On it’s 5th anniversary, Ninja Senki leaps from the shadows onto Playstation 4, Playstation Vita and Steam to become Ninja Senki DX!

When Kinuhime is slain by a demon, Hayate becomes obsessed with revenge! Casting aside the art of invisibility, the blue ninja unleashes the power of shurikenjutsu onto mythological creatures, demons and other adversaries in his action-filled quest for vengeance!

You can find out more and even request a review copy right HERE!

Finally, Mega Man headphones ⊟

I’m not an authority on headphone quality – I never jumped fully from game to tech blogging, so I never learned to care that the earbuds that came with my phone or whatever are apparently bad. 

So all I know about these (officially licensed!) Emio headphones is that they look beautiful and perfect. Like, completely perfect. Via miki800.

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