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So you are a MegaMan fan, I want your opinion on something. How strong do you think each incarnation is? You can keep it simple such as "I think X is similar power to Ironman"

Based solely off the games I’ve played (IE I don’t know enough about ZX to include it);

Omega-Xis > Zero > X > EXE > Classic > Legends

Star Force was very clear about the fact that FMians could directly influence events and people in the real world, bringing their own powers out of the digital world. Being able to have this power accessible in BOTH the digital and real realms is extremely noteworthy as well as dangerous. Lux Stelar also has the added benefit of having at least 1 friend who ALSO has FM power access, adding the context of teamwork on top of this.

Zero has all the same abilities as X, but with the supplemental experience of knowing how to wield the Z-Sabre.

Megaman.EXE is exceptionally versed in Chip data, but his power outside of a USB Port is minimal at best and nonexistent at worst. Classic has neither the charging power of X (who had upgraded forms of each boss power if he found the Head Piece) nor the wide scope of abilities/Styles that EXE is known for.

It might seem strange that I would put Volnutt as one of the weakest incarnations, but besides the fact that he could only have 1 Special Weapon equipped at a time, neither they NOR his own Buster were at max power to begin with (and it took a lot of Zenny to upgrade the former); having to rely on Roll to swap out the Special Weapons each time also further limits his capacity for being a powerhouse.


I’m big enough of a nerd to spend a LOT of time into this.

Wish i could actually make the game though, i’d be interested in doing it, but i’d require more talented programmers and musicians (for the 8-bit remixes) for that to happen.

Big thanks to @128-up , @miathefeline, buckshot and cheez, friends of mine who spent a lot of time helping me proofread this nonsense.