Green Eyes and Glasses

Lily: They’re just for reading. Now what do you want?

Dorcas: Don’t be so suspicious, I’m being nice! They suit you.

Dorcas: Little green eyes and glasses how cute would that be?!

Dorcas: Hey, never say never… you’ve got to say yes to him some day.


Thank you to the Cheesecake @lizziebennetinjapan for being my Dorcas <3

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Dating Millard Nullings would include:

a/n: sorry i couldn’t find a picture :D but here it goes

- he would be your age but you couldn’t tell

- you would convince him to wear the 21st century clothes

- literally, you couldn’t see him but you could feel him there

- he would hold you from behind a lot when standing up

- millard would make so many actual good jokes, you would be giggling and laughing all the time around him

- he would scare you in the morning when you wake up, shouting “BOO” at you, standing right beside your bed

- “millard, are you naked?”

- “i may be”

- mis peregrine would love you two together, always smiling when you were around her

- everybody would think you were the cutest couple ever

- in the beginning, you would laugh at how the food disappeared when millard ate it

- you two reading books together

- you would join millard and horace in their deep, smart talks about everything

- of course, you couldn’t follow what they were saying and you would fall asleep

- when he would see his hickeys on you, it would make him SO happy because at least something of him can be seen

- i feel like you would be a flower girl, millard would look at you sitting in a medow, with flowers around you, in your hair and sunlight shining down on you

- millard’s so cute, protect him