While this line of mechanical platforms, known colloquially as “B0X-Bots”, may be famous for their affordability and versatility, they are perhaps more infamous for their almost nonfunctional A/C systems.

First finished illustration of 2018! This was fun, though it really got out of hand. Just wanted to draw a simple mecha/robot based on a cube, and this was the result.

EDIT: Added a close-up detail shot, since Tumblr compressed the image a bit.

I’m very proud to announce the first public test release of LANCER, a Mech combat RPG.

Play as an upcoming mech pilot in the tumultuous year of 5014. Fight extra-galactic threats. Fire up your tachyon lances, and prime your kinetic hammers.

You can pick up and download the test copy here totally for free. A full release, with a GM section for stories, characters, and NPCs, as well as a fully playable starting module is planned for the future, but we need your help and valuable feedback to make that possible.

Thanks for playing. And good luck out there, pilot.