Cancer & gemini as deskmates

Gemini: *asks cancer for help*
Cancer: *thoroughly takes time to answer*
Cancer: *asks gemini for help*
Gemini: just write some bullshit and you will be ok

During a test
Gemini: *copies all of cancers answers*

Cancer: *cries*
Gemini: what happened?
Cancer: I got a C
Gemini: …
Cancer: what did you get?
Gemini: an A
*super akward silence*
Cancer: …how?
Gemini: I didn’t copy the last question

last night as I was getting ready for bed, I was hit with the most awesome epic crossover idea:

What if: Veronica Mars, Agent of SHIELD.

What if the reason she comes back to Neptune is not law school/Piz/whatever in the movie, but that SHIELD is exposed as HYDRA? And Veronica is furious and betrayed! For once she thought she was serving something that, while not an unalloyed good, was more good than bad, but no, once again, she discovers that the powerful are always looking for ways to grind the powerless down under their heels.

So she goes back to Neptune and puts all those SHIELD-trained fighting skills and Neptune-honed investigative skills towards being a PI, but also on the side with sifting through the leaked SHIELD files and tracking down HYDRA.

And what if the rumor of a tiny blonde ball of righteous fury reaches the Winter Soldier, who is absolutely confused and bewildered when he meets Veronica because 1. not his tiny blond ball of fury (whom he now remembers is a large blond ball of righteous fury), and 2. what the fuck, how is this sleepy beach town a HYDRA cell?

And then three, just for shits and giggles, what if 3. Keith Mars comes home and discovers that American icon Bucky Barnes is 1a. the Winter Soldier, and 2a. sitting in his kitchen plotting glorious revenge with his daughter?

What then, I ask you? WHAT THEN?

one time my school decided to make an awesome video about our school. the main videographer man thought it would be cool to get a shot of everyone running across the field past the camera. so that’s what we did…. everyone went outside onto the back field. we all lined up in a big crowd. they gave us the instructions. i was filled with foreboding. then they told us to go and everyone started running, about 500 people, in uniforms, stampeding across the earth. it was absolute chaos. people were screaming, children were trampled, high school boys carried 1st graders out of danger (my mom saw one little girl fall down and this young man just swooped her up and kept running), everyone was sweating cause we had to wear our blazers, and then somehow we lost the entire first grade class. then after some semblance of order had been restored……we had to do another take.

that’s one of the strangest things i’ve ever been a part of.

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Mmmm. That feeling when you have the perfect gif.

Probably not the best time to mention that Bog built all the furniture for the nursery and Marianne painted murals on the walls. Or that the baby has tiny yellow boots and waterproof overalls for when they visit Bog’s sculpture graveyard.

Or how she likes to use her finger paint to try and give Bog and herself makeup like Mommy’s. But Bog worries about it getting in her eyes so they get real makeup and Marianne walks in on Bog (whose face is still dabbed with paint) doing their daughter’s eyeshadow and eyeliner. Bog used to do his own eyeliner when he was in a band in his youth, so he’s quite skilled.


school supplies haul 2015

featuring: a 5-subject notebook for in-class note taking, a one subject notebook because it’s pretty, a binder for homework and rewritten (ie pretty) notes, fancy highlighters with the clear tips, a pack of colored index cards, and a folder for every class (aside from my two choirs, which will share one folder)

the notebooks, binder, and highlighters were from target; everything else I got from office depot

I also got the boring stuff - pens and pencils and loose leaf paper - but I didn’t go all out with fancy ass $30 pens so I didn’t bother with pictures for those 😁

There are so many reasons to hate public schooling and I think the main one for me is how they don’t teach you enough about periods.
The last thing my school system taught me about periods was in the fifth grade. That was the first and only time they taught us about periods. And it wasn’t spoken about, at least not often.
I want schools to have classes where they teach you everything you want to know, from which brands of pads and tampons to use at first. (btw never use those cardboard tampons at first, use the plastic ones. They’re more expensive but they are easier to use and hurt so much less). They should teach you about birth control that helps to regulate your period, and how to deal with cramps.
I don’t want to have to google what period cups are. I want to know how to easily remove blood from fabrics of all sorts. I don’t want to have to feel embarrassed about asking a Sex Ed/ Health teacher about periods.
I want a class where they teach guys (and even girls) that they shouldn’t make a girl feel bad about being on her period, and giving them tips on how to keep us happy and not make us mad (example- always saying the girl is “pmsing” when she’s annoyed).
I want the American school system not to be so awful.


So mad. I saw my school schedule for next year and we get to request the classes we like and i picked AP art and my teacher recommended me to guidance, it even shows it on the online grading system. and they didn’t give it to me -.- they also gave me intensive reading?!?! i had good grades(A B Honor roll!), and the testing system this year i thought was a trial bases. Guess not! I guess ima have to talk to guidance on open house ugh -.- i’m sorry but my guidance is REALLY Bad, they just won’t listen and if i have to deal with a intensive class?! i have honors classes, it just makes me feel bad.. i just don’t want that. and i really want AP art! this is good for my future too.. Sorry about this rant but i just spent an hour crying and i just need somewhere to express this -3-