Megamind gifs

I know we’re crazy Megamind x Roxanne shippers. But I think there would secretly be fangirls in Metro City too. People who ship the villain and the damsel because, lets admit it, people has probably seen their chemestry and sparks between the two before during lots of evil plots and kidnappings.

Almost everyday, Roxanne would recieve some sort of fan-mail or package in her mailbox. Things like plushies of herself and megamind, along with fanart and pictures of the two.
Along with writings, saying that they should just take a chance and admit their feelings for each other already. And like fanfics and such.

Roxanne would usually just shove them deep inside her closet for no one to find them. But she never really had the soul to throw them away completely. She did have to admit that some stuff were pretty cute, especially the soft plushie of Megamind with a string to pull, making the small megamind yell out a recording of him yelling her name very dramatically.

Although, very awkward if Megamind were to hide in her closet one day, waiting for her to get home, and then stumble across of all the boxes filled with pictures and art of the two of them kissing and hugging and oh god is that…