I really feel like Medusa and Marie are Stein’s bad and good sides. Marie represents stability for him and her motherly attitude towards the students is something that reflects on sane Stein in the manga. Medusa, however, holds his same sadistic attitude and tends to act blindly without worrying of consequences like madness Stein. And when stein completely fell off the deep end it was because he thought Marie was dead and fled to Medusa if i remember correctly. She also has his desire to learn at any cost. Personally, I prefer Stein x Marie.


“The archetype of the witch is long overdue for celebration. Daughters, mothers, queens, virgins, wives, et al. derive meaning from their relation to another person. Witches, on the other hand, have power on their own terms. They have agency. They create. They praise. They commune with nature/ Spirit/God/dess/Choose-your-own-semantics, freely, and free of any mediator. But most importantly: they make things happen. The best definition of magic I’ve been able to come up with is “symbolic action with intent” — “action" being the operative word. Witches are midwives to metamorphosis. They are magical women, and they, quite literally, change the world.“

-"The Year of the Witch” by Pamela J. Grossman