Mega Man X

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Axl~ how do you feel about X? Is he like a big brother or father figure?

AXL: He wasn’t very enthusiastic when he first met me, but afterward, he warmed up to me a little bit. He’s been really supportive in the past few years!

Something i find really funny about the Mega Man X series, is that all the animal themed Reploids look like that because the CHOSE to. Because Reploids have free will.


Is how Reploids look normally.

See this guy?

He was probably a normal looking Reploid once.
But then he probably saw an eagle and thought.
“That thing looks awesome, and i love flying. I WANNA BE AN EAGLE!“

See This Guy?

He was probably a normal looking Reploid, Then he saw a penguin and went.
“yes. this is what i want to be. better save some money so i can turn myself in a penguin.“

All this time, we have been fighting the Reploid equivalent of Furries.