Meat Market

You know that soulmate AU trope where the first thing your soulmate(s) says to you is some how magically engraved on your wrist? Why are those stories set in worlds that are otherwise socially normal?

I mean really. If everything was exactly the same except for this trope think of how many people would have hello written on their wrist. Think of how many people would meet the wrong person but hit it off anyway and think well this must be my soulmate(s) because we get along more or less. Think of how many people would get married and have a life and a dog and like start up some kind of artisanal meat market or something and then find out that they married the “wrong” person. Like, people wouldn’t be signing prenups, this is your soulmate it should last forever. So now you’re stuck in this crazy legal battle with your fake soulmate while your real soulmate is like trying to fend off people who also have hello on their wrist and think they’re making the wrong choice. Divorce lawyers would probably make it big in this hypothetical world.

But. I don’t think the above is actually all that likely when you consider that this would be a world where everyone knows that the first thing you say to your soulmate(s) is on your wrist. I think a whole world of this trope would basically teach people that you don’t say hello to strangers.

Instead you blurt out something very original. Last thursday I ate a live worm! I own a collection of glass eyes! I’m secretly a super villain and this is my android body! You know. Distinctive. Something that isn’t likely to be ambiguous.

Think of the possibilities. Think of a society that celebrates truly unique first words. People could see someone and spend hours agonizing over what ridiculous thing they want their first words to be. An unusual metaphor for your undying love? A declaration about how much you like snails? A compliment no one could have ever possibly said to them before? Your nose is a glorious rendition of the Summer Triangle. 

Kids would grow up being encouraged to say outlandish things. You wouldn’t be told to stop saying silly things. You would be told to make sure not to copy the silly things your friend said. Think of how careful parents would be about introducing very young children to new people. Kids that are too young might meet their soulmate and not realize it. They could miss their one chance because they were too busy fighting over a little mermaid eraser.

What about people who can’t read? What about people who are blind?

You wouldn’t say sorry if you bumped into someone on the street. You’d either stay silent or shout something oddball out first, I shove lilacs up my nose. and only then do you say sorry.

Imagine “speed meets”. Groups that organize meetups between complete strangers. You’re in a room with a hundred other people. Line up and start saying outrageous things. I am actually a hippopotamus. No? Okay next. I wish to own seven hundred thirty one and a half dalmatian mice. No? Alright. Next. One day I will travel to Europa in the fanciest of hats. And then the other person grins, Well captain it’s not naked if you’re wearing a hat. And damn they have been waiting years to say that line.


Laotian Rock Rat

The Laotian rock rat or kha-nyou (Latin: Laonastes aenigmamus), sometimes called the “rat-squirrel”, is a rodent species of the Khammouan region of Laos. Upon their initial discovery, Jenkins and coauthors (2005) considered the Laotian rock rat to represent a completely new family. Jenkins et al. (2004) did not compare the specimens to known rodent fossils. After such a comparison, Dawson et al. (2006) were of the opinion that the Laotian rock rat belongs to a previously described family which had only been known from fossils, the Diatomyidae. The discovery of the Laotian rock rat means an 11 million-year gap exists in the fossil record where no diatomyids have been found. Mary Dawson described Laonastes as the “coelacanth of rodents”.

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Dear White People,

Chipotle is not Mexican food - neither is Taco Bell. You wanna taste my culture? Eat at family run restaurants that you think you’re too good for. Stop at taco trucks on the side of the road. Go to local meat markets like La Michoacana. stop eating “Mexican” food made by white people- stop eating “Doritos crunchy taco shells” and calling it Mexican food. 


Your Pissed Off Mexican Friend

Submitted by Anonymous

Vegan in a non vegan world

Sometimes being a vegan can make me feel depressed. Not because of my lifestyle, i love vegan food, i’m more than happy to buy vegan products and clothing, i adore my fellow vegans and i love animals and don’t want them to suffer because of my choices.

It’s being a vegan in a very non vegan world that gets to me. Never being able to escape the sight and smell of animal flesh, people around me, advertisements, meat markets on the streets. Being asked about why i’m vegan, explaining that i can’t stand the suffering or even that i’d rather they didn’t eat that double bacon cheeseburger in front of me and then being told that i’m the ignorant one, that i’m in the wrong. Bringing up veganism in any situation, even when necessary (restaurant, doctor, when asked) and being looked at like i’ve just insulted their entire family or being spoken down on and treated differently afterwards. When people act like vegans are trying to “oppress” meat eaters when we are the minority and it’s the animals that are the victims here. When i’m the brunt of every joke, when i’m picked on, when my values are poked fun of, when my feelings are completely disregarded, when i have to shut up and tolerate all this bullshit because if i even think of defending myself or veganism i’m just another angry/annoying/stupid vegan.

Sometimes i feel alone and like i can’t relate to the majority of society. It doesn’t matter if i’m a quiet vegan or an in your face vegan, my mere presence is enough to piss most people off.

I’ve had enough. You know why i’m vegan? Because i give a shit. I care about the animals, i care about the planet we live on and i just want to cause as little harm and suffering as i possibly can as long as i live.

I will no longer stay quiet so you can stay comfortable.