04 December 2016: 100/100 days of productivity challenge!

So leave it to me to not be on Tumblr for the actual last day of my challenge. With the end of the semester comes lots of meetings and holiday parties so I’ve been off for a few days, but still productive. So here’s my final photo for the challenge. I’ve spent the past two days at a friend’s house working on final papers for historiography. I’m happy to say it’s all done except for a presentation on Tuesday.

Good luck to everyone going through finals. I believe in you!

I’m working on my thesis and I just found a piece of criticism that beautifully and completely destroys the only other piece of criticism I had and I’m so genuinely excited about that because when I only had the one I didn’t feel like I was able to say anything in response to it (like it was my word against the academic) but now that I do I can present both sides (like a grown up adult and thesis writer) and then I can say what I think!!!!!!! Like a real third party person here to disrupt the debate!!!!! Which is exactly what they want you to do when you write a thesis!!!! And I’m so excited oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!