Pocket Watch
Victo Ngai
A piece in the PLANSPONSOR July! This piece is about “Watching your pocket/saving with the amount of time till retirement in mind’;  we decided to run with the pun:”pocket watch“.  (The sketch was flipped to work better with the right-facing layout in the final. ) Working with AD SooJin  is a blessing as I always get to sneak in subject matters I love into the assignments. I am such a sucker for clockwork and mechanical watches. 
ADs, please keep hiring me so I can burn my cash on a Blancpain moonphase one day… 

Channeling michigantrad with the Lenten purple. I always think end-on-end works well in a transitional season. (Yes, the collar is unbuttoned. No, I’m not being louche. J Press put the buttons in the wrong place and I’m too lazy to fix. Besides, the collar roll will never be right…)

The NATO is a new collaborative offering from crownandbuckle. I like it but wish there was a 21 available for my chrono.

(Not seen, uninteresting charcoal trousers, Allen Edmonds Veronas in black.)

So my new watch arrived today. And by new I mean a 70 year old USSR-made mechanical watch.
But I have to congratulate Alexandr of Ukraine for his amazing postal packaging skills. First, i open the paper package to find this

No, Alexandr, I wanted a watch. But at least my hair will be fabulous now.

Then, inside of this was a disappointing lack of PRESTIGE hair conditioner, but what appeared to be maths homework.

Yes, now you can use the time-old excuse “Sorry miss, I don’t have my homework, I express shipped it to Australia.” Flawless plan.

And finally, in yet another layer of bubble wrap, was this beauty.
Manufactured in 1939 in celebration of the Stakhanov Movement.

What time is it?