long mornings and longer thoughts

Hey when do you stop having stress dreams about college is it never because it feels like never and I’m gonna be an 80 year old woman waking up in the middle of the night on my ergonomic water bed on the moon like “FUCK I DIDN’T TAKE MY QUANTITIVE REASONING REQUIREMENT THEY ARENT GONNA LET ME GRADUATE”

Dear 13 year old female followers,
  • Don’t even worry that your body doesn’t look just like that woman on that magazine. Her body isn’t even real, yours is.
  • Just because you’re “not like other girls” doesn’t make you better than them (by the way, I KNOW you’re just saying that for guys to like you, I know because I used to say that). And of course you’re not like other girls, and they’re not like you either. Everyone is different somehow.
  • Life does get better (because middle school is trash for everyone)
  • It’s okay to like things that are different from what other people might like
  • Stand up for yourself, 
    “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” 
                       - Eleanor Roosevelt
  • You’re going to drift away from some of your friends that you have right now, but that’s okay, because you’ll make new ones really fast.
  • You don’t need straight As to be successful 
    • Speaking of straight, you might not be, and that’s ok

y do people feel the need to separate subjects as Math & Science vs English & Social Studies like…literally people are just like “math n science are Robot subject and english and social studies are feelings subjects” but that doesn’t even make sense. You could say English and Science should be grouped together because they involve focusing on theory a lot, or that Science and Social Studies should be grouped together because they require a lot of memorization, or that Math and Social Studies should be grouped together because they operate within systems of information. 

It’s just such a limiting way of looking at things why do we do this

title Technicolor
summary this song
pairing itasaku, sasusaku

For -lookingforthesky​, who has excellent taste in music.

Pressing her lower lip to the edge of her glass, Sakura made a face. 

“Am I just stupid or are you not making any sense right now?” she asked, pointing. Thumping the table with her fist, Temari laughed. 

“She’s got a point there, Sasu-cakes,” she interjected. Sasuke scowled.

“Don’t call me that,” he grumbled.

“Hunk-point-0. Prince Prissy,” Temari went on. Sasuke glared at Sakura.

“Control her,” he demanded. Sakura grimaced again, harder. 

“I wish I could,” lamented Sakura. She clinked her glass against Sasuke’s before they drank together. Shaking her head, Sakura pointed her empty glass at him. Sasuke raised his eyebrows as he swallowed. 

“You’re telling me that you saw a flower? Like a real-life honest flower? Not one of those synthetic ones?” she interrogated him. Nodding, Sasuke spun his glass between his fingers. He looked at her from underneath his lashes. She sighed. 

“Sasuke, I’d love to believe that. Seriously. But they’ve been extinct for years,” she reminded him. Sasuke dipped his finger in the condensation on the tabletop. He slowly traced the shapes of the petals in the water. Sakura’s eyes narrowed. 

“Is that…” she mused. She looked up at him.

“It wasn’t just any flower. It was a sakura,” declared Sasuke, pointing at her. Sucking in a deep breath through her teeth, Sakura leaned in closer. 

“Where?” she asked.

“I’ll show you.”

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a lil bit of whats going on

so. hey?

im sorry this blog has been inactive for the longest time! im trying so hard to make something worth to post here and the time and energy i have atm is just ???? suckie. i want to post things i actually put my heart into so i  think its best for me (and you guys because i want you guys to get the best i can give) to take a break like the past weeks i did for a bit to sort things out? if i actually make something worth posting here maybe ill post it in between the breaks! 

thank you for understanding i love yall thanks for putting up w me <3 <3

(i usually post my non-phan/top related art or just shit attempts to letter on my ig so if you want some stuffs check it out maybe!!!)

y’all are gonna be tired of hearing about pompeii but one of my books has a list of a lot of the graffiti found and here are my faves

  • “It took me 640 paces to walk back and forth between here and there ten times”
  • “If you want to waste time, scatter millet and collect it up.” 
  • “Atimetus got me pregnant.” 
  • Lots of “____ was here.”
  • “I fucked many girls here.”
  • “Scordopordonicus had a good fuck with whoever he wanted here.” 
  • “I was fucked here.” 

my mom saw me typing a thing with my chosen name on it and she asked me about it, saying it was familiar and shit,, and she keeps asking me if i go by toto instead of my birth name and i told her i’d rather not talk about it and she started yelling at me.. she’s pressing me into coming out when i’m not ready, and, i was going to try soon but now i can’t,

artistic boys are so cute tho

when they are painting and excitedly show you the new color they mixed and don’t care that some of it got on their fingers because it’s the perfect shade of green

when they are molding clay and scrunch their eyebrows while concentrating on smoothing the sides

when they are sketching and are pressing softly like the paper is your face and they are counting your freckles

boys who are artist are adorable and i wanna date one right now