Meg and Cas was never meant to be

Red Hot Red Kiss

Pairing: Castiel x Reader
Word count: 484
Warnings: Fluff.
Request: ( Anonymous ) I wish you would write a fic where the reader takes Meg’s place in kissing Cas - just meaning it to be a peck on the cheek, but Cas is in love with her and takes control

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Song: Died in your arms by: Cutting Crew
Warnings: none

Castiel had more women show an interest in him then he ever thought he would. There was Hannah the Angel who Cas taught what it meant to feel human emotion. She left him to give her vestle back to her husband. There was the kind hearted stranger who brought human Castiel home, warmed him, clothed him, fed him and had sex with him. She turned out to be a reaper intent on killing him, she did actually kill him. Then there was Meg the demon who he practiced what he learned from the pizza man. He had fuzzy feelings for her, he never had a chance to see where it lead since Crowley killed her. Last there was Y/n a fellow Angel and Reaper, she confessed she had feelings of more than friendship or family. Cas told her he’d talk to her later, he had a meeting in Heaven that he had to get to. Cas had given up on finding love, especially human love, since one day she’d die and Cas would live forever. That wasn’t an issue with her, she already knew of his love of the Winchesters and she loved them too. Cas had thought long and hard about what he should do, he needed help deciding to text Dean, Sam and for some reason Crowley.

Group Text

Castiel: Y/n confessed her feelings for what should I do?

Dean: do you like her?

Sam: if you care about her you should say something

Crowley: who is this

Castiel: yes I like her so much, it’s Cas, Dean and Sam

Crowley: then I just don’t care

Dean: suck it Crowley

Sam: shut up Crowley

Castiel: stop arguing, what do?

Dean: tell her how you.

Sam: be honest

Crowley: screw her and move on

Castiel: thank you Sam and Dean, Crowley you were just as usual

Dean: good luck Cas

Sam: just be honest Cas, just speak from heart.

Crowley: Cas lose my number and Moose make me barf

Castiel decided they were all right, except for Crowley, he would meet her later and confess his feelings. Cas picked a spot he thought she’d love, which was a woman named Mary Alice Elliott’s idea of Heaven. He zapped himself there, as did Y/n, “you know how much I love this place Castiel, it’s so beautiful and peaceful, I come here often” she said. “I am aware, that’s why I asked you here” Cas said, “are you okay Cas” she said. “Yes Y/n I’m fine” he said, “you seem weird, your cheeks are red, and are sweating, we don’t sweat” she said. “Yes I believe I’m nervous” he said, “what do you have to be nervous about Cas” she asked. He snapped his fingers and “Died In Your Arms by Cutting Crew” started playing. “Castiel, I love this song” she said, “I heard it in Dean’s car, it describes perfectly how I feel about you, Y/n” Castiel said. “How you feel about me” she said, “yes Y/n I think I love you, and I know Angels don’t love but I’ve spent so much time around humans I think I learned how to love and I love you Y/n” Cas said. “Castiel, I spend most of my time reaping souls, I’ve seen their emotions and I’ve felt their capacity to love and I learned how to love too, I love you too Castiel” she said. Cas bent down and kissed her lips and they held the kiss for a minute and then pulled away from it. “Would you like to be with me Y/n” he said, “forever and ever Castiel” she said.

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I hate when Destiel writers use Meg as a device to get Cas to Dean by casting her as a heartless, cheating wife or girlfriend or as someone who never cared about him and just used him and broke his heart so he sought comfort in the arms of his best friend.

Look, ship what you want. Ship all the ships. But Meg deserves better than that. She genuinely loved Cas - so much that it changed her. That is literally what her entire unicorn speech meant. If you want a girl to cast in your fic as an asshole who drives your ship together, there are plenty to choose from who DIDN’T canonically lay down their heart and their life for one of them.

I’m just saying.