You may have noticed that’s not the last month or so I’ve not been creating many posts. I have suffered from migraines for years but recently I’ve been plagued by cluster and pressure headaches that will not go away and it’s really affected my ability to work and write and be on tumblr and t'interwebs generally. I now have medication that is helping considerably but it has the side effect of making me incredibly woozy and meaning that I can’t drive. Which is more than a little bit restrictive!

So I apologise for the lack of original content on here. I hope that once I get used to the meds normal service will be resumed but for now I’m focussing on getting well!

What really gets me about the prejudice against psychiatric medication is the sheer hypocrisy of it. Like, as a culture, we use mind-altering substances to help us function constantly. Some of those substances are so normalised that we allow children to self-administer them without supervision. (Caffeine, anyone?) I have literally had a dude assert to me that it’s morally wrong for people to chemically tinker with their own brains while holding a wine cooler in his hand - do we really have no self-awareness at all?

The CDC estimates that 70 percent of pregnant women in the U.S. take at least one prescription drug — whether it’s for something like colitis or diabetes, or just allergies.

And a lot of them are stuck wondering if the drugs they need might do any harm, says Maggie Little, a bioethicist at Georgetown University.

“There’s actually shockingly little that we know about how to treat illness during pregnancy,” she says.

When Pregnant Women Need Medicine, They Encounter A Void

Illustration: Maria Fabrizio for NPR

my meds are thieves

Inventory of missing property with grievances:

  • Attention span - ability to read more than a half page
  • Stable weight - water retention - unstable metabolism
  • Memory - no instant recall - academic embarassment
  • Steady hand - no more drawing - no more piano
  • Peaceful sleep - nightmares - insomnia
  • Motivation and energy - hopelessness - disbelief in a future
  • Pain free life - stomach pain - extreme thirst
  • Mornings - fatigue - inability to wake
  • Social drinking - tolerance varies wildly - alcohol now casues terror
  • Diary not dictated by bloods - monthly needles
  • Emotionally connecting with loved ones - inevitable damage and loss
  • Good long term health prospects - organ damage - goodbye kidneys

Choosing to get better can rob you blind - appreciate the bravery in that.

“Taking medication is just a cop-out”

Taking medication is a cruel choice of side effects over symptoms.

Have the decency to respect that.

Medication Cost Help

Its with a heavy heart that I need to ask you for help.

I’m still struggling with the insurance to get one of the medications, one that I’m likely to be on for the rest of my life, covered. I get the finale Gastroenterologist letter at the end of next week to attach to the paperwork and send in, approval can be anywhere from one to four weeks after that.

I’ve already had to pay out $600.00 that I don’t have on this medication, and have to spend another $300.00 this week in order to refill them. We have cut back to the bare minimums, and still are struggling to make sure bills and expenses and even food gets bought because of the unexpected cost of medications.

I am on a cocktail of drugs to ensure that my body can start healing from a five year severe flair of my Crohn’s disease. During this time I’ve had two minor surgeries, four hospitalizations, blood-work multiple times each month, the development of extreme social anxiety bordering on agoraphobia, and a major surgery that removed eighteen inches of infected intestines. This brings me up to having two and a half feet of small intestines missing.

I have been sick for so long and I’m so tired and I just want to get better, I need help to pay for this medication just a little while longer so I can get better. I know its a lot to ask, but even a couple of dollars from even a sliver of you would be enough to make sure I can get through this.

My paypal is:

Again, thank you, boosters and donators alike, your help means so much to me.

Daily Affirmation 638.

Dear aces who take any kind of medication that affects their libido:

You’re not less asexual.

You’re not less asexual if your meds increase your libido. Your asexuality isn’t invalidated by having a libido. You can want sex without feeling attraction.

You’re not less asexual if your meds decrease your libido. Even if your asexuality is a product of your meds, it’s still real and valid.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips for remembering to take medication?

hey doll, it’s definitely tough sometimes and usually takes getting into the habit of having a routine. I struggled a lot with this in the beginning actually.

• the most effective way I have personally found is using a 7 day pill organizer. you just have to commit to keep filling it up appropriately so you don’t lose track. you can buy these at any drugstore, and most dollar stores.

• you could try the bottle flipping method. once you take your medication, just flip the bottle upside down. this way you know if you have taken your medication or not. before you go to bed, you flip the bottles right side up to “reset” the cycle.

• if you like writing and keeping journals, you could also try using a checklist. I made a free printable self care checklist that includes medication if you’re interested. if you’re into some diy crafts, you could always make your own checklist or journal !!  

I would like to invite my followers to reply with their fav or most effective ways of remembering to take medication !! 💝

Why medication can be important

Many people have asked me HOW my medication helps me. HOW it changes my daily life and whether or not going off it and handling my ADHD myself would be better.

 My answer to them is this, the following is an excerpt from my diary from the last couple of days… 

 Yesterday I was off my meds. Self destruction became the theme of the day. I ate foods I’m allergic to, I over ate, I did no work even though I needed to AND I felt stupid. 

 Today I’m on my meds, I’ve showered, I’ve not over eaten. I feel good in myself and I’ve finished my work. 

 This is why medication can be important. I know my symptoms can be better some days and worse others, but at least I have some say in it when I have my meds. If I didn’t, I would be at my symptoms mercy 24/7.

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