hi there ! i need to start commissions up again so here’s a commission post

sorry about the image quality, i resized them so the post wouldnt be too long
there is a lot more info here(and better images) on my website
note - all prices are base prices except for the icons

icons- $5
extra character- free

busts- $10
full body - $15
extra character- $5-$7.50

base colour
busts- $15
full body- $20
extra character- $7.50-$10

full colour
busts- $15
full body- $25
choice of having lines or not
extra character- $7.50-$12.50

as you can see, the extra characters are half of the base price. nothing more. i will do a maximum of 5 characters!

i only use paypal! message me on this blog, my art blog, or email me at clockworkresonance@gmail.com

and again, there are more and better images and more information here at my website!

thank you!!


ロックマンらくがき by めか on pixiv

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