Haikyuu Hogwarts AU

Here are a bunch of headcannon. Wrote last night for this AU.

- pureblood Gryffindor Bokuto being a part of a mostly Ravenclaw family, who doesn’t understand what why he ended up being so different from them.

- Muggleborn Akaashi who is surprised when this really attractive pureblood starts following him around.

- Slytherin Kenma who is sometimes treated badly by purebloods because he’s halfblooded, yet constantly being stood up for by his childhood friend Kuroo, who is pureblood and is very against the mistreatment of minorities in the magic community.

- half-blood Yamaguchi who was thought to be a Squib in his early childhood, and was often made fun of. It turned out it was just a late bloomer; one day, when he was ten, he sneezed and random objects around him exploded.

- Slytherin pureblood Oikawa, who’s best class is astrology. He likes to sneak up to the astrology tower at night, where he often runs into a certain half-blood with freckles.

- Pureblood Slytherin Kuroo, who is seen as this big scary guy. But really, he’s a sweetheart. If anybody is having trouble with social issues, or is having issues in a class and doesn’t have the confidence to ask a teacher (there are some pretty intimidating Hogwarts teachers) than you can go to him, and he’ll be perfectly happy to help or give advise.

- Gryffindor head boy Daichi, who is very protective of everybody in his house. Do not mess with them or risk being hexed.

- Hufflepuff half blood Suga, who was surprised to become headboy. But he embraces it, and does his best to take care of house.

- Gryffindor Ushijima, who is a formidable beater on the Gryffindor quidditch team.

- Slytherin pureblood Tendou, who’s best class is defense against the dark arts. He intends to one day become an auror.

- Gryffindor Hinata who is loved by everybody in his house due to his innocence and endearing personality, though people from other houses don’t like him.

- muggleborn Kageyama, who knew nothing about Hogwarts before he arrived, but expected to be put in Slytherin. He was shocked when he became a Gryffindor, but ended up getting along with everybody after the initial introductions.

- Hufflepuff Lev who looks up to Slytherin Kuroo and Ravenclaw Yaku, because of their skill on the quidditch pitch.

- Hinata who’s best class is charms. He’s not very good at his other classes, but somehow he manages to get near top marks every year.

- Asahi, the anxious muggleborn Hufflepuff, who is constantly worried that people don’t like him. He’s often followed around by a halfblood Gryffindor Noya, who insists that his vast knowledge of herbology is Amazing.

- Asahi eventually becoming confident in himself as a Wizard, and working towards a job in magical medicine, since he knows that there are many plants that can be used for medicinal purposes, and more hat haven’t been discovered.

- Nishinoya who is Gryffindors seeker, who’s “rolling thunder” move is loved by everybody in the house.

- Ennoshita being Gryffindors quidditch captain. He plays keeper, and is loved by his team.


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So this weekend, some of the young men from my reserve went on a hunting trip in Medicine Hat. However it wasn’t just any hunting trip, it was done ceremonially and traditionally and it hasn’t been done like this in years. I’m so proud of the youth and knowledge keepers in my community working together to revive these old traditions and to keep them going strong. For myself, I got to go to write an article for the newspaper and my dad was there to give advice and knowledge about our Blackfoot culture and history to the young men. My dad and I got to pick some sage together and he shared some old stories with me, I got to have some good antelope meat, hear some old Blackfoot songs, and hear some old Blackfoot stories. It’s always so nice to visit with family, community members, knowledge keepers, and youth in such a peaceful setting. There’s no better feeling than relaxing in a tipi, sitting by the fire, and hearing old stories. Every day I’m taking more effort to learn more about our ways and culture and I’m so lucky to have such great teachers. Oh how I love being Blackfoot ❤️


Medicine Hat, Alberta, 14 MAR'80

Gordon Lightfoot’s song “Alberta Bound” mentions that “a chinook wind is a-movin’ in”, and in “The Hat” it was probably doing just that, as VIA/CPR westbound #1 “The Canadian” pauses for refueling and station work behind an FP7, RS10, GP9 (1413-8475-8527.) The temperature must have been in the ‘50s (fahrenheit - you Canadians can figure out the celsius.) I had another chance to walk around and this time chose the head end. Like Don Marson says, that steam generator equipped RS10 from MLW would be more at home in eastern Canada than here. Power was changed at Calgary and I’m sure the outlander returned to more Alco-friendly shops, although at this time the folks at Ogden Shops in Calgary were familiar with the big six-axle MLW products that were - maybe - still hanging around (I think by this time the almighty SD40-2 pretty much ruled the CPR mountains.)


on the way to Medicine Hat by paolobarzman

Are you sick? (Villainous)

Black Hat: FLUG C-….Are you okay?

Flug: Yes coff coff

Black Hat: No you’re not YOU ARE SICK

Flug: ……



Black Hat: I-i mean…GO TO WORK NOW

Flug: Heh…sure

Black Hat: Mmm…Are you sure you don’t need nothing

Flug: An hug?

Black Hat: HUG SO TIGHT 

Flug: Heh

Murder Most Foul - Jeremy Steinke and Jasmine Richardson

Most pre-teen girls go through phases of rebellion against their parents, but twelve-year-old Jasmine Richardson of Medicine Hat, Canada, took teenage rebellion to a horrific extreme when she assisted in murdering her parents and younger brother because they forbade her to see her boyfriend, twenty-three-year old Jeremy Steinke.

Jasmine had a normal childhood with doting parents, but her personality changed when she created a MySpace account and became interested in gothic culture. It was through this interest that she first met Jeremy Steinke - over a decade her senior - and began a secret relationship with him. Steinke was a self-confessed witchcraft enthusiast, claimed to be a 300 year old werewolf in human form, and reportedly wore a vial of human blood on a chain around his neck.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Jasmine’s parents objected to their relationship, and before long forbade Jasmine from having contact with Jeremy. Furious, Jasmine continued seeing him in secret and the two began hatching a plan to rid Jasmine of her parents meddling. A note recovered from Jasmine’s bedroom by police displays how callously the couple felt about murder. In Jasmine’s hand it read “Ok, I have this plan. It starts with me murdering my parents and ends with us being together.”

On April 22, 2006, Jeremy Steinke sneaked into the basement of the Richardson house armed with a knife. When he encountered Jasmine’s mother he beat her to the floor and began stabbing in a frenzy. Jasmine’s father attempted to protect his wife with a screwdriver but he too was overpowered and stabbed repeatedly; the coroners report later noted that the Richardson parents had suffered dozens of stabbing injuries each.

Meanwhile, Jasmine had sneaked upstairs with a knife and busied herself with killing her younger brother. She later said to police that her brother had begged for his life before Jasmine choked and then stabbed him. Sated, the two murderous lovers fled the chaotic scene to a friends house, where they estatically had sex.

A young boy visited the Richardson house the next day and glimpsed the bloody corpse of Jasmine’s mother through a glass door. Police were dispatched to the home where they immediately noted the absence of Jasmine; fearing she was being held hostage, police released her description and an all points bulletin across the area.

Though they had planned her family’s murder thoroughly, Jasmine and Jeremy clearly didnt give much thought to evading capture; within a day they were located and arrested, with Jasmine’s part in the murders frighteningly clear when she spoke about murdering her brother. She showed little remorse and giggled when informed police had found drawings of hers that depicted the brutal slaying of her family.

Jasmine Richardson was charged with three counts of murder and remains the youngest person ever charged with murder in Canadian history. Because she was only twelve at the time, she legally could not be charged as an adult. Despite overwhelming evidence she was an active participant in the awful crime, Jasmine Richardson was sentenced to only ten years in prison, the maximum sentence a person of her age could recieve. Her relatively light punishment caused a public outcry throughout Canada, with calls to reform the sentencing process for under-age offenders. Her lover Jeremy Steinke was charged with three counts of murder and recieved three life sentences.


Only nine years old, a former roping horse, this GORGEOUS gelding (he almost has a medicine hat!) has found himself in the same kill pen that Sammie/Honey was in =( I know I can’t save them all, but I just really can’t stand to see horses with their whole lives ahead of them and great potential not get a chance!

I’m contacting some transport and quarantine sites now to see how much it would cost to get him out of there - his bail is set at $1128.16 and once I know how much the rest will cost I will know how much of that I could cover myself. 

In the meantime, if anyone wants to help save him (whether to help him come home with me, or to go with whoever else can organize a safe place first, or even to take him home yourself, honestly I just want him safe!) the woman coordinating his fundraising efforts is Wendy Suess. Per the rescue page, she says: “Donations for Cooper can be made via PayPal friends and family to just please put Cooper/hip#062 in the notes.” 

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Also, the Connecticut  show is apparently on the rez???

ALSO, CONNECTICUT IS APPARENTLY THE CORRECT SPELLING? WHAT? I THOUGHT IT WAS CONNETICUT, WHY DOES EVERYONE SAY IT LIKE THAT? can’t you name your places sensible things like Moose Factory or Medicine Hat or Dildo like we do in Canada?