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Human Megatron sits on his bed and watches Rung button up his shirt and put his little bow tie on. He is so perfect and cute, and when he turns around and faces Megatron, he always has this adorable smile on his face.

Megatron, in nothing but boxers, gets up and moves in front of Rung. He pulls him close by the hips, and presses his nose into the top of Rung’s head.

He pulls away, including his hands and brings them up, combing his fingers through Rung’s hair. He styles it for Rung, kissing his forehead when he is done.

“Coffee?” Rung will say as Megatron kisses his forehead again and gets a grunt of approval.

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Do you have relationship cannons for megatron, rung, and fort max?

Here you are, sorry for the wait. Hope you like them! <3

  • Megatron is casual and polite around you before your relationship is official. He might come off as distant, but he just really likes you and doesn’t want to scare you off. A lot of people think of him badly for obvious reasons and he hopes you aren’t one of them. If you give him plenty of hints about your feelings for him, he’ll reluctantly make the first move and ask you to be his s/o.
  •  As a result of his writing skills, he’s surprisingly romantic and will write embarrassing poems about you, not that he’ll ever show them to anyone. In general, he’s way more affectionate when he’s alone with you and loves to hold you close to have deep discussions about the universe and morality.
  • He isn’t all goopy and soft though and you guys probably become the old married couple that always bickers but loves each other behind the scenes. He’ll nag you to not do stupid things that he did and to not fall in with bad people and stop staying up so late for frag’s sake. Then he’ll instantly turn around and tell you to be safe, he loves you. He’s pleasantly surprised that he’s become comfortable enough to fall into this dynamic with you.


  • Fortress Maximus thinks he doesn’t even stand a chance asking you out and acts like an awkward teenager with a crush. It’s obvious to everybody that he cares about you but he puts up a gruff façade anyways. He sputters and drops it completely when you ask him out (he’s too nervous to make the first move) and everybody collectively goes: “Finally…”  
  • He’s a warborn who’s been through a lot. He’s in need of affection and will always melt when you cuddle him or even take the time to kiss him. After a while he gets more comfortable and is able to show you a bit more affection. He also loves holding your hand because you’re likely tiny in comparison to him and he’s not used to anything so gentle and soft or to people who treat him as well as you do.
  • He can get extremely protective of you and switch back to his aloof, combat mode when he feels your safety is threatened. Your relationship develops hints of a bodyguard and caretaker roles with you two regularly switching roles. He’s still in a healing process appreciates it if you are patient with him though he understands it can be hard. 

  • Rung thinks you are the most precious thing in the universe. You deserve the best and he settles for quietly being your friend, under the assumption that he’s not good enough to be your s/o. You have to make the first move, and when you do it probably becomes one of the best days of his very long life. Of all the people to choose you chose him, and he’ll never get over it
  • Rung is more openly affectionate in private. He’s good at snuggling your worries away and giving you cute little kisses when you least expect it because you’re just too cute.  Please reciprocate with cuddles otherwise this poor cinnamon roll will think he’s wasting your time.
  • You guys end up being the kind of couple that people assume have always just been there. No grandiose declarations of love or constant butterflies or emotional roller coasters. You don’t need any of those to know you two are undeniably in love. Everybody can see it. All relationships have their ups and downs but for the most, you two are a picture of stability, trust, and mutual support.

Before I jump headfirst into what’s probably a mistake, I want to make a disclaimer:

These are my personal thoughts and opinions. You are free to disagree with me just as I’m free to disagree with you. By no means is my intent to attack others for feeling the way they feel, please understand that. I’m prepared for the blowback, I’m prepared for others to disagree and that’s perfectly ok.

Now that that’s squared away, I’ve been thinking about this post since I saw it. And as you can see, it’s been a while. Something didn’t really sit right with me, but it wasn’t anything I could articulate well at the time. I mean, it makes sense, right? Redemption arcs are a thing, why not?

So after mulling it over for who knows how long and with S3 on the horizon, I figured it was time to explain myself and why I disagree with most of this idea. I have nothing against the OP or people who do like the idea, it’s just how I feel and you’re free to do whatever you like with that. Let’s break this down:

Bumblebee as the Main Character

Part of the reason he’s not - as well as Optimus - was because I think RID2015 was an experiment of sorts and for the chosen demographic of 7-13…it worked? Keep in mind, this is the first American TF series that doesn’t have Optimus and Megatron as the central focus of the series. It just hasn’t been done before and the fact it’s standing pretty well within the target demographic is a good thing.

Part of it is Bee’s popularity and I get it, a lot of older fans are sick of seeing him around all the time, but hear me out. It’s done some good. It’s proving to Hasbro that you can have a fairly successful TF series without Optimus and Megatron in the spotlight. You know what that means? Different characters who haven’t seen the screen in a while. New characters with the potential to take up the reigns in the Autobot-Decepticon conflict. It can give way to more teams, different leaders, more characters than the typical ten or so that we’ve seen since TFA aired (I say this mostly in terms of Autobots…minus Prowl. I’d kill to see Prowl again). So in that sense, it’s kind of ok for Bee to be where he is???

Megatron as the Main Character

I’m all for redemption arcs, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t really see the point of giving one to TFP Megatron. If we flashback to TFP, I can think of three other characters that deserve a redemption arc more than Megatron: Breakdown (but he died), Dreadwing (killed by guess who), and Starscream (idk what’s happening anymore). Breakdown was without a doubt, the most redeemable of the lot. Dreadwing was starting to question motivations before - lo and behold - Megatron shot him through the spark. And oh gosh, Partners. Partners. There’s no excuse for dropping the ball there, that was just shitty writing.

But Megatron? The only moment he showed an ounce of repentance was at the end of Predacons Rising with literally one line dedicated to his shift in character. So wait, I’m supposed to accept that because Megatron was possessed for a hot second that he suddenly understands the harm he’s caused to others? Ok, maybe, godly powers are a spoopy thing. But to me, his actions - a very, very important thing in any visual medium - are insincere. Aside from that one line we got and flying off into the vast nothingness of space, that’s all we get to indicate change. I recognize that people - and characters - will show things in different ways but honestly? It doesn’t make sense.

The entirety of S3 (and the later half of S2) focused on Megatron wanting to revive Cybertron, to restore it to its former glory and rule it the way he believes it should be. So he showed a lot of interest in a rebuilding effort and even after the whole Unicron possession, why would he suddenly lose this desire to fix Cybertron?

It’s because he lost.

He lost and honestly, I read his actions more as “I don’t want to face the consequences of what I’ve done” rather than “The world is better off without me.” That’s not the tune you were singing an episode ago, buckaroonie.

So for a character that showed no desire to change and only did so to possibly further himself, I don’t understand how he’s a viable option for a redemption arc. He gave up what his intended goal was, basically fled the planet in self-exile, and kind of stopped caring about what happens to Cybertron.

Optimus Urging Redemption

I admit, it’s a very Optimus thing to do, but it goes along with the above point. Optimus completely wrote-off reasoning with Megatron at the end of S1 of TFP. Granted, things change and whatnot, but logically, it makes a lot more sense that he went after Bee rather than Megatron. Predacons Rising set up Bumblebee’s leadership role for RID2015 so throwing that away in favor of a Megatron redemption arc that wasn’t even hinted at makes no sense from a story perspective.

Not to mention that during that scene Megatron left, Optimus didn’t stop him or try to reason with him. Optimus let Megatron go, probably hoping he’d find peace somewhere out there, maybe return if he wanted to. But the crux of the matter is that he did nothing to change that event. Why would he, after years of silence, go after Megatron to tell him to go to Earth?

The Story Perspective

Again, as mentioned above, I don’t really understand how this would work in the series. So keep the pilot the same, but put Megatron in it? With the elements I explained above, this narrative can be seen as incoherent. If Megatron lost the desire to fix Cybertron and Optimus showed no desire to go after him and we cut from Bumblebee to Megatron…I don’t understand how it makes sense. Not to mention Bumblebee has no reason to trust Megatron and vice versa. Because, you know, they kind of murdered each other in Deadlock. #MutuallyAssuredDestruction

And going off of that, it decreases the value of Deadlock. The choice of having Bumblebee kill Megatron was purely retributive. While I try to stomp down my retributive side, I can’t help but feel satisfaction and finality in that scene because wow, it’s over. Megatron is the one who took everything from Bumblebee. Mutilated, mind-controlled, and killed by Megatron. To have them together in a series with their history and experiences? I don’t think even Bee has the capacity to forgive to that ability, let alone tolerate Megatron. Because while Megatron was resurrected and possessed by Unicron, everything he did to Bumblebee? Purely him.

Other Factors:

  • The channel hop definitely affected this show. We all know Cartoon Network hates Transformers and hates outside shows, they weren’t going to get away with any of what TFP got away with.
  • Executive Meddling is a huge deal. Gotta adhere to the boss man and from the completely unreliable updates we’ve been getting about just the air dates and season statuses alone, there’s definitely some of this at work.
  • Demographic. How many little kids - who have probably not seen TFP due to age and channel restrictions (let’s be real, who the fuck had The Hub?) - would want a redemption arc with no explanation? While the show is also for us, it’s for the new fans just as much. It’s something to remember.

Most of all, TFP Megatron is not MTMTE Megatron. He didn’t have that revelation of “Oh I dun goofed.” He didn’t offer to stand trial. He didn’t offer ANYTHING in the form of “I would like to repent and work with you to change things for the better like my intended goal,” he flew off. And people say Starscream’s the coward.

I by no means am saying that RID2015 is flawless the way it is. I’m objective, I know the flaws as well as the strengths (because it does in fact have those). As I stated earlier, I mean no ill will to the OP of the initial post nor the supporters of said post. Simply, from my experiences through learning screenwriting and what I know of these characters, it’s not my cup of tea.


Dying of the Light - Battle Royale Cast Cards

Because MTMTE #54 is looking like it’s gonna hurt like hell, I decided to redo the MTMTE BR Cards I did like two years ago, with the Dying Of The Light cast. Both to celebrate them and to cross them out if they happen to die! Also yeah I didn’t cross those who are already dead out, spoilers and such!


The touching story of how Tarn fucked up and lost all his friends.
It’s almost 4 AM and I thought it might be fun to scribble my predictions for 53. I’m sorry for the shitty drawings, I’m in the middle of moving houses and really wanted to get something done before my room is gone. Please don’t take this too seriously