12x19 Coda

Takes place after Cas leaves the Bunker and on his way to meet the Angels.

A pit sits heavy in Castiel’s stomach. His heart thuds in his chest, deafening his ears instead of the usual rusty chugging of his truck’s engine. He grips the steering wheel unnecessarily tight, glancing over at the passenger seat at the towel wrapped carefully around the gun.

Castiel returns his eyes back to the road, clenching his jaw.

He’s doing the right thing. He knows he is. Doing this means Sam and Dean will be safe. For once, he will take the wheel and they won’t have to risk getting hurt in the celestial crossfire that is sure to happen. He has to make up for his mistakes, prove to them that he’s worth the care they extend to him. To be considered family.

But if all that were true… why does he feel like this?

When he was making the drive back to the Bunker after returning from Heaven, he had hoped the Winchesters would be out on some random case. He knew what he had to do. He was only returning for the Colt and it would be easier for him to slip in and out and not draw any attention to his mission. Not to mention avoiding the guilt of going off the grid, as Dean had put it in one of his voicemails. As luck would have it, he could not be so fortunate.

Walking up to the door, Castiel paused before opening it. He could feel their presence inside, Dean’s nearly suffocating him. The way it did the entire time he was in Heaven. That longing – it pulled at Castiel in ways that almost had him turning around and returning just to soothe the worry. Listening to the voicemails later weren’t any better. He wanted to go to Dean. Confide in him. Assure him that everything will be taken care of. He wanted to. But he didn’t.


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Today at work (i work in a restaurant) a little girl came in with her dad, wearing the live action Belle’s yellow dress. She couldn’t have been more than four years old and she kept twirling around in it. I got so excited when they got seated in my section and i told her Belle was my favorite princess ever. Before they left, i drew a little enchanted rose in their receipt, which they took home with them. It was just completely adorable all around.

What are you up to tonight? 🤔 I know what I’m doing! 😀 I’m letting loose and geeking out tonight at the Geek Girl Gathering! 😆🤓 It’s going to be such a fun event! 😁❤ I’ll be there at 8:30PM in room “Palomino E” ☺ There’s some really cool creative ladies attending plus there’s going to be drinks and prizes! 🥃🎁✨ If you’re looking for an awesome way to spend the evening, come by and say hi! 😊 Hope to see you there 😀😙❤


Keen2 Week Day 2: Favorite Support Moment

You didn’t really think I’d choose just one, did you? The thing with this season is that it as seriously been littered with support moments, and I couldn’t just pick one. They have been supportive, even if they don’t know the details, of their decisions to know their parents. They have steadied each other through moments of turmoil. Just a simple touch and a few words have made all the difference. Being there. Accepting each other. Knowing that they weren’t going through anything alone. These two have been each others’ rocks, and it has been beautiful. No. I couldn’t just pick one moment.