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I was wondering: how many old Megaman X fan theories do you remember? I know of stuff like X and Zero being siblings, Serges or Isoc being Wily, Iris returning for X5 or 6, all sorts of things concerning iX, and a few others I can't immediately recall, but there's still bound to be something I didn't hear of.

For context: I’ve been part of the online Mega Man fandom since 1995. I had just finished playing Mega Man X3, and X4 was still some ways off. I can’t even remember if it was announced at that point. 

Anyway, the internet was a very different place back then, but in some ways, it was exactly the same. Namely, people had a tendency to believe if something was published online, it had to be true. So when a Geocities fan page put up a theory (usually cobbled together from poor-resolution scans of supplemental Japanese material that nobody could translate), it was totally 100% legit you guys.

Fan theories got less crazy as time went on, online communities became bigger, companies became more involved with fans, and people proficient in Japanese helped with translating all those mysterious scriptures from a far-away land. But some pretty insane stuff still popped up now and then. 

Here’s what I remember overall:

“Ruby-Spears made an episode of the Mega Man cartoon that has X and Bass in it. Zero’s the villain. It was supposed to air in the third season, but the show was cancelled before that could happen, so it’s a ‘lost episode!’” - Sounds amazing. Would’ve loved to see this. As it is, the single Mega Man X episode in the RS Mega Man cartoon is clownshit insane; X, a staunch pacifist, causes millions in property damage with zero regard for human life or limb. Unfortunately, a follow-up never officially existed. My husband once managed to get in touch with someone from RS who verified that while the team had considered another X episode / an X-based series, nothing ever came of it. There was never a lost episode.

“Zero is Protoman!” - This was a biggie, and it was obviously more prevalent before X4 became a thing and it was revealed Wily made Zero (not that the evidence stopped some people from parroting it). A brother theory stated that a “Protoman X” was out there somewhere. How many ‘90s Mega Man fans do you think had the nickname “Protoman X?” Hint: All of them.    

“X and Zero are siblings!” - I think I remember this one too, albeit faintly. I imagine X5 prompted it, since you fight Sigma in a room with two broken-down capsules that feature X and Zero’s schematics. Never mind creative license, never mind the fact Wily’s spoor is all over X4 and X5, the two capsules together are indisputable evidence that Dr Light created both X and Zero! Somehow!

“Zero has long hair because he’s modelled after a Viking.” - This isn’t so much a theory as a response a friend of mine received when he asked Capcom USA why Zero has long hair. The answer from the rep stated that Vikings grew their hair long as they became battle-hardened bad-asses, and so did Zero. I have no idea if this is what Inafune actually intended, but I think it’s kind of awesome.

“Irregular X is Mega Man X4′s bad guy!” - When MegaMissions card stuff first hit the English-speaking wilds, nobody had any real idea of what it was, so we all assumed it was a showcase of X4′s villains, and Irregular X (whom we called “Rax” for some reason?) was the game’s main baddie.  

Oh, gosh. I’m sure there are more, but I’d have to think on them. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. ;)



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