Remember how big of an asshole Dean was when he was a demon? And how his love for Sammy couldn’t even overcome it? Now just imagine how profound Meg’s feelings for Cas had to be in order for her to admit that she fell in love with him and that he was her Unicorn

It makes me cry every time I think about it.


SO! The Paperman Project is finally going online!

Slowly but surely. More basic info on some of the characters and the story/project can be found here in our tag.

We’ve been working on this full length movie extension off of Disney’s Paperman short for almost 3 years now. We’re not affiliated officially, but our dream is to make this story catch their attention and make it a real thing one day. It’s been just me and Zuka on this project and it’s been solely a labor of love and thus far, I’ve only been showing it in my livestreams (which you can still find it in when I go live on my personal blog).

Hopefully more to come in the future. These are just a promo. ;)