AMA-X7 Shamblo

The AMA-X7 Shamblo is an amphibious mobile armor developed by Zeon remnants with the technical support of the supporters of Neo Zeon.

Armed with several missile lauchers and Mega Particle Diffusion Gun, the Shamblo can also use the defensive properties created by its 10 reflective bits and scattering mega particle gun, which can render both solid ammo and beam attacks ineffective.


304 2016 sorry for all the loose scribbly sketches… Moving really messes with me 😥

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Skull Cyborg | Type 4.2 // AxTECH - by Mario Stabile

“I’ve been working on this Cyborg design test design for a fake movie project. It is a prototype from AxTech company, one of the tech labs working for MS corp, a huge private tech company focused on bionics and robotics, secretly developing its technology for ilegal military use.
This model is Skull type 4.2″

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