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SOUL Aspect Headcanons

Hey guys, Lila here. It’s a little over 1:00am right now (or at least it was when I started making this) but oh well I wanted to do it. I’ve had personal headcanons about the aspects of human SOULs in Undertale for quite a while now as a lot of you probably already know, but I’ve decided to throw it all out in one big post and ruin all your dashes with my silly ideas! 

Apologies in advance for that, by the way. I’ll start off with my basic thoughts.

  • Each different SOUL aspect offers it’s own unique ability or abilities. I chose to base these off of options you’d see in a video game’s pause menu, based on the only SOUL abilities we see in Undertale (SAVEs, LOADing, and RESETs). 
  • How powerful or in-depth an ability is based on how potent that SOUL aspect is within it’s user, based on how Flowey was able to SAVE and LOAD mid-battle when he had the human SOULs.
  • Human SOULs, under great stress or other internal conflict, can temporarily have their aspect’s abilities stricken. Inspired by numerous RPs and fanfics that feature a ‘loss of determination’. 
  • Human SOULs with high LV or otherwise moral bankruptcy will corrupt into an negativity-driven equivalent over time (or change from a “virtue” to a “vice”). Inspired by this post, with some personal interpretation.

So those are the basic ideas I’ll be going with. Detailed breakdowns of the SOUL aspects (or in the very least most of them) are under the cut!

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