Some Tumblr Entities


This one is fairly obvious, as they control the website. However, They have no control over the content on this website, only the form it is presented in. In this way, they are weaker than many on this list. However, with their unnecessary changes and rampant “bugs”, they are a force to be reckoned with in the blue blogosphere.


Corporations have very little power in terms of content creation and format, but they act as a warning mechanism for all the small time bloggers like you and me. To get a grip on what is no longer funny, just take a sneaky peek at a corporate blog. I guarantee you’ll know what I mean when you see it.

Slimetony and his Court of Fools

These Tumblr comedians dominate the note economy by setting each other up for joke after joke in a neverending cycle. With a unique, trendsetting format that many have tried to copy, he and his pals have climbed to the top of Tumblr with relatively little competition.

Sandsverse and Meevesverse

These are some of the few blogs that have truly become one with the website. They employ a strategy of avoiding discourse by creating a “universe” and only interacting with those who obey its rules. These blogging giants are everywhere and with the way things currently are, they will never truly lose power.

The Woody Collective

A movement the went unnoticed on Tumblr for many years that has just now surfaced for all to see, claiming the corpses of fallen Tumblr Giants and Vagrants, presumably gaining their powers. Their motivations and full capacities are not currently known, but they currently appear to be a force for justice in this strange and confusing world.

Please, if you are able, add onto this database so we may be properly prepared for dealing with these beings.