Something i find really funny about the Mega Man X series, is that all the animal themed Reploids look like that because the CHOSE to. Because Reploids have free will.


Is how Reploids look normally.

See this guy?

He was probably a normal looking Reploid once.
But then he probably saw an eagle and thought.
“That thing looks awesome, and i love flying. I WANNA BE AN EAGLE!“

See This Guy?

He was probably a normal looking Reploid, Then he saw a penguin and went.
“yes. this is what i want to be. better save some money so i can turn myself in a penguin.“

All this time, we have been fighting the Reploid equivalent of Furries.

Rockman X3 / Mega Man X3
Publisher: Capcom, Laguna GmbH (EU SNES), Virgin Interactive (EU PS1/Saturn/Windows)
Developer: Capcom
Platform: Super Famicom / Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Saturn, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, GameCube, Windows, Mobile
Year: 1995 (SFC), 1996 (NA/EU SNES, JP PS1/Saturn), 1997 (EU PS1/Saturn, JP Windows), 1998 (NA/EU Windows), 2006 (NA PS2/GCN), 2010 (JP Mobile)


ロックマンらくがき by めか on pixiv

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Rockman X / Mega Man X
Publisher: Capcom, Nintendo (EU)
Developer: Capcom, Capcom Production Studio 1 (PS2/GCN), Rozner Studios (DOS)
Platform: Super Famicom / Super Nintendo Entertainment System, MS-DOS, PlayStation 2, GameCube, Mobile, iOS, Android
Year: 1993 (SFC), 1994 (NA/EU SNES), 1995 (NA DOS), 1996 (JP DOS), 2006 (NA PS2/GCN), 2007 (Mobile), 2011 (iOS, Android)

So…..I saw my Human Zero Au going around and well…I’ve heard your cries and now I have answered.

I don’t particularly remember if I had a whole idea going on with this but you all seemed to like it haha and so I tried to keep the over all design and concept the same, even though my own style has developed quite a bit since then.
I’ll try to get X drawn in sometime.

This version of Zero is around 16-20yrs
In have a different design for him as he gets older. I have a lot of MMX Aus….but I like suck at being organized about these things so I’ll try to poke some fun into old and new ones.