Evak Prompt- Failing

“Do you want to talk about it?”

Isak rolls over in bed with a strangled sort of groan, eyes slit halfway and peering up at Even mournfully, “No.”

“Isak,” Even’s voice was patient, but firm. “Scoot over.”

Isak didn’t have much of a choice. Even unceremoniously dumped his backpack beside the bed and used his long legs and hard thighs to move Isak back to his side- leaving just enough space for Even to lay down.

“I’m sure it wasn’t that bad.”

Not that bad.

“You’re right. It was worse.”

Isak could practically hear Even rolling his eyes and asking God for the strength to deal with him. “It’s just one test-”

“Just one test in my best subject. That I failed. So so so badly, Even. Like embarrassingly bad.”

“Have you never failed a test before?”

“Of course I have, but not in biology.” Isak throws an arm up over his eyes, “I’m never going to hear the end of this from Sana. I’ll bet she didn’t fuck up her macromolecules.”

They were silent for a moment before Even sighs and tugs Isak’s arm away from his face, “Do you want me to blow you until you feel better?”

Isak blinks, “I mean- it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try would it?”


characters: Arme Thaumaturgy, Erbluhen Emotion, Apostasia
pairing: ^ yes, all three (rating: kisses on the cheek)
words: 851
summary: (highschool!au: Erblu befriends the school’s inseparable ice duo, Arme and Apos. between the two of them, you’d think they’d have at least an ounce of romantic sense.) Erblu teaches Arme and Apos what a “kiss” is. results vary.

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Here’s a drawing for a school project I had to do!

The goal was to draw something that reflected me as a person and my interests, I think it came out pretty well considering this is the first time I’ve actually drawn myself! :P

Feel free to use the background if you want to :)

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TOTOKO-KUN CAN I PLS HUG YOU!!?? o-or if not, then maybe a high five? M-maybe! If you want! You look really nice!! Hope you're having a nice day( mod too!) AND YOU'RE LOOKING CUTE AFFFF ( ´ ٢ ` )*runs away and trips on the way out*

((F6 anyone? 

I just realized the style isn’t consistent whoops =w=“))