New and Improved Digimons! Did a little fixing up on my digimon designs, and finally went ahead and added tentomon! So now you guys can stop bugging me about him not being there (get it?! Bugging - tentomon is a beetle! Right? good stuff) The Gangs all here, finally, and it feels pretty darn good to be finished with everyone of them. 

As always, they are all up in my Redbubble Shop for sale on various cool items and such! 

Going slower than I had hoped no thanks to things coming up, but four pages are done! 11 more to go! The exposed muscle effect I wanted to have going on for Atlas and Hercules Kabuterimon didn’t really turn out, but that’s okay. Maybe next time.

**For those who ha sent Asks and Mails through Tumblr recently: I got them! I’ve been stupidly busy - I will be getting to proper answers soon!