I would like to thank Stolen Soul Photography for these wonderful photos taken during a shoot with Faxen Cosplay at Anime Boston this year~! You are wonderful people. It was such a pleasant experience, one of the best conventions yet!

Medusa Cosplayer: Yours truly~ (also known as hebichancosplay on Instagram)

Stein Cosplayer: Faxen Cosplay (Faxen on Deviantart)

Thank you all so much for everything, I can’t say it enough, and if you ever see me at a convention please say hi or something… I don’t bite much ~ <3


Medusa Gorgon (Soul Eater) - I love Medusa. She’s such a badass :D This was my first “real” cosplay, aka the first that I didn’t buy but sew with the help of my mom. Yes, the wig is a bit crappy, I know, and yes, I did not have colored contact lenses back then either, but I love this cosplay anyway because it was tons of fun wearing it and I remember being pretty proud of it back then. If I ever wear it again I’ll have to make some changes though. I might~

Cosplay photos

Hello everyone~
Today was the last day of Genericon, and as I was there yesterday as well, I had many people ask me for photos! I was Medusa from Soul Eater, and I wondering if you could tag me in them~?

I was in the second place skit with my lovely Stein, as well as the chess match and Death match.
If you have any videos of those too I would greatly appreciate it if you could tag me, as madnessmedusa or leave a note in my ask~


Okay  its time I paid my Medusa cosplay some love and attention.
 Since most of the outfit is done its wig time!!! I’m using black hair for a few reasons, 1. I hate the way I look with blonde hair and 2.  Medusa actually gets black hair in the Manga. so /dances
  ^^ for the first time I ever cut bangs on my own, I don’t think  I fxcked up that bad.