Castle Hushabye is riddled by a deep network of dark canals. And beneath the surface lurks a large dark shadow.

Meg is one of the oldest inhabitants of the castle but no one knows anything about her as she doesn’t like talking about herself. She’s real nice though! A real buddy! As long as you don’t get into the water, or too close to the edge. She’ll snap. But it’s ok, she’ll warn you about it if she gets the chance!

It’s different for Marble though. Being a bloodless Golem has its benefits.

• Couldn’t sleep last night because brain was wide awake so I got to sneakily cuddle Shaun all night and silently giggle at the disgustingly adorable sleep noises he makes
• I think I’m happier than I have been in a years but I can’t tell if I’m happy or depressed and idk if it’s because I’m used to being depressed or if I actually am ?¿?¿ tune in next week to find out
• I have pecs now ???? That I can make dance ??? I’m slowly becoming the butch I want to be ?????


ATTENTION FELLOW EDITORS (especially all the beginners)! :D 

I was talking a break from work and stumbled upon this lovely video on Youtube. As always I read the description box to see what the story was, but to my surprise I was met with a competition instead. 

So - EverUponATime wants you to edit together a story based on this scene (the guidelines are in the description box under the video). I think this sounds like a lovely idea, and a really good exercise for newbie editors. I often chat with people who want to start editing, but who find it hard to come up with ideas, so something like this really is ideal. ;)

And I personally love seeing how people will interoperate this scene - Is this the end? Beginning? Middle? Who are they? How did they meet? What will happen? So many questions and no right answers! :3