Literally Just A List Of Things That I Love
  • cheese, of all kinds
  • my family
  • the way workshops and some garages smell
  • the fact that you can have restaurant-quality food delivered to your home so that you never have to get out of your dog-themed jimjams
  • the word “jimjams”
  • every dog that has ever been and will ever be born
  • usaa’s a+ customer service
  • the smell of books when you fan their pages right onto your nose
  • when you’re underlining something and the line is perfectly straight under the text
  • colorful highlighters, in general but also i’m thinking kind of specifically of this 15-pack a sixth grader gave me once when i was in the 8th grade, and looking back i obviously shouldn’t have accepted it because i think he was just trying to impress me, but whatever, those highlighters were the bomb
  • 3 musketeers bars, the best candy bar do NOT @ me about this
  • dave, the nice man who runs the candy store below where i work, who always calls me mollyboss or smiley-girl
  • my xxl ovechkin ugly christmas sweater that goes down to my knees and like four inches past the tips of my fingers in the sleeves
  • actually i could probably just say xxl sweatshirts and sweaters in general, my jimjam of choice
  • soup!!!!!! oh man i love soup. clam chowder is maybe my favorite? it’s hard to say, there’s lots of amazing soups in the world, you guys gotta get in on this soup thing
  • a clean apartment
  • setting my ac to freezing temperatures and then going to sleep under a pile of warm blankets
  • babysitting children between the ages of 5 and 12 and then returning them to their parents who are not me, that part is very important
  • stretching in the morning and making those weird dinosaur sounds when you do it to deepen the stretch you know what i mean like the t-rex sounds??? but like baby cartoon t-rex sounds. not real t-rexes because i feel like … probably real t-rexes were very loud
  • running outside when it’s like … 40-ish degrees so you don’t get hot and the air tastes like water
  • the ocean, as long as i am not in the ocean
  • midi rings, even though they definitely always fall off, like, immediately thanks to my tiny troll hands
  • when your checked bag is the first one on the carousel at baggage claim
  • novelty mugs!
  • interior design–i’m not actually any good at it, i don’t really have an eye for furniture, but i love looking at other people’s beautiful interiors, some people are so gifted!!!!! 
  • looking outside the plane window and seeing clouds
  • panang curry that’s so hot it makes your nose runny
  • my nearly-lifesize papier-mache cow, whose name is queen beez
  • my sister’s couch
  • coffee with real, fresh, heavy cream
  • coffee with that terrible french vanilla flavored creamer you can buy in like, 7/11s
  • brunch in all forms, at all times, in all restaurants
  • snow!!! on christmas especially but also just whenever
  • the first week of warm weather after winter
  • the way it feels when you land in your home airport and step off the plane and all the tourists don’t know where to go but this is your turf and you already know where baggage claim is
  • getting into the writing zone where everything comes easily and you keep surprising yourself with on point turns of phrase
  • receiving messages from people who were having a bad day and read my stories and laughed
  • when my podiatrist told me i was his toughest first-timer for epat which was either good or worrying about my pain tolerance
  • having my teeth cleaned, i mean not the process but the way your mouth feels shiny after
  • listening to music, always, at all times, in all situations, but especially when i’m running and a song has exactly the right beat and it gets in like, your bloodstream you know what i mean? like you can feel it? and suddenly running isn’t hard anymore, you’re just like, moving with the music and it’s as easy as breathing
  • waking up early and not being tired
  • murder, she wrote
  • those people that you’ve never been particularly close to, but who are kind of just simpatico–like you’ll never be great friends but you’ll always be great at being friends
  • workout gear, god, i’m such a sucker for workout gear
  • amazon prime can deliver to you in under an hour!!!!! and i know it’s bad, i know amazon is bad, but we are truly living in the future
  • realizing that you’re not angry about something anymore
  • papa john’s garlic breadsticks that will definitely, definitely give me heart problems but are so worth it
  • a really satisfying zit pop
  • the billy gilman christmas album
  • massages when the masseuse just turns on like enya or whatever and makes all your problems disappear
  • the way the world looks when the sun sets and when it rises
  • money!!!!! i love money. i want more money all the time. anyone who tells you they don’t care about money is either lying to you or already has enough that their hunger is sated.
  • rain on the weekend, when you can stay in and drink hot drinks and read and light scented candles and never get out of your slippers
  • someone playing with my hair
  • finally getting to pee after holding it for way too long
  • the smell of cigarettes a few hours after someone has put their cigarette out, so the smell has gone soft and gentle
  • an exclamation point drawn next to something i’ve written because somebody has loved it and wanted me to know
  • climbing on big rocks next to water, i feel like there’s a word for those but i don’t know it
  • “ain’t no mountain high enough” (the marvin gaye and tammi terrell version but of course also all versions)
  • airplane wifi!!! how cool is that!!! how does it work that high up!!!!
  • remember that internet post of the guy who wanted to buy a size 14 slipper but they accidentally sent him a 14-foot slipper?
  • country songs about women murdering their abusers
  • we don’t have to turn our phones off on planes anymore
  • the whistle of a text from someone i didn’t think still thought about me
  • lipstick
  • when the ice cream truck gives out free choco tacos
  • quick-dry nail polish that doesn’t chip
  • when people sitting in chairs are trying not to fall asleep so their head keeps falling and startling them awake
  • perfectly popped popcorn so there is only like 2 or 3 unpopped kernels
  • drinking a bottle of red wine with people who can make me laugh
  • stepping off a plane on a place i’ve never been
  • trains
  • dancing in my apartment, which is the only place i can truly unleash my dance talent
  • playing music with my brother at my mom’s house
  • jumping a gymnastics line, which is a horse thing i don’t know how to explain to people who don’t already know what it is
  • watching the penguins win in pittsburgh
  • actually, watching the penguins win anywhere, including from the comfort of my own home
  • remember how we won the stanley cup 2 years in a row???? me too, it was great
  • videos of soldiers coming home and surprising their families, which i know are designed to make me cry as part of the military-industrial complex, but whatever, it works every time
  • nailing my eyeliner
  • presents!!!!!
  • kissing!!!!!
  • finishing a crossword, especially the nyt sunday crossword, which is almost impossible to finish so when you do everyone in your life must bow down to you and call you queen of crosswords for the rest of the day
  • getting surprise packages in the mail, usually books, usually from my aunt
  • tsa pre-check
  • warm laundry piles
  • that show on netflix about unlikely animal friends
  • hot sauce, in general but specifically on a salmon and dill quiche
  • laughing so hard my stomach hurts
  • this one specific salad from my favorite restaurant in buenos aires, called felicidad (the restaurant not the salad, though it would have been an appropriate name for the salad, too), which was grilled vegetables and goat cheese and this special homemade dressing they refused to give me the recipe for even though i promised i wouldn’t tell anybody
  • cityscapes at night
  • the countryside at night, when you’re far enough away from everything that you can see what feels like the whole universe
  • mountains! mountains! mountains!
  • magic mike xxl
  • a good cry, the kind where like, something not that bad happens but your brain just decides that it’s time for you to totally lose it and loudly wail on your couch for a little while until you’re sleepy enough to curl up and fall asleep under the faux snow leopard blanket your friend you call egg made
  • the faux snow leopard blanket my friend i call egg made
  • whole pints of ice cream, especially freddo, especially freddo that has been delivered fresh to my door, which is a thing that can happen for you in argentina
  • having the perfect return zinger in a battle of wit
  • when you hug somebody and they pick you up and swing you around
  • big parties with music and dancing and long dresses
  • road trips
  • biking to work when the wind is going my way and there aren’t too many other commuters
  • everything bagels with just the right amount of cream cheese
  • chicago’s lincoln park nature walk
  • making friends with cashiers and waiters and tsa agents and taxi drivers and the other people it takes no effort to talk to but are always so sweet and kind
  • when someone comes through for you that you didn’t expect would care enough to come through
  • being surprised
  • new boots
  • the smell of a tack room
  • vintage travel trunks
  • 1010, even though it’s just low-stakes tetris, a game that is already very low stakes
  • taking a bath in my mom’s jacuzzi
  • doing a good job on a project at work and seeing it all come together
  • bullet points, just like, as a concept
  • words that can’t be neatly translated from one language to another
  • a really good novel, but also
  • a really good nonfiction book about basically anything though right now i’m really into art theft
  • oh!!!! art museums!!!!
  • writing papers about books and their subtexts
  • northerly island in the summer when the geese are on the water and it’s quiet and i’m the only one there and you can’t see the city
  • creating an elaborate self-insert fantasy about my character in zombies, run
  • floating in a pool on a sunny day while there’s music playing and someone keeps refilling my drinks and feeding me spicy shrimp appetizers
  • that sushi place in chicago where all the sushi is $2.50
  • the internet
  • the subscription economy
  • when politicians surprise you, pleasantly
  • good hair days
  • driving over a hill just a little too fast so your stomach drops
  • driving on the back roads in virginia, which are all winding and tree-covered and beautiful and don’t have speed limits
  • going to the movies
  • you know when you walk through the front door and a dog is excited to see you?
  • big hats
  • dresses of all styles, but especially the ones that make you look like a literal hourglass
  • crop tops
  • my pittsburgh penguins toaster that burns the logo into my bread
  • taking a long walk and talking on the phone
  • racerback tank tops (END THE HEGEMONY OF T-SHIRTS)
  • the feeling you get when you’re riding on a bus or in a car or on a train at night and you’re going home and the day has been busy and good and your playlist is slow but not sad and your heart feels so so so full
  • days of the week underwear, especially the stella mccartney ones that i can’t afford and wouldn’t buy even if i could because who needs to spend $250 on an underwear set?! that’s insane. i’m against it. but!!! i like that they exist. they’re very pretty.
  • the view of chicago you get when you ride the pink line to pilsen
  • sparkling water
  • when my form is perfect doing a roundhouse kick in krav maga and i get that really satisfying bam sound when i hit the mat
  • perfume that smells like orchids
  • coming through for somebody you weren’t sure you’d be able to come through for
  • when i tell a story at a party and all the surrounding groups fall quiet to listen even though i was only talking to a few people
  • late night with seth meyers
  • drawn-out fantasies of winning arguments while i’m taking a shower
  • having my back scratched
  • meeting someone very briefly, like on a bus or in a bookstore, and flirting with them, and weaving an entire fantasy relationship and life with them that you have no plans to pursue it’s just like, a nice thing to think about
  • that this blog exists
  • that you read it
  • that you clicked on it at all
  • thank you,
  • i love you,
  • stay good, moonbirds.
  • stay good.
Happy Moffat Appreciation Day!

It’s technically the 18th here, so here goes an attempt at a post. My mental health is shot so apologies for the lack of meta, but meta isn’t really what I’m feeling today. What I’m feeling is sentimental, and so incredibly thankful. 

Obviously towards Steven Moffat, who has written so much Doctor Who I have loved. His episodes and series have given me bright days in times I’ve had few - enjoyment and engagement that however small has been untouchable. And he gave me Clara, my impossible girl, a character I never even dreamed of seeing on my television let alone written with such incredible depth and development. She’s me, with all the good and the bad and the in between, and she’s allowed to be a hero. She’s not unlovable for being bossy, or unheroic for needing control. She’s scared and unsure and bold and determined. She’s everything I am and that means so much.

However, I think what I’m possibly even more thankful for than the existence of Clara Oswald, is what her and Steven Moffat have given me in real tangible terms. This incredible community of people who love his work and find so much in it to respond to. You are all so creative and clever and your passion for not only this show but building from it to create something even greater and unique to you. Whether it’s art or fiction or meta, what you’ve all created is a huge part of the experience of this show over the last four years. And I know that’s not stopping any time soon, even as the Moffat era comes to a close.

To thank by name just a few of the amazing people who’ve been important and inspiring to me:

And finally, to Julia, thank you. I can’t imagine this show without you, this fandom without you, these years without you. I don’t really have words for how important your friendship is to me, or how much knowing you has changed my life. Just… thank you for being you. 

It’s a Lonely Thing, Protecting a Breakable Heart

Summary- You are too protective of your heart.

Pairings- Zach Herron x Reader

Warnings- Angst

Word Count- Roughly 948  (It’s a real short one, you all got lucky)

A/N- I AM OFFICIALLY BACK AND REPUBLISHING MY FORMER WORKS!!! Disclaimer: this isn’t Zach blah blah blah you know the drill babes you will all hate me. Special tribute to my girl @danieljseavey  from when I originally wrote this. Oh yeah also Disclaimer 2: I didn’t edit this because I’m tired and lazy oops which mean she original version most of you previously read is very different. oh yeah also @jonahjunkie ily Jen

     “Zach let me have some!” You giggle, asking Zach for a bite of his giant cotton candy he was holding.

    You had felt that the two of you had been a little distant so you figured that a carnival date would be just the right thing to get you back on track. The lights from all the rides glowed around you as you and Zach sat on the boardwalk watching the ocean. Zach seemed to be lost in thought and you nudge him.

“Sorry what?” Zach shakes his head, bringing himself back to the present.

“Can I have a bit?” You ask point towards the cotton candy he was holding.

     “No! Buy your own!” Zach laughs, feigning offense and pulls it away from you. You stick out your bottom lip and whip around to go get some of your own, when a laugh escapes his lips. You turn around to be confronted by Zach’s hand with a piece of cotton candy in it for you.

      “Thanks babe!” You grin, eating the sugary goodness. Zach still seemed a bit distant and lost in his thoughts so you dragged him to the ferris wheel hoping to cheer him up.

      “Look at this beautiful view.” You sigh, admiring the view of the the boardwalk and the night sky you had.

      “And I’m glad I get to share it with you.” You grin at him ending the rhyme, the lights from the carnival shining in his eyes. You lean into him as the ferris wheel jolts and begins to move again.

      “Just one more please?” Zach begs, as you dragged yourself after him. You were exhausted but he wanted to go on yet another roller coaster.

“Alright. Just one.” You grudgingly reply.

“Yay!” He jumps up and down then runs off to get in line.

     “Hey this isn’t so ba-AHHHH NOPE!” You shout as you suddenly hit a drop off. You hold onto the bar for dear life.

     “WHOOHOO!!” Zach shouts. He loved the death drop. You, on the other hand, loved most rollercoasters except for this one where you almost died and questioned how the cart even stayed on the track.

     “That was fun!” You let out a breath you didn’t realize you were holding as you shakily got out of the rollercoaster.

     “Heck yeah it was!” Zach pumps his fist in the air, full of a new rush of adrenaline. You are shaking and exhausted so you find a way to convince him to go home and turn in for the night.

     “You seemed distant today.” You say over the music as you pull up to your apartment.

“Hmm.” Zach mumbles.

      “What’s on your mind?” You get out of the car and head to the elevator. Zach makes no response until you get to your door.

    “I just think it’s funny how you notice when I’m distant yet you’re always distant. You don’t ever let me in. You act like a brick half the time. I don’t know what you want out of this relationship or if you even want this but whatever you’re doing needs to stop. I won’t date a brick wall.” He sighs, eyes betraying a sadness that was hidden behind deep thought.

     “Oh I’m the distant one? You hardly seem to put any effort into us and you just seem to be gone all the time.” You huff and cross your arms.

     “Says the brick wall who keeps pushing me away.” he mumbles, loud enough for you to hear it.

     “I’m not pushing you away. You’re the one leaving. I’m just being myself and trying to keep us together by finding things to do together.” You scoff.

     “You?! No. All you’ve done is push me away like everyone else. What does a date mean if you’re going to be shallow and pretend we’re just a Instagram couple. Just because we have photos doesn’t mean that it meant anything.”

     “I don’t push you away! What do you want from me? I’ve given you all I can!” You begin to raise your voice, which starts to break.

“I thought I was more to you than just another guy.”

“You are.” You plead.

     “No I’m not. If this is your best then try harder.” His voice cracks and a single tear escapes his eye.

      “I CAN’T ZACH. DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND?! THIS IS ME. I can’t be vulnerable don’t you understand?” You cry.

     “No. I don’t understand and I don’t know if I ever will.” He stares at you frustrated. You knew what was about to happen.

      “Zach please…  Zach you know I love you just… please…” You plead with him, and you force back the tears that prick your eyes.

     “How can you say that? How can you love me if you won’t even open your heart. I don’t know what to believe anymore.” He allows the tears to spill out and coat his reddened cheeks.

     “This is who I am Zach. I can’t give you what you’re looking for. Maybe I’m not who you thought I was.” You allow a single tear and turn your face away, furthering his argument. You desperately needed for him to disagree with you.

     “Maybe you’re right. Maybe you aren’t who I thought you were. Maybe I should go.” He steadies his voice and grabs his sweatshirt.

“Zach please don’t-“ You let the tears come and overwhelm you.

      “I’m sorry (Y/n) but you just aren’t who I thought you were. I can’t date a brick wall anymore.” His eyes glisten and he closes the door behind him. You collapse into a puddle of tears in front of the door. You didn’t have the guts to go after him because deep down you knew you couldn’t be who he wanted you to be. Because it would always be lonely protecting your heart of glass. You could never let anyone hurt you and you knew that it wouldn’t be anything but lonely. Little did you know that by protecting it, you shattered it in the process. 

anonymous asked:

there's a guy in my class that I think is cute but I've barely talked to him and everybody I've mentioned it to ships it apparently but I'm just? slowly dying? because I'm an awkward potato and I don't want to let down their shipping dreams?? but I'm just ehhhhh

I’m super awkward as well, but if you like the person (romantically, platonically, queer platonically whatever) then maybe pay attention to them for a few days, see what interests they have and if you have a common interest then go up to them and be like “hey i noticed you like _____, well i like that too”. That usually works for me when I try to make friends (by try i mean when people converse with me). 

Like this girl from my english class came up to me one day, asked me if i like kpop, i said yes and now we’re lowkey friends and we talk about kpop a lot and she recommends kpop songs for me to listen to!

Also don’t be afraid of letting your friends “shipping dreams” down - shipping real people is kinda yucky anyways unless the people say that they approve of it/are okay with it!!