hello all you wonderful human beings!! i’m megg and i play sweetie seunghee. she’s a fearless lil actress who is willing to do anything to make her dream a career– basically like almost every other muse here at rookies haha. she’s really kind, loves making friends and is always wanting to try new things. i wanted to stick a character troupe to her to explain her better, but i can’t really think of one?? she’s just your average, spunky gal tbh so pls love her. (also tho she’s an actress someone needs to push her into singing bc she’s got the voice but she’s all “oh no i’m no good at singing ha ha ah) bUT of course all kinds of plots are welcome so pls do like this if you wanna plot ya know the deal. i haven’t got a plot page up yet but im trying o u o happy roleplaying!!

5 QUESTIONS SEGMENT, NO. 3 WITH SIMON HANSELMANN simon hanselmann makes fun and funny comics. his TRUTH ZONE strips are as addictively good as jaime hernandez’s LOCAS strips when they appeared in the 80s, meaning one would seek those strips out no matter where they were published just to get a glorious fix. i believe simon will have a long and distinguished career. but in the meantime, be on the lookout for some awesome upcoming endeavors of his that will sell out fast, like LIFE ZONE from SPACEFACE BOOKS, the HIGH PRIESTESS / WELEFARE WANDS screenprint from TELEGRAPH GALLERY and MEGAHEX from FANTAGRAPHICS BOOKS, due june 2014. you’ve been tipped off collectors, so order/pre-order now!
(photos by chris anthony diaz) simon hanselmann’s main stomping grounds: 1. will WEREWOLF JONES ever look at the reader head-on in a future strip, or will he always be seen from a side profile?
there actually are a few rare instances of front-on WEREWOLF JONES’s scattered throughout TRUTH ZONE. i can’t remember exactly where but they’re in there… there’s a panel i really like where he’s looking down at something and you can see both his eyes and it totally works. It was a fluke. there’s some weird ones in there (rainy day activity: go through all the TRUTH ZONEs looking for failed full-frontal werewolves). 
  2. if you could select any actors/actresses/public person to be the voices of animated cartoon versions of MEGG, WEREWOLF JONES, MOGG and OWL who would they be? (please bear with me since i believe you have answered this type of inquiry in the past already.)   i’ve joked about lindsay lohan and matthew perry and people like that before but i’d probably just want to do casting sessions and find people who sounded right. also it’d be cool to hire people who aren’t celebrities. although maria bamford would be cool…
  3. how much do you read up on the guest star of a new TRUTH ZONE strip before you spoof them? or do you create their persona based on impression?
  a lot of the time it’s just a blurry impression or something i think i read somewhere but probably didn’t. sometimes i do do some heavy snooping though. and i have spies.   4. do you have something in mind already for looking your sunday best during your COMIC ARTS BROOKLYN debut appearance?   i’ve been looking at wedding dresses online but am thinking i’ll save that for something else next year. it’ll be close to halloween so maybe i’ll go as sarah palin or “HEISENBERG.” or “sarah palin HEISENBERG.” or just “skinny guy in jeans and sweater.” i’m not sure. it’s probably going to be cold.    5. who are two or three comic creators you idolize? and briefly explain why.   i don’t know if i really “idolize” anybody. there’s people i like lots. but everybody has faults and shit. even stuff i LOVE has stuff i don’t like about it. a few years ago when i was living in london, clowes and ware did a signing thing at GOSH COMICS and i kinda wanted to go. in the end i decided i couldn’t be bothered going on the train, queueing up and briefly, awkwardly meeting them. i stayed home and drew. MEGG and MOGG is my favourite comic.   5a. any established comic book characters you would be interested in doing a story for?   i’d love to do a new “joe matt” series for DC. or maybe “stoned BATMAN.”
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#nestingdolls of @simon.hanselmann’s troublesome foursome, #Mogg, #Megg, #Owl, & #WerewolfJones from #simonhanselmann’s @nytimes Best Selling book #megahex (from @fantagraphics) as well as his latest book #worstbehaviour, now available from #pigeonpress. Worst Behaviour features #MMOWW’s longest #comics adventure yet as well as back cover art by @htmlflowers. The #limitededition #handpainted MMOWW Nesting Dolls will soon be available from #PigeonPressGallery edition of 15.) The top of Mogg is spinning around on the #omone (which I do not recommend for a speaker, but it levitates and spins, if works at all…) #worstbehavior #drake #gilmoreboyz #ineedthisnow #buybuybuy #$$$ <|:-) <– © 2015 Simon Hanselmann productions. (at Pigeon Press HQ)

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