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“Thanks for meeting today!”
“Thanks for having me. I brought cookies.”
“Oh, you didn’t have to do that! But thank you!”
“No problem.”
“Did you bring a resume?”
“The cookies are my resume.”
“What was that?”
“I said the cookies are my resume.”
“Haha. Well they’re good alright. But really, did you already email your resume over?”
“You can’t email cookies. Sorry if you’re just finding that out.”
“Enough about the cookies. If you want to be considered for the position, I need to see your resume.”
“You just ate my resume.”
“Enough! Fine. Just tell me about yourself and work experience.”
“Okay. My work experience is: Preheat your oven to 325 degrees. Sift 2 cups of flour, and ½ a teaspoon of baking soda in a bowl. In another bowl mix-”
“That’s a cookie recipe, isn’t it?”
“That’s my resume.”
“Get the fuck out of my office.”
“I have a CV if you want it.”
“…show it to me.”
“This is a vase with cookies in it.”
“CV - Cookie Vase.”
“Hahahahahahahahahhaahahahah. Now THAT’S a good one. You’re hired!”
“Great! What’s my job.”
“You’re in charge of making sure the Grand Canyon stays Grand.”
“Do I also have to make sure it stays a canyon?”
“Nah, that’s my job.”


Today is a special day.

I have every reason to feel blessed.

Today is the day my parents arrive from Australia.

I have been looking forward to welcoming them to my home and finally hugging them close.

It’s been a while since, we haven’t been together in person. Months.

Thanks to the Internet, we were able to speak and see each other as much as we want, despite the miles and time difference.

But there’s nothing I want -need- more than having them near me. Touching them. I miss my mom’s kisses and sweet gaze and my dad’s pats on my back and his winks when we talk and joke together.

Baby Jai misses his mom and dad. Poor lil 30-year-old thing.

Above all, I’ve been craving my parents to meet Mary. Finally.

They already know each other, via phone calls and Skype interviews. And the verbal diarrhea that hits me whenever I tell them about Mary and the girls.

Mom often laughs at me about how loquacious I am about “my girls”, as she calls them. Rightly so.

Dad silently agrees. And winks.

Today is the day I’m surrounded with people I love the most.

I get up early this morning, in order to get things prepared. Cleaning up the house, having everything needed ready to go for lunch.

Barbecue in the backyards. Beers. So Aussie.

I have no reason to be nervous, my parents already love her. I’m just feeling excited.

However, Mary is stressed out. It is unusual enough to be noticed. My ordinarily super zen princess paces back and forth through the house, driving herself crazy.

She was barely able to sleep last night.
-which I took advantage of-

She got up at the crack of dawn to sit on her meditation cushion, outside, trying to calm down her nerves.


She skipped breakfast, blew dry her hair twice to be satisfied, and hesitated between every single dress she tried.

I had to catch her shoulders and shake her up a little, then hug her tight and soft to reassure her.

“No worries sweetheart. Everything will be fine. You know they adore you”

She greeted me with a shy smile and I felt her body stiffen under my touch with a kind of embarrassment. I knew it was better to give up and let her go before tears show up and ruin the makeup around her light eyes.

I was thinking -sure- she’s missing her daughters. She came back earlier from France especially to be with me, cancelling her holidays with her family.
Just because I asked her. As much as I am thrilled to have her home, I start to realize how hard it is for her.
Selfish me.
I can’t imagine being apart from my flesh and blood for so long. Almost three weeks.

Dammit! You chose the perfect job for that, Jai.

I hope today’s meeting will make it up and bring the bright smile back to her face.

She’s now meditating again, sitting in lotus position, legs crossed, back straight, emphasizing the outlines of her neck and shoulders. Maybe it’s the sunlight on her or love disturbing my sight, but I can swear she’s … glowing.

I hold back the urge to go and kiss the crook of her neck, and just stare at her for a while before I resume to slice green peppers.

She’s quiet, I don’t see her face but I can tell by the way she breathes deeply and calmly.

Leave her alone, Jai. Give her some space.

To tell the truth, we’ve been practically glued together since I’ve been back in L.A. 24/7. At home, hanging out with friends -mine or hers- , on the beach, shopping, dining outside. I don’t think my hand left her skin more than 20 minutes in the past three weeks.

No workouts, no patients. Not even Jeremy, her favorite. Just holidays.

She deserves some intimacy.

I look up at the clock pinned on the kitchen’s wall. One hour since my parent’s flight landed. They refused to have me come and pick them up, not wanting to bother us.


It won’t be long before they knock at my door.

My eyes fly back to her, just in time to see her finish her session, stretch
and bow to the place she was sitting, in gratitude.
I have to try this shit one day.

“Feel better?” I ask when she enters the house.

“Better indeed. I’m sorry I’ve been helpless today. I don’t know why I feel like this, I know your parents already, but I can’t help it. You know, first times…”

I join her in the middle of the living room and wrap her body within my arms, pulling her close.

“I’m so excited for you all to meet. And I’m so proud seeing you down on your cushion instead of running away…” I’m only slightly mocking her.

“Don’t laugh at me, idiot” she chuckles. “I can still run out of here. My running shoes are just over there…”

“Oh babe, don’t even think about it. I won’t allow you out of my arms. You stay there.”

My hands slide around her waist, circling her entirely. I tilt her back and take her mouth with mine, old Hollywood movies style. I’m rewarded by a soft moan as her sweet tongue sensually welcomes mine.

That’s the exact moment my mom’s voice happily sings

“Knock knock! Hellooooo…”

as the door swings open.

Her words hang up in the air and I figure that her face must be cracked in the biggest smile ever.
But nothing can distract me from the kiss under way.
I extend my hand through my parents, letting them know I -we- need two minutes before being talked again, then circle her waist gently and keep my tongue twirling deliciously with hers.

I feel her lips slip from mines as she breaks the kiss and says

“Jai, your parents are here”

I trail butterfly kisses along her neck, mumbling,

“I know but I don’t care. I’m not finished with kissing you yet.”

She chuckles lightly and puts her hands on my chest, trying to push me back, but I don’t let her win. I nuzzle my face in her neck, scratching my stubble on her delicate skin, making her laugh. I tickle her sides, holding her tight as my prisoner. Making her wiggle and giggle.

“Please Karen help me!’ She begs my mom playfully.

"Jai, let this gorgeous lady breathe again!”

Mom scolds me, tugging the sleeve of my shirt and pulling my ear with her other hand, forcing me to free my prey.

“Come here sweetheart, don’t let this idiot torture you anymore”

I impatiently watch my mom as she kidnaps Mary and hugs her gently, pecking her cheek and stroking her hair.

Then walking away arm in arm, chit-chatting about the awfully long trip from Oz and how lovely the Los Angeles weather is at this time if the year, since they left winter just few hours ago.

Dammit, it took less than five seconds for the two women to hit it off.

Leaving me alone, as an idiot and a hardass, unkissed and unhugged.

Baby Jai’s getting jealous.

A huge hand pats my shoulder and as soon as I turn around, my dad wraps around me and sighs.

“Fifteen hours stuck in an aircraft, listening to how excited your mom was to meet your girl. I need a drink, son.”

And winks at me.

This is going to be a wonderful day.

After finally receiving the honour to be kissed by my mom
“Oh I forgot to kiss you, boy !”
and Mary to be hugged and kissed -and winked at - by my dad, we all went outside to have a drink : beers for men and juices for women.

My mom suddenly gets found of fruit juices instead of having a beer as she used to.

Dad gives me a hand at the barbecue while we chat about my career and his golf obsession.

Mom assaults Mary with billion of questions about… I don’t want to know what.
I hope she won’t scare her.

Back to the outdoor table to grab another beer, my dad is shouted by my super-excited mom.

“Chris! Chris! You have to talk to Mary about your shoulder. I’m sure she could easily fix it!”

“Karen, don’t bother her with that.” My dad rolls his eyes. No wink.

“Mom! You’re impossible! Leave her alone!” I shout from behind the barbecue.

“No, no! It’s ok! Come on, Chris let me check” Mary nicely offers, waving him to come closer.

“He’s stubborn like his son. He’s been complaining for months and refused to go to the doctor. Chris, honey, take advantage of her hands, Jai insists they’re magic.” Mom never stops talking.

“Ok darling but only if you really don’t mind…”
Dad reluctantly admits he needs help, that’s a thing!

Mom claps her hands in excitement while fairy Mary invites Dad to sit in the sofa to face her.

I temporarily step down as the Chef of BBQ, and run to the outdoor lounge corner, used as a medical office.

“Did I hear someone is about to take advantage of my girl?” I joke, threatening Dad with the grilling fork.

“I wish she would bewitch me the way she did to you, son!” Dad jokes.

Mom shouts offended before she laughs out of loud when my sweetheart blushes lightly.

“You’re not the most irresistible of the Courtneys here, boy.” He continues.

“Indeed!” Mary chuckles, placing her hands flat in my father’s forearms. “Jai was pretty messy the day we met. He was very hard to work on.”

“Very hard to work on! Babe you’re flattering me. Reminds me how hot that session was.” I peck her cheek from behind her. “I think I have to stay and keep a close watch on those two.”

“Do you doubt on me?” She raises an eyebrow.

“No love. I know your strict ethical rules” I wink at her playfully. “This lady’s man here is the one to be weary of.” I point Dad.

“OK. Let’s see what happened to you, hot stuff.” She laughs, before she does her magic thing again.

My mom glances at me with a weird look, wondering what Mary is doing, still and eyes closed. My dad follows.

I shrug and lift my hands, helpless, and chuckle at both their faces and mouth
“I warned you!”

“Ouch! Father or son, I can’t say who is the most damaged!” She announces.
“Someone, write me a list : ankle, hips, collarbone, and at least five vertebrae and ribs!”

“Don’t ask me!” I answer to the quizzical and astonished look of my parents.

The following ten minutes are devoted to the show of my stunning lover, fixing my poor dad, lying on his back on the sofa, literally from head to toe.

She grabs his ankle and click clack, done. Wrapping his large body within her tiny arms, she slides her hand underneath his back, between his shoulder blades, then rolls him to his back, inviting him to breathe out, clack clack clack, bursts of cracks indicate all that had to be are now free.

Dad gasps in surprise more than in pain, and after few other sleights of hands only she knows, he is fully able to move and use his arm. Painlessly.

“Fucking witch!” He lets go in a sigh, moving his shoulder and neck in every directions.

“Ha! See! Exactly what I said when she did this to me. But she’d rather be called a fairy, wouldn’t you?” I remind her the living memory of our first encounter.

Gloating and glowing , my fairy lady rolls her eyes up and waves her hand like a princess acclaimed by the multitude. Rightly.

My dad can’t stop rave about the amazing skills of his already called daughter-in-law, gesturing few air-swings to make sure everything works well.

Leaving my retitled “wife” in my dad’s arms, him kissing her cheeks as a sign of gratitude, I walk back to the barbecue to keep an eye on our food.

“Lunch time!” I announce, as I place the meat and grilled veggies on a plate.

My mom is checking dad’s shoulder, marvelling about the amazing results of so quick a treatment.

I warned you guys!

I head to the kitchen to help Mary to carry all the stuff I prepared this morning. She’s washing her hands after she took care of my dad.

I grab the plates and bowls full of mixed salad and chips from the fridge and put them on the counter.

“See? You didn’t need to worry. They are fond of you. I knew it.”

I walk around the kitchen island and slide my arms around her, whispering in her ear.

“That’s the effect you have on people. 100% in love with You. You are so adorable.”

I flip her to catch her mouth with mine and circle her waist, keeping her stuck against my bare chest. Her wet hands brush along my arms to land on my cheeks in order to deepen the kiss.

My hands leave her waist to travel south and cup her ass which is an incitement to murder -to boner-, the dress that emphasizes her perfect curves. I feel my member harden at the thought and the touch, and press my pubic bone more against her lower belly.

Her light moan makes me shiver and I have to break the kiss to warn her,

“Stop being so sexy or I will have to slam this little ass on the countertop and take you right there.”

She chuckles against my lips and answers

“Your parents surely will appreciate the show.”

“We could vanish in the bathroom, give me four minutes and we’re back…” I tease before bending down to eat her mouth again.

“Oh oh! Step back Chris! Make out session in progress in the kitchen!” My mom laughs, making us startle.

I reluctantly part my lips from her delicious ones and glare at my mom who brought empty bottles of beer and glasses back.

“Go on lovebirds, don’t mind us. Your dad and I are going to lay in the sunbeds for a while , because you obviously need privacy.” She chuckles.

I turn around to argue
“Mom we aren’t…”
but the obvious hardness underneath my trunks can’t lie. I blush furiously and step back behind the counter to hide the bulge that betrays me.

“Mom!” I whine like a child red caught handed.

“Come on Karen, don’t embarrass them.” My dad adds.
Thanks mate. I always can count on you to help me out of a delicate situation.

“Son, we can wait. Enjoy this beauty for the next… how much? Twenty minutes and we could resume our lunch with the both of you freed and released.”
The smirk in his face reminds me of my own.

“DAAAD!” I’m outraged.

Mary bursts into laugh and reports me:
“He proposed to me only four!”

“You!” I glare at her, astonished.

“Oh boy! Your princess deserves to be treated better than that!” He laughs at me.

“Jai babe, you don’t have to be shy. At your age, your dad and I were always in the mood for hanky panky!” She starts.

I don’t want to hear that! Please stop it!

“Mo-om! What the fuck are you doing?!!”

I lift my hands up to my face and massage my temples to forbid my brain from picturing anything about that.

“You know we named you from the Tarzan series. That’s what Bree’s babysitter was watching on TV when we were conceiving you in the kitchen…”

I don’t let her go further.

“Stop this Mom for God sake! That’s not healthy!” I think I’m going to die from shame.

“Not healthy? There’s nothing more healthier than a good roll in the hay. Oh son, I hope you honour your wife daily, Courtneys have a reputation to uphold!”
Dad adds, showing off.

“What is not healthy is listening to you talking about conceiving me behind the back of a teenager! Get out of my sight, pervert! I can’t believe….Mary help me please!” I beg her.

Not that I’m shy when it’s about sex, I’m pretty confident about my abilities and sex is the number one topic of conversation with my mates and co-stars. No, I’m not a shy person, but these are my parents ! Nobody should have to listen from their mouth how they were conceived. Nor where.

“Chris, you don’t have to worry about your son’s skills. He is amazingly gifted!” She laughs patting my abs and kissing my cheek.

“See Dad?” I say proudly, giving up to make this conversation sounds regular.
“Now leave me alone and get out of my house. You too traitor!” I glare playfully at Mary.

“You’re not going to join us?” She asks, when she notices I don’t move out.

“I need a minute.”

I reluctantly admit, my dick is still pointing North and I need to freshen up my face with cold water to be decent to be seen.

They all leave the kitchen, laughing at me and my poor condition, Mary winks at me, briefly giggling her fucking tempting ass, mouthing me a fucking insatiable “later, promise”.

I sigh and curse heavily, and head to the fridge I vigorously open wide, wishing it could cool me down.


We are now in the middle of our lunch, chatting about non sexual stuff, mom still embarrassing me with an umpteenth anecdote of my childhood mischieves.

I mentally pray she has not planned to show her pics of baby me, with long blond hair or disguised in a dress and makeup by my sister.

Jai, if she could have survived what happened in the kitchen, she could stand your weird childish look…

She happily goes on with the story and everyone laugh out of loud.

“What about your daughters Mary? Jai told me they are absolutely adorable.”

Good call mom. It seems we have a case of foot-in-mouth disorder.

Mary stiffens a bit, keeping her smile on her face but I notice the way the sparkles in her eyes vanished.

“What the fuck!?” I mouth to my mother, glaring at her, as she already regrets the subject.
“I told you not to talk about this during lunch!” I whisper through my clenched teeth.

“It’s ok Jai, please, we can talk about everything!”

Mary objects placing her hand above mine. Wanting me to grab and stroke it gently, helping her to hold back some tears .

“I’m so sorry honey, I didn’t want to remind you… ” Mom starts

“Karen, don’t need to apologize. Jai’s right, they’re adorable.
It’s just…”

She pauses a little too long, holding a weeping in the back of her throat.

“I miss them really bad. It’s been three weeks already.”

“Sweetheart…” My mom whispers, not knowing what to say.

Mary rolls her eyes, only to prevent tears from flowing down. Wiping her wet eyes, she sighs heavily and comes up with a big smile on her face.

“So, tell me more about this ABBA sparkling show!” she asks my mom, switching the topic.

Aside from this blunder, lunch was delightful. Mom and dad chatted nicely with Mary, making her laugh and relax.
They both were astonished by all her skills and interests.

“Jai, this smart beauty has to be introduced to Vashti.” Mom concludes.
“Honey you have to come and visit Australia, you will absolutely love it.”

“Definitely. Jai promised Claire he will take her Down Under. He’s a man of his word.” She looks at me.

“Just need to save the date, baby” I wink at her.

My phone vibrates on the table, I secretly check the message.
And smile.

“Time for dessert!” I announce happily.

Mom starts to gather and collects plates and stuff to clean the table, but Mary doesn’t seem ready to let her do this chore alone.

“Karen, please, you don’t. ..”

She suddenly freezes, her hand full of forks and knives hovers the air. She turns her head to face me so slowly, an indescribable look on her beautiful face.

Staring at me with her wide piercing blue eyes, filled with fresh tears.

Her hand loosens and drops cutlery which loudly crashed on the table, but she doesn’t flinch.
Her eyes fly back and forth from mine to the inside of the house. Nothing can be seen yet, only noises. Foreshadow an imminent instant of pure joy and happiness.

“It can’t be…” Just slips her lips as she gasps, gawping.

Footsies run through the living room, together with giggles and screams.

“You make this happen?” she tries to say, fighting the lump in her throat.

I can’t say anything but offer her the hugest smile I got. Yes I did.

Two jubilant little tornadoes rush out through the open french doors of the living room, shouting in joy and excitement.


The two chubby girls jump and run to their mother.

Mary has already left her place, moving like a ghost and flies to join her daughters, arms wide open to welcome them in.
Kneeling down half way, she catches the two lovelies who threw themselves in her embrace. She loosens her balance when the girls crash on her chest.
Flat on her back, she’s literally attacked by kisses and hugs, laughs and cries.

I can’t help but smile and sigh at the scene.

My girls.

Happiness is a real simple thing to reach. Just watch this.

A hand pats and grabs mine. I’m pulled out of my reverie by the kind stroke of my mom. My crying mom.

“Oh Jai!” She’s speechless.

I stand up and head to the house, where Mat is waiting for me. I grab his hand and shake it warmly, patting his back with my other hand. Almost hugging him.

Fucking nice guy.

“Thanks mate. Really.” I sincerely acknowledge him.

“You’re welcome Jai. Always a pleasure to make them happy.”

“Right. Look at them…Big success.”

We stare at the three of them, still kissing and laughing, tears of joy damping their faces.

Mary manages to sit up, one girl in each arm, hugging them as strong as she can, smelling the scent of their hair in the crooks of their necks.

Her eyes lock mines . Then Mat’s. She stays agape for a while and mouths a silent “merci” sent to the both of us. Her face lightened with grace and pure joy.

God I love her.

“Time for a coffee? ” I sincerely offer him. I owe him that, at least.

I called him just few days ago, after I figured out -felt- she was missing her daughters too bad. He simply said, “ok, Jai, let me see what I can do. I ’ll come back to you when there’s news.”

And here we are.

“No thanks, Vanessa is waiting in the car.” He politely declines.

“I heard you had hard time with the moving thing?”

“Yep. She had been really unhappy with the idea for a long time. And since Mary has a good reason to stay here, it was obvious we had to drop everything down.” he explains.

“What woman wants, the Lord wants” I widen my smile.

“I have some interviews scheduled to get this new job, and so much stuff to do to keep our house back, that’s why I will be busy for the next two weeks. That’s pretty nice of you to take care of them.”

“No bother mate. It’s a pleasure to have them home. Seriously I owe you.”

“Ok I have to go. Tell the girls goodbye for me and greet your parents too. They just came from Australia don’t they?” He kindly enquires.

“Yes, just in time for lunch. Won’t you kiss your children before you leave?” We’re chatting like we’re best mates.

“Don’t want to interrupt their reunion. I’ll see them on Thursday right?”

After I walked him to the door and waved hi to Vanessa, I join my family outside.

Mary is just standing up from the ground, her daughters still glued on her sides.
She turns her head to give me the most thankful look ever as she mouths “love you”, pointing me.

Chloe just notices me and runs to me, screaming and jumping, her little outstretched arms reaching for me.


I put one knee on the ground and catch her in the air, her baby face nuzzles into my neck.
I don’t know why but I really have a thing with this little worm. We hit it off from the very beginning.

I peck her chubby cheeks, and am rewarded with laughs and high pitched complain.

“Tu piiiiiques! ” she cries, tugging on my stubble.
I hasten to scratch it on the tender flesh of her neck and face, calling more laughs as she tries to push my face back.
There’s nothing more beautiful than babies’ roars of laughter.

Shoving the wiggling girl over my shoulder, literally upside down, I walk to the table where I find Clare in deep conversation with mom.

“You’re absolutely gorgeous honey!” she hugs and pecks the little girl.
“Do you know Jai sent me your drawing with the slide? It was so nice of you to figure out a way for us to meet more often. I miss my boy so very much.” She says, glancing at me.

“I know how it feels. I missed my mom so much lately you know, I’m so happy we’re back together.” She says, hooking her mom’s waist.

Catching the baby girl in my arms again, I introduce her to my parents :

“This is my mate, Chloé. Chloé, this is my mom Karen and my dad Chris.”

Mom literally melts before the cuteness of this little face.

She extends her arms to grab my baby, who quickly takes refuge and hides in my shoulder, tightening her grip around my neck.

“Oh darlin’ don’t be shy!” Mom coos, still waiting to carry her.

“Hey, cutie pie” I whisper in her ear, “My mom just wants to say hello…”

Chloé turns her head to glare at my mom, and all of a sudden reaches out to my dad, who more than happily welcomes her in his arms. She pats his bald-headed skull and strokes it.

“Where is your hair?”
She asks astonished. She looks at me and adds,
“Look Jai! It’s soft! I like him better! ”

We all burst into laugh, my father showing off before me and my mom with absolute pride.

“I’m in love!” Dad cuddles her.

While my parents are adopting the little one, I kneel down to talk to Claire.

“Hi princess!” I smile at her before she gives me a huge hug. “How was your trip?” I demand.

Her eyes widen, lightening with sparkles as she tells me, all excited,
“I was allowed to enter the cockpit and talked to the pilot!!”

“Wow! Did you?” She nods happily, jumping up and down.

“That’s awesome!” Mom replies, drawing her attention.
“Tell me more about it! Did you fly the airplane?” She enquires.

While Claire points out to her smartly that she was too young, I loop my arms around my sweet darling and give her a long, tender, loving kiss. I feel her melt into my arms and she returns the kiss back.
It’s like the whole world around us disappeared.

I pull away from the kiss and mutter in a grin, quirking an eyebrow.


“What did you just do to me? I almost passed out…” she says, her nails raking through my curls.

“I had this feeling that you needed them here with you. Mat did the rest. He is really cool. You have to thank him for that.” I trail my nose through her cheek, my lips finding their way to the place behind her ear.

Pulling me close to her lips, she whispers against my ear

“You planned all this behind my back. You are going to pay for that.”

“Oh, is that a threat?” I pretend to be scared.

“No. A promise. You. Me. Tonight. In bed. Pray for your mercy…” she teases, licking her lips before leaving wet kisses along my neck.

“I wish I were there already…” I just hug her before pulling her away, naughty thoughts dangerously fueling my ongoing hardness. I need to go into the fridge again.

“Who’s in for an ice cream?” I’m sure to be successful.


We’re enjoying variety of desserts, all I shove in my mouth tastes like happiness. I feast my eyes on my girls chit-chatting in a weird frenglish language, the silly blissful smile on my face seems to be plastered there forever.
My chest is filled with so many emotions, my lungs barely can breathe properly.

I glance at my mom, her head on dad’s shoulder, wrapped into his arm. Both of my parents have been staring at me staring at my girls since… I don’t know how long.
I snap a mental picture of this unrivalled family time.

It was around six when the two jet-lagged, overwhelmed and super-excited chicks showed signs of exhaustion. Chloé was already asleep on my lap, her face buried into my neck, her light breathing warming my skin. Claire rested her chin over the table, yawning loudly.

I head to the guest room dedicated to the girls, carrying Chloé close to my chest, her arm loosened over my shoulder, while Mary drags a walking dead Claire staggering behind her.

We settle carefully the sleepy forms under the sheets, Claire grips her mother’s forearm as we’re going to leave the room.

“Mom…. stay..” she mumbled in her sleep.

Mary glances at me, like asking for permission. I smile at her and nod.

“Enjoy your babies. I’ll wait for you outside.” I whisper, kissing her forehead in the dark.

“Jai, thank you for this beautiful day.” She leans down on the bed, both girls glued to her sides.

“You’re so welcome my love. I wish this day would never end. See you tonight.” I whimper before I leave the room.

Unable to keep away from her -them-,
I just stay there, leaning on the frame of the bedroom, staring at the two girls deep asleep, watching their every move, intertwined in their mother’s arms and legs, across the bed. Absolutely adorable.

I was keeping a watchful eye on my girls for a solid ten minutes, noticing the deep and calm breathing of Mary as she slips slowly in a delightful sleep, when I suddenly feel a presence beside me, comforting and warm.

“They are so precious.” Dad whispers from behind my shoulder.

We’re used to talk short but right. Words are not required anyway.

“I’m counting on you to take care of those three beauties.”

“That’s what I do, dad.” I assure him.

“I hope you fixed your mistake son.”

“I did all I could to make amends.”

“She’s worth it.” He concedes.

“I feel so lucky. I do my best to be the man she deserves Dad, I really do.”

“Don’t mess it up son. Or I will come back and rip your skin off.” He warns me.

I chuckle lightly.

“You happy son?” He firmly pats the back of my neck.

“You don’t know how much dad.”
I confess, unable to take my eyes off of my girls.

He ruffles my curly hair, like he used to when I was a kid. Our father and son bonding reminds me on how I wanted to have my own family. Looking at the loving cuddle mount laying over the bed, I measure how bad I want my own family right now.

And I want them to be in.

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(A man you don't recognize saunters in, an orange jacket brighting his tall frame and pale complexion. He seems timid, and looks at everything over and over.) Ah, one of the mighty 4050 instances, geniuses of our time. It is very nice to meet you. (Its clear he isn't staff or D-class. He is soft spoken, almost like he is scared to talk) I am from Prometheus.

(4050-D looks surprised and happy to meet him) Ah! Thought that broke up. Nice to meet you, I’m Doctor Joseph Rilers. You are? *reaches out hand*

Imagine a soulmate AU in which your OTP gets a step-counter. For each step they take, the number on the counter goes down, marking the moment they meet their soulmate. 

Perhaps as children, they run around often, just to see the numbers go down.

Maybe Person A and B are on track team or go jogging, and while they are running, they do not notice the numbers rapidly dropping. Then they crash into each other, disregarding the fact that their counter has a large 0 on it. 

By chance, Person A can be stepping up to Person B with a weapon in hand, when suddenly, the steps hit 0.

Miraculous Ladybug Disney/Pixar Crossover (part 4) - Tangled:

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How would his life be without Plagg…

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Imagine Person A of your OTP reading over the shoulder of Person B.

BONUS: They don’t know each other.

BONUS 2: B notices A reading and waits a bit before flipping the page.

BONUS 3: A is reading the page, but B is already done. B stares at A while they read.

BONUS ∞ : A is finished, but is puzzled as to why B isn’t turning the page. They look up, only to meet eyes with B.