Megaman X


I would like to remind everyone that X, Zero and Axl being navigators for Alia, Layer and Pallette is a thing that almost happened and the voice clips of the Hunter trio being navis actually exists.

X is the picture perfect Navigator, of course. His advice is spot on and useful. He can get a little mother hen-y if his Hunter’s in a bad situation though.

Zero is a backseat Hunter, oops. If you’re not meeting his standards he’ll try to direct you precisely for the best results and make noises of dissatisfaction if his Hunter doesn’t do as he says. And then when they come back they get a round of heavy critiquing from him.

Axl is the annoying one. Most of the time he’ll dispense info if asked, but otherwise he whines about how boring Navi work is (this is legit one of his lines ), or if he’s on a topic he’s interested in he never stops chattering until you shut him up by yelling into the comm.

The headsets are pretty boring and uninspired oops… This was legit an excuse to draw Axl adorably I’ll admit


●ついぴ糞ログ5● by 補欠 on pixiv

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