Idk if this is useful or helpful, but I’ve just started some new meds that I have to take everyday. And I find that some days I second guess myself as to whether I’ve taken a dose or not.

So I just got a sharpie and wrote the date I’m supposed to take each tablet. Could be useful for those who aren’t used to taking daily meds like me e.g. Antibiotics etc


I’ve mentioned it before but it was like a year ago so I’m bringing it up again: if you don’t have the Blink Health app, get it now. My insurance is shit and I essentially have to pay out of pocket for my medication. I just got a 3 month refill of my prescription. I would have had to pay $540. How much did I pay with the app? $37. That’s right- this app saved me $500 on my medication. Basically you pay through the app for the lowest possible price, and get a digital voucher to show the pharmacist. This app has saved my wallet several times, with multiple medications. Please spread this because I think everyone on medication could use this

yo, dont ever think someone who takes meds are gross or oveerreacting or wrong because they took a med that fell on the floor.

or they took a pill that got melted or exploded due to heat or something

or they took a pill and are now panicking because the pill didnt help

or they were going to take pills and now are panicking cause they dont have enough/lost them.

you do not understand how much pills cost, you do not understand how much they might need that one pill, or how horrible their day will be if the pill doesnt work or if they lose it.

do not judge them for needing that pill