My entry for the Wildcard category of @rockmiyabideusexmachina‘s valentine’s day contest. Was really hoping for one of the participation prizes but hey, we’ll see how she goes.

But honestly the internet needs more “love” for Omega. Poor babs has next to no art. Happy Valentine’s day all. Or, to put it in a better way; only one more day until discount chocolate day!


ZX Tunes alternate cover set, brought to you by some of the more preeminent Rockman artists of Capcom lore. ‘Who’s who?’ credits from the jacket included as well.

However, despite the great art, I wonder whose bright idea it was to design a CD with yellow on white text and graphics? Yes, adjusting contrast does wonders after the scan, but to the human eye, the disc itself is even worse in person, than how I purposely left this scan. Ugh, eyesore.

Scanned from: Rockman ZX Tunes Soundtrack, Circa 2006, by IntiCreates

Haha felt like drawing some megas playing dodgeball

Team Mega vs Team ???

Idk Vent and Geo are just dying

And Mega.EXE why did you stop to take a selfie don’t you see that asteroid ball coming at you