have been venerated as the world’s primary force of good. Yet as a lunar event that occurs once each thousand years, the opportunity to wipe out their feral foes seems to arrive.’

Glenn Rhee and Maggie Greene- The Lovers

The Lovers represent love, union and marriage, the concept of soul mates, attraction, enlightenment and intimacy. It can also represent bad decision making and indecisiveness.

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