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But yeah I'm okay just no one's paying attention to me at home rn

You should get one of those megaphones the cops use and just scream into it until someone comes 😂😂just scream random things.


“Bari stop!”


“Bari pls!”


@murdermayhemandjack Since I’m not going to like. Reply directly because I want both of these to stick together because this??? Like, guys, right here is why those books are so, so important, especially with Jack and Hector and how they interact with each other.

Like. Again, let me say this with a megaphone. JACK SPARROW AND HECTOR BARBOSSA ARE ACTUALLY FRIENDS

The last time Jack saw Hector, he was being forced onto that rumrunner’s island. The last time he actually physically laid eyes on Hector Barbossa, Hector Barbossa was uncursed, unharmed, and completely fine, outside of the mutiny on Jack part. The times that he and Jack were a (admittedly lopsided) team, Hector would make those comments, things along the lines of just kill them and be done with it or whatever, but they were remarks made in irritation, not in seriousness. When Hector Barbossa, on the deck of the Pearl, looks Jack right in the eyes and says, “Now, see Jack, that’s exactly the attitude that lost you the Pearl. People are easier to search when they’re dead.” This was not in irritation. This was in seriousness.

Like, I cannot begin to describe how wrong that must have hit Jack to hear Hector say that without what had always been previously irritation in Hector’s voice. Yeah, it’s been ten years, and yeah, Jack is totally going to kill this bastard as soon as he can, but you know. Here’s a man he thought was his friend once. Here’s a man that, when they met, was literally grieving a pet monkey. Here’s a man that he fell into a quick and easy friendship with over finding a ship full of rogue pirates. And the Hector Barbossa he finds on the Pearl is not that same man.

But you read the books. You watch AWE. And then look at Hector in CotBP. He talks a bit differently. He moves differently. His reactions are always, always slightly…I don’t know. Off. I feel like Jack could see that, that Hector wasn’t reacting the way the Hector he remembered would react to things, so yeah. He did things that would attempt to normalize the situation. Eating the apple was kind of two-fold, imo. It got under Hector’s skin, but it was playful. Which is why I will pound my fist on the table forever and say CotBP Hector is not the real man. You know who the real man is? The actual Hector Barbossa? Remember that guy that told Jack on Black Sands Beach that, “The world used to be a bigger place”? Yeah. Say hi to the actual guy behind the rest of it. Like. Hector was ten years into that curse by the end of CotBP. He was probably hanging on to everything he had left of himself with both hands, and I think Jack knew that. Because Jack knew him too well before everything went sour.

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Can you do a mini story time? I'm bored :/

well nothing of note has really happened in my life recently :( but i guess i can talk about something that happened a little while ago

okay, so it was the last day of school (almost a month ago now) and me and a bunch of friends had planned to meet up and go to a fast food joint a couple miles away from our school. but before then, my best friend and i made a plan that involved me getting a megaphone and him saying something with it. just for the record, that megaphone cost like $25 -_- anyways, the bell rings and me and my friend are walking out of school and i pull out the megaphone when we’re just about off school property and my friend yells into it “FUCKIN NORMIES, REEEEEEEEEEE” and there were some 6th graders near us and one them just started chanting “fuck school, fuck school, fuck school” over and over again, so things were already looking pretty great. at this point the rest of our friends had joined us, all of them being dudes, and they were all passing around the megaphone and saying stupid shit into it. at one point one of them got the bright idea to start playing music and put their phones right next to the megaphone. it was glorious.

fast forward, we’re about a half a mile away from the fast food joint when some popular kid and his legion of thots start messing with the megaphone and trying to play kendrick’s song ‘humble’ on it. i snatched it away from him and he got all pissy about it and i proceeded to yell at him: “*his name*, people only like you because you’re rich. if you didn’t have money, no one would be hanging out with you.” with which he retaliated “says the girl with suicidal cats” which honestly is the worst possible roast someone could give me. like bitch, get that weak shit outta here. you could’ve roasted me on my pasty skin, the fact that i look like a dike 99% of the time, or that i have daddy issues and you go for a stupid caption i put on a post on insta that was not only like 5 months old but also smth i fucking deleted, holy shit. anyways, our group sorta jogs ahead to avoid the normies and we find out that the fast food joint is closed for maintenance, on the last day of school which honestly is pretty stupid from a business standpoint because it’s like, dude, you could’ve made so much money from a bunch of hungry middle schoolers

at this point we’re all sorta dejected and then two kids from our group straight up ditch us and jump into someone else’s mom’s car and drive to another fast food joint that is like 7 miles away (because we live in the suburbs -_-) so the guy i sat next to in math suggests we go to his friends house and ask for a ride. his friend just so happens to be the person i used to like. and my friend, the one who yelled fuckin normies into the megaphone had told me that my old crush fucking hated me. so i was sorta apprehensive because i was thinking “oh no, this is gonna look super weird to him and his parents” but we go anyways and i meet his two dogs which are super cute and fluffy. in the end we successfully got a ride to the other fast food joint and when we got there it turned out the two friends who’d ditched us were still there after like 40 minutes which is just like wow you slow motherfuckers.

so the rest of our group gets lunch and we stay there for another half hour and then we walk back to our neighborhood which is only a mile or so away from the fast food joint. but before we all go home we stop at another friend’s house to see his dogs and lemme just say here that those dogs were super fuckin cute and tiny and adorable. the dogs liked me too, because i wasn’t scaring them and i was actually petting them like a normal person. and that’s pretty much it. i also got sun burn that day so that’s a plus

hopefully that was entertaining enough nonny, idk i’m bad at doing this stuff on the fly

what i say: i love sasha braus

what i mean: sasha braus is a multi-faceted character with many different quirks and traits which make her individual and unique in the snk-universe, and yet for some reason she’s only known for her love of food and her habit of inappropriately mentioning food during serious moments :-///

Literally why don’t we talk about about the fact that in 2x09 Bellamy literally sleeps next to the grounders, positions his sleeping bag between Clarke and the grounders after she refuses his advice that sleeping on their side is safer…. literally he mf placed his body between her and them… Clarke protects the coalition and he protects Clarke; he inspires the people and she inspires him; my wig is in space