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Jax what's your favorite meal?

I dont really have a FAVORITE meal lol Im sorta like Goku in that sense But I can tell you what I usually love. I’ll pick my 

Top 5 Savory Cheat Foods and my Top 5 Desserts

Top 5 Savory

1) Lumpia and Pancit I LOVE cause my Philipino friends hooked me up and I fell in love ever since

2) My Fancy Grilled Cheese Sandwich melts I make. I blend tons of cheeses and cook them to perfection

3) Pizza

4) Burgers

5)  I’m gonna be such a stereotype here

But a close tie is with Mac N Cheese cause I FUCKIN LOVE MAC n CHEESE

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I really like cheese

Top 5 Desserts

1) MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP ICE CREAM CAKE is a Food of the GODs its fusion of 2 perfect desserts. We as a species are not worthy of such divinity that has been blessed to us 

2) Donuts

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3) Cookies (Mostly Chocolate Chip and Frosted Sugar)

4) Iced Buns Because Im ½ BRITISH AND I MISS THESE THINGS like crazy

5) Brownies 

May Mayhem


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For those of us who let things slip over April and are ready to get back on form! 

All i ask is that you reblog this post and add info about your blog, your goals and your story! Post your updates with the tag #cinderellasmaymayhem - measurements, progress pictures, meals, workouts - All of it! I want to see what you’re up to!

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How much does a Hufflepuff eat a day? And what would they eat?

They would eat probably as much as a hobbit would eat and more. So Breakfast - Second breakfast - Elevenses - Lunch - Afternoon tea - Dinner - Supper. Plus Snacks. (Although of course it would be harder to accomplish this amount of food at school) 

Breakfast - A hearty serving of bacon, eggs, baked beans, English muffins, buttered toast, sausages, washed down with either a cup of tea, orange juice or pumpkin juice. Coffee for the students who either spent the night studying or aren’t morning people. Maybe just a bowl of porridge for those who don’t want such  a hearty breakfast.

Second Breakfast - Scones with raspberry jam and clotted cream and a cup of pumpkin juice or tea. Crumpets with honey or golden syrup.

Elevenses - Assortment of sandwiches.

Lunch -  Pumpkin pasties, hot chips, mashed potatoes, Cornish pastie washed down with pumpkin juice.

Afternoon Tea - Small sandwiches, individual cakes and scones with tea.

Dinner -  Chicken and mushroom pasties, steak and kidney pie, peas, sprouts, carrots, gravy, Roast chicken, mashed potatoes.

Desert -  Apple pies, treacle tart, chocolate éclairs, chocolate gateau, jam doughnuts, trifle, strawberries, jelly, and rice pudding (obviously not all eaten in one night.)

Supper - Hot chocolate or warm milk and a few biscuits before sleep.

They would probably try to sneak the occasional snack between classes or maybe during free periods or at night.

What I eat in a day MAY day 4.

Guys why the faaack have I been craving pizza every day?! I never eat pizza and today SURPRISE I had it again. 😩 But whatever I’ve been losing around a ½ pound a day still so maybe the pizza diet should be a thing? Jk, I’m going to start lowering my carb intake tomorrow. 

Idk how low I’m planning to go I’m not really going to count them just gonna avoid things that are high in carbs. Like PIZZA! 😆 

Anywaaaays, on with what I ate: 

Meal one: Breakfast Milkshake: Banana, Kale, Cacao, Pb2, Acai, Hemp Seeds, Chia Seeds, Avacado, Vanilla Soy Milk

Meal two: Fired Pie (Marinara, Olives, sun-dried tomatoes, onions, artichokes, mushrooms, basil & cilantro.)

 Meal three: Microwave dairy-free gluten-free Amy’s mac & cheese. 

I HAVE HAD NO DIET SODA TODAY. (Not because I didn’t want it or purposely avoided it but because I ran out and it was too hot to walk to circle k.) 

Wow, I must say I’m a little ashamed. I actually ate like shit today. But tomorrow’s a new day & food is just food. I’m still losing weight, and my calories are still low enough to reach my goals, so it’s all good! 😊

What I eat in a day MAY - day 2

Meal One: Hashbrowns cooked in vegan butter

Meal Two: Brown Rice, Black beans, Pinto Beans, Veggie Crumbles, Canned Tomatoes, Salsa, Fresh Tomatoes, & Greens.

Meal Three: Same as lunch except for no fresh tomatoes in greens. Instead, I had avocado, lime, cilantro, onion, and salsa.

I also drank a shit ton of Diet Pepsi today. JUDGE ME!

Also, tomorrow I'm starting a high fat, high protein, low carb diet.