On Day 2 of his presidency, Trump wages war with the media over the size of his inauguration crowd
Trump insists that the crowd was six times the size reported.
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The only official news is that from Big Brother. The only truth is the “truth” from Big Brother. Contradiction will be punished. Pay no attention to what was said last week, the “truth” is what we say now. It is true, and has always been true.

White House Press Secretary Lies and Yells at Media. It’s Day 2 of the Trump Presidency.
Donald Trump’s press secretary kept the media waiting for more than an hour today, and then when Sean Spicer finally deigned to appear for his first Wh ...

Um, wut?!

Off to a super start. I’m going to enjoy ‘Mericah’s version of Baghdad Bob.

It was the second fucking day.

I found this on twitter today and as much as I was almost crying with laughter how idiotic that so called press conference was (no questions allowed, so more of an statement than conference), there’s been something off about this whole ridiculous charade. And that’s it, right here. And everything makes sense now

Stating blatantly opposite to what’s obvious to anyone who is capable of some constructive thinking, has its purpose. Here we go. Here you have it.

And so it begins…


Given the success of Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Times, New York Post, American Spectator, Weekly Standard, New York Sun, National Review, Commentary, and so on, no sensible person can dispute the existence of a ‘conservative media.’ The reader might be surprised to learn that neither do I quarrel with the notion of a ‘liberal media.’ It is tiny and profoundly underfunded compared with its conservative counterpart, but it does exist. As a columnist for The Nation and an independent weblogger for MSNBC.com, I work in the middle of it, and so do many of my friends. And guess what? It’s filled with right-wingers. Unlike most of the publications named above, liberals, for some reason, feel compelled to include the views of the other guy on a regular basis in just the fashion that conservatives abhor.

Take a tour from a native: New York magazine, in the heart of liberal country, chose as its sole national correspondent the right-wing talk-show host Tucker Carlson. During the 1990s, The New Yorker—the bible of sophisticated urban liberalism—chose as its Washington correspondents the Clinton/Gore hater Michael Kelly and the soft, Democratic Leadership Council neo-conservative Joe Klein. At least half of the ‘liberal New Republic’ is actually a rabidly neoconservative magazine and has been edited in recent years by the very same Michael Kelly, as well as the conservative liberal-hater Andrew Sullivan. It’s rival on the ‘left,’ the Nation, happily published the free-floating liberal hater Christopher Hitchens until he chose to resign, and also invites Alexander Cockburn to attack liberals with morbid predictability. The Atlantic Monthly—a mainstay of Boston liberalism—even chose the apoplectic Kelly as its editor, who then proceeded to add a bunch of Weekly Standard writers plus Christopher Hitchens to Atlantic’s antiliberal stable. Why does liberal Vanity Fair choose to publish a hagiographic Annie Leibovitz portfolio of Bush Administration officials designed, apparently, to invoke notions of Greek and Roman gods? Why does the liberal New York Observer alternate National Review‘s Richard Brookhiser with the Joe McCarthy-admiring columnist, Nicholas von Hoffman—both of whom appear alongside editorials that occasionally mimic the same positions taken downtown by the editors of the Wall Street Journal? The tabloid-style liberal Web site Salon gives free rein to the McCarthyite impulses of both Andrew Sullivan and David Horowitz. The neoliberal Slate also regularly publishes both Sullivan and Christopher Caldwell of The Weekly Standard, and has even opened its pixels to such conservative evildoers as Charles Murray and Elliott Abrams. (The reader should know I am not objecting to the inclusion of conservatives in the genuinely liberal component of the media. In fact, I welcome them. I’d just like to see some reciprocity on the other side.)

Move over to the mainstream publications and broadcasts often labeled ‘liberal’ and you see how ridiculous the notion of liberal dominance becomes. The liberal New York Times op-ed page features the work of the unreconstructed Nixonite William Safire and for years accompanied him with the firebreathing-if-difficult-to-understand neocon A. M. Rosenthal. Current denizen Bill Keller also writes regularly from a soft, DLC neoconservative perspective.

Why was then-editorial page editor, now executive editor, Howell Raines one of Bill Clinton’s most vocal adversaries during his entire presidency? Why is this alleged bastion of liberalism, on the very morning I wrote these words, offering words of praise and encouragement to George W. Bush and John Ashcroft for invoking the hated Taft-Hartley legislation on behalf of shipping companies, following a lock-out of their West Coast workers? (Has the Wall Street Journal editorial page ever, in its entire history, taken the side of American workers in a labor dispute?) It would later endorse for re-election the state’s Republican/Conservative governor, George Pataki, over his capable, if unexciting, liberal Democratic African-American opponent, Carl McCall. The Washington Post editorial page, which is considered less liberal than the Times but liberal nonetheless, is just swarming with conservatives, from Mr. Kelly to George Will to Robert Novak to Charles Krauthammer, among many more.

On the morning before I finally let go of the draft manuscript of this book, the paper’s lead editorial is endorsing the president’s plan for a ‘pre-emptive’ war against Iraq. The op-ed page was hardly less abashed in its hawkishness. A careful study by Michael Massing published in the Nation found, ‘Collectively, its editorials, columns and Op-Eds have served mainly to reinforce, amplify and promote the Administration’s case for regime change. And, as the house organ for America’s political ckass, the paper has helped push the debate in the Administration’s favor…’ If you wish to include CNN on your list of liberal media—I don’t, but many conservatives do—then you had better find a way to explain the near ubiquitous presence of the attack dog Robert Novak, along with those of neocon virtuecrat William Bennett, National Review‘s Kate O’Beirne, National Review‘s Jonah Goldberg, The Weekly Standard‘s David Brooks and Tucker Carlson. This is to say nothing of the fact that among its most frequent guests are Coulter and the anti-American telepreacher Pat Robertson. Care to include ABC News? Again, I don’t, but if you wish, how do you deal with the fact that the only ideological commentator on its Sunday show is the hardline conservative George Will? Or how about the fact that its only explicitly ideological reporter is the deeply journalistically challenged conservative crusader John Stossel? How to explain the entire career of Cokie Roberts, who never met a liberal to whom she could not condescend? What about Time and Newsweek? In the former, we have Mr. Krauthammer holding forth, and in the latter Mr. Will.

I could go on almost indefinitely here, but the point is clear: Conservatives are extremely well represented in every facet of the media. The correlative point here is that even the genuine liberal media is not so liberal. And they are no match—either in size, ferocity or commitment—for the massive conservative media structure that, more than ever, determines the shape and scope of our political agenda.

—  Eric Alterman, What Liberal Media?: The Truth About Bias and the News (pp. 9–11)

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What drives me insane about Beyoncé is that she never tells her fans to chill out. Last year they sent death threats to a woman and her children just because she might've been the woman jayz cheated on her with instead of actually blaming the married man who cheated. She just seems like a puppet who holds no opinions of her own.

I honestly wonder if she’s secretly enjoying this.

The woman who allegedly hooked up with Jay-Z was Rachel Roy. Some of her idiot fans went after Rachael Ray. One colossal dumbass even went after Ray Romano.

“My biggest challenge was getting into mainstream media. The media is not diverse, there are not many people that look like you, and as a result, it’s hard to get in. I went in with the mentality that even though my favourite journalist doesn’t look like me, I know I can do his/her position one day and never lose the sight of that end goal. I am both an American and Somali and never had to choose between these two labels. People ask me, why don’t you talk about Somali affairs. I tell them that we have whole generations that live in the West, that were born and raised here or came here when they were really young, and they need to have their own platform too. I didn’t grew up amongst Somalis because there weren’t many Somalis in San Diego. Heck, forget about my university days about seeing other Somalis, I was the only black person in my course. However, my parents made sure that I was aware of my culture, language and such when growing up. My parents are extremely Pro-Somali.”

(San Diego, United States)

“Caqabadihii igu adkaa waxaa kamid ahaa in aan helo sidii aan u dhexgali lahaa saxaafada. Saxaafada meeshan ma aha mid furfuran, ma jiraan dad badan aniga oo kale ah ka shaqeeya. Waa mid aad u adag in aad dhexgasho. Waxaan aaminay figrada odhanaysa inkastoo wariyaha aad xiisayso adiga kuma eka hadana waan ogaa maalin uun in aan qaban karo booska qofkaas ka shaqeeyo aniga oon lumin hadafkayga. Anigu waxaan ahay Ameerikaan iyo Soomaali labadaba, waligayna ma dooran labadan dhexdooda. Dadku waxay i waydiiyaan maxaad uga hadli wayday arrimaha Soomaalida. Waxaan ku idhaahdaa waxaynu leenahay jiil iska dhan oo ku dhashay halkan ama iyagoo da’ayar la keenay oo ku nool wadamada galbeedka kuwaasi waxay u baahanyihiin in ay helaan barmaamij ay iska leeyihiin iyagu. Anigu lama soo korin Soomaalida sababtoo ah majirin Soomaali badan oo ku nool magalada San Diego. Iska ilow maalmihii Jamacadayda in aan arki jiray Somaali kale. Aniga keligay baa ahaa arday madow intii aan kooroska waday. Si kastaba ha ahaate’e, Waalidkay waxay ku dedaaaleen in ay hubsadaan in aan dhaqankayga iyo luqadayda aqaano. Markii aan koray waxaan ahay qof wayn. Waalidkey aad bay u jecelyihiin Soomaalinimada.”

(San Diego, Maraykanka)


WATCH LIVE NOW: Women’s March on Washington 2017 [ABC News on YouTube]

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I was feeling masochistic and looked at a ship-hate tag. Weirdest thing I saw was "Ageing up characters to ship them is gross because it is a common pedophilic tactic to wait until their victims are adults to touch/attack them". I'm now pretty sure tumblr has absolutely no idea what paedophilia is. Also just the fact they are screaming about a ship where the age difference is 2,5 years.