Music To, or In, My Ears

pairing: anthony ramos x reader

word count: 2500

warnings: swearing

a/n: have yall ever seen the soulmate prompt where it’s like “the song that’s stuck in your head is stuck in your soulmate’s head too”??? well thats what this fic is based on. its kind of confusing; i had to take a little artistic liberty; and it really, really, really sucks, but i hope you like it anyway. enjoy!!!

You didn’t believe in soulmates. You never had. Your parents said they were soulmates – they had ways, reasons they found each other that they constantly yammered on about. But you didn’t believe in soulmates. It was luck they found each other, and luck that they fell in love. The whole shtick of them ‘hearing the same songs in their head’ or whatever was just… coincidence. Of course. It had to be. There was no such thing as soulmates.

Until you heard it one day.

Rise up… when you’re livin’ on your knees you rise up…

You looked around the crowded subway car you were on, eyebrows cocked. Was someone playing their music too loud? So loud that you could hear it? You couldn’t recognize the song, so it certainly wasn’t coming through your earbuds. A quick glance around the cabin rewarded you with no answers; the other people in the immediate vicinity didn’t have any earbuds in or headphones on. Your eyebrows screwed up in the middle of your head and you leaned back, trying not to show both the confusion and the annoyance on your face. What the fuck was happening? Another line came seconds later.

Tell your brother that he’s gotta rise up… tell your sister that she’s gotta rise up… when are these colonies gonna rise up…

Oh, for God’s sake.

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Imagine sleeping over at the Seventeen dorm and having to share one blanket with Woozi because there wasn’t any extra for you to use so you two had to cuddle really closely just to fit both your bodies under that one blanket.


Request: 37, 33, 32, and 26 for the prompt list? Also can it be for Juggie because he’s so smol and I love him


37 and 50 for Jughead??

Prompts: #26 “If you continue to do what you’re doing, I won’t hesitate to come over there and stop you myself.” #32 “My clothes look good on you.” #33 “Is that my shirt?” #37 “When I said you’re mine, I meant it.” #50 “Tell me you need me.”

a/n; I combined these two since they went together fairly well. 

Word Count: 475

Pairing: Jughead Jones X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

“Is that my shirt?” Jughead’s voice came from my window, making me jump, “Jug!” I hissed, placing a hand over my heart, “what is wrong with you?!” I gasped, watching him climb through my window. “Honestly, nothing.” He answered my rhetorical question, making me lightly hit him on the arm. “Don’t scare me like that.” I whined turning away from him to continue my homework, I heard him shuffling around before he sighed, sitting on my bed like usual, his laptop powering on in front of him. 

I glanced up at him while I was redoing the messy bun on top of my head, holding my slightly damp shower hair out of my face. “You look good in my clothes.” He stated, watching me finish wrapping the hair tie around my hair. “Not really, but if you say so.” I laughed, scribbling a science note down in my book, my system only recognizable to me. 

“You know, I saw the way Reggie was looking at you today,” Jughead started off, catching my attention, I didn’t even notice Reggie looking at me, “you’re mine, I don’t like it.” He finished, making my eyes widen as I looked towards him, that was so out of character for Jughead, he’s normally not so possessive. “Oh, really?” I questioned, pulling his eyes away from the screen. “When I said you’re mine, I meant it.” He shrugged, going back to his writing. 

My jaw dropped, what has gotten into him. “Juggie?” I asked, standing up, “what’s gotten into you?” I raised my eyebrows at him, laughing when he looked at me, confusion covering his face. “What do you mean?” He set the laptop aside, giving me his undivided attention. “You said I was yours, you’re never so possessive.” I pointed out to him. His shoulders rose and sank, making him shrug as I turned my music up, subconsciously dancing to it. 

“If you continue to do what you’re doing, I want hesitate to come over there and stop you myself.” Jughead said, making me realize I was swaying my hips to the beat, I couldn’t help but let out a childish giggle, practically daring him to come after me. “I don’t think you’ll do anything.” I remarked, moving around my room, watching his eyes follow my every move. “Whatcha gonna do about it?” I asked only to be tackled onto my bed, a squeal pushing passed my lips. 

“I like this new side of you, Juggie.” I smiled up at him, my arms around his neck. He gave me a lopsided smile, leaning down to peck me on the lips. “Tell me you need me.” He said jokingly, acting like one of those extremely dominant guys. I laughed, “I need you.” I whispered, making him kiss me. 

All I can say is that I love this new side of Jughead.


Summary: In which you and all of NCT go to a high school/university for supernaturally gifted students and your brother Jaemin goes missing. 
Genre: supernatural, adventure, some angst, inevitably some romance
Pairing: :) wait and see tbh.
Words: 1,639 

Something was off today. You could feel it when you walked through the high doors of Eogeum University. There was something in the air, something in the soft whispers of your peers around you that made the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Something strange was going on and if there was one person who would be able to sense this, it was you.

Your shoes squeaked softly as you entered the classroom where you would have your first lecture of the day. You looked around, searching the room for your friends, when your gaze falls on their familiar features and you walked towards them. They all looked up upon your approach and you greeted them with a smile, which they did not return.

“What’s going on?” you asked as you came to a halt.

“You haven’t heard yet?” Taeyong asked.

“Heard what?” you inquired, having no clue what he was referring to. Taeyong glanced at Johnny, who had somewhat of a grimace on his face.

“It’s about your brother,” Johnny started, “th-”

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3, 11, and 13 please!!! I'm obsessed with our writing ❤️😭

3. “It’s always been you.”

11. “I thought you didn’t want me”

13. “The way I feel when I’m with you.”


Another restless night. You tossed and turned, kicking the covers off but then scrambling to get them on again the next second. Every little noise bugged you and somehow, your bedroom wasn’t dark enough in order to fall asleep comfortably.

The last straw was when your phone annoyingly came to life, the ring of someone calling filling up the small room.

You groaned dramatically, reaching blindly where it lay on the bedside table. Through your blurry vision, the name of the caller made your eyebrows scrunch.

Your ex boyfriend Robbie.

”‘llo?“ You mumbled, voice scratchy.

”(Y/N)!“ Robbie cheered from the other end.

“Robbie… what? Why are you calling, it’s…” You strained your neck to check the clock. “It’s 2 A.M.”

“I know and ’m real sorry.” He slurred. “But I jus’ had no one else t'call and ’m drunk and I’m sorry.” He repeated, his voice becoming distant.

“Robbie? Robbie can you hear me?”

“Mhm.” He answered, dragging the last syllable out.

“Where are you? Can you tell me where you are?”

“I’m at Sean’s house. Ya’ remember Sean right?”

You sat up in bed, reaching for your slippers and a flimsy coat. “I’m going to come get you okay? Don’t leave Sean’s house, I’ll be right there.”

“But I thought you didn’t want me.”

Your heart twisted. Yes, you were the one who broke things off but that didn’t mean you didn’t want him anymore.

“Stay there Rob. Is there a couch somewhere? Can you sit there and wait for me?”

“Mhm.” He slurred, the call abruptly ending after that.

You had never genuinely seen Robbie drunk. While dating him he was never the kind to get wasted but judging from his speech, he seemed pretty intoxicated.

In the car, you sped down the residential streets. You had only been to Sean’s once, but remembered it quite well as it fortunately wasn’t too far from your own apartment.

Your mind started to wander. For what reason had Robbie gotten drunk? You could only thank the Heavens it was at his friend’s house and not some swanky club.

You put your car in park and got out, not surprised to see the countless of wasted people laying the in front lawn. Some had lesser clothes on than you would have liked to have seen while others laid peacefully passed out. You could only hope Robbie had stayed where you had told him to.

The inside of the house was worse than the outside. How did Sean know so many people? The small living room was packed with people dancing and grinding, red solo cups littered on every square inch of the floor. The bass of whatever rap song playing made its way through your body, putting you on edge and making you more nervous then you already had been.

“Hey (Y/N).” A familiar voice greeted.

Sean stood behind you with a girl cuddled up to his side. They both held cups of clear liquid, the smell of it immediately hitting your senses as vodka. You scrunched your nose up in distaste.

“Have you seen Robbie?”

“Robbie…?” He repeatedly, his glossy eyes closing in remembrance. “Oh, Robbie! Yeah yeah, I told him he could go to my room, somethin’ about waiting for a girl.”

“Great, thanks.” With that, you dashed upstairs and down the narrow hallway. The gushy sounds of couples kissing was interrupted as you pushed your way through, knocking on Sean’s bedroom door before opening it.

Robbie laid on the bed, snuggled into himself. The atmosphere was peaceful compared to the rest of the house and you had to stop a smile on your face from the sight of it.

“Robbie.” You murmured. Lightly shaking his shoulder roused him from his sleep, his disgruntled sounds bringing a chuckle from you.

“(Y/N). You came.”

“Let’s go Rob. Let’s go back home.”

He stood, hanging onto your hand as you drug him through the crowd and outside to your car.

“Let’s go home and cuddle.” He said, his weight threatening to topple onto you.

You held him back up, wrapping your arms around his waist and stabilizing him.

“Can we go back to your home?” He continued.

“Sure but come on. It’s late.”

“Wha’ time is it?”

You successfully shoved him in the passengers seat, buckling him in as he was useless himself.

The drive home was quiet, as Robbie lay between sleep and consciousness against the headrest. The journey to your apartment proved difficult, as Robbie tripped over his footing and stumbled multiple times before you caught a hold of him.

You laid him down on your couch, draping him in blankets and setting a glass of water and pain killers on the coffee table. Before leaving, he reached out and caught your hand in his.

“Thank you. I love you.”

You paused, his words seeming to echo in the room.

“You know it’s always been you. I can’t go a day without thinkin’ of you.”

“Robbie,” You whispered. “You don’t know what you’re saying. Go to sleep okay?”

“No, I know what I’m saying. Sober or not I can’t stop thinking about you. The way you make me feel is incredible and I don’t us to ever end.”

His hand grip tightened in yours before it fell limp, as he had finally succumbed to sleep.

You walked back to your room and fell into bed. You doubted he was going to remember much of this in the morning, but some little part of you hoped he wouldn’t forget what he had said to you.

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i get crazy bad migraines that make me drop whatever i'm doing and curl up in a ball and cry; what would the paladins + allura & coran do if they found their s/o dealing with that?

Oh no, my brother and mother are like that too!

SHIRO: He feels so bad for his so when they get like this. He feels bad that he can’t help them except giving them pain medication but that can only do so much. When his s/o is upset from the pain, he takes them back to either their room or his and pulls them into his lap as he strokes their hair whispering sweet nothings until they calm down. This eventually will lead to them cuddling and then slowly drift off to sleep.

KEITH: He honestly the best paladin to take care of his s/o in this situation. He himself suffers from migraines and found out that personally, peppermint helps with the pain. He has a stash of peppermint candies and tea for when the headaches come; he shares it only with his s/o and only his s/o knows about it. Cuddles are a must if his s/o is upset or in a lot of pain. They’re the only thing that helps, also a good excuse to get cuddles out of him.

LANCE: He’s clueless when it comes to migraines, mostly because he doesn’t experience them. He does however learn to take care of his s/o quickly and he does it pretty damn well. He mothers them when they aren’t feeling well, he enjoys doing it too! He likes it when his s/o needs him, but he won’t tell them. Little does he know, he s/o likes having him wait on them.

HUNK: He just feels so bad for his s/o and he hates seeing them go through this. If he could take the pain away he would in a heartbeat. Alas, he can’t so to make up for it he makes them home remedies hoping it will help. Once he runs out of remedies, he comes up with his own! Let’s just say his s/o wishes he didn’t.

ALLURA/PIDGE: She’s really good at taking care of her s/o and enjoys doing it too. She’s also is really good at telling when her s/o is going to get migraines. She learned their symptoms pretty early on. When they have migraines, she brings them some food in the morning along with some pain medication and water. She makes sure that they stay hydrated as well. Then she makes them take it easy for a while and lets the meds to their job. She’ll stay with them until they’re feeling better, unless there’s an urgent matter she has to deal with.

CORAN: He, along with Allura, didn’t really know what migraines are at first. but caught on quickly, it is a simple subject to grasp. He did a ton of research because he hates not being able to be there for his s/o when they need it. Because he did a ton of research, he’s an expert on this subject! You can call him Dr. Coran! When his s/o calls him that, and they do, he gets all red and flustered, “Oh I’m no doctor (y/n), please!”, but he secretly loves it. 

Imagine Wyatt continuing to call Lucy “Ma'am” after they’re married. (You know he will.)

“Can you take out the trash?”
“Yes, Ma'am!”

“The dishes need washed.”
“I’ll get right on that, Ma'am.”

“Come here and kiss me.”
“It’d be my pleasure, Ma'am.”

Now, imagine them having a kid.

Imagine Lucy telling the kid to do something, when they’re three or four, and the kid going, “Okay, Mommy Ma'am!”

Imagine Wyatt cracking up from the other room as Lucy positively m e l t s.

Grinning yet?


cuddling a sleepy michael - imagine

imagine cuddling with a sleepy michael. like you would be on his lap and he’d be lazily playing with your fingers while you quietly rambled about your day. every once in a while you’d kiss his neck or jawline and say that he needed to go up to bed but he was content right there with you. you’d murmur about your day until he finally fell asleep, soft snores coming from him. you would try to untangle yourself from him so he could properly sleep but he’d pull you back and akdkssj my heart

In today’s round of Boring News that Nobody Cares About, I bought this soft crate for only $39 on eBay so hopefully it’s not terrible and I can do the crate training thing you Americans are so into.

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your tags on that malec post about alec sacrificing himself holy shit if that happens i'll be screaming

Listen. I have no idea, but the ringing absence of Alec’s response to Magnus after such an intense conversation… It just felt really pointed. I mean, I kind of am dying for it, from a storytelling perspective. Can you imagine how Magnus would react?? My heart hurts just thinking about it. The drama could be incredible. The only thing I’m worried about is that inevitable cliffhanger that we are going to get left with for however many months the hiatus is going to be. That’s what’s really gonna kill me. If they leave us hanging on a heartbreaking Malec moment, I may not survive to see 2b.

I spend eight hours in college. I miss my baby brother soo much during that period its madddd 😭😭😭😭

Nothing Else Matters

* Ayeo Ladies and Gentlemen! So I decided to give this writing thing a shot. I personally don’t think my writing is any good but I gave it a go. With words of encouragement from @jeylovestoblog and @bangtanjaemi I finally wrote something. Now I know its probably not the best but I really hope you guys do like it!

Genre: Slight fluff and a bit of angst

Leaning against the closed door to your dressing room, you try to regain your breath. Adrenaline coursing through your veins preventing you from relaxing any time soon. You couldn’t believe that this day had come, you had worked so hard to get here. To even be able to audition for this prestigious showcase was such a huge deal.

You never allowed yourself to rest, you spent most of your nights practicing trying to perfect your dance. Earning annoying yet loving messages from your best friends every time you picked practice over them.

[Joonie]: y/n you should take a night off and come eat with us!

[Jungkookie]: Noona! Come bowling! You know I need some real competition, it’s too easy beating all of my hyungs in bowling! Please?!
[TaeTae]: (image attached) y/n-ah! We miss you! Look how sad I am :( you dont want your favorite to be sad now do you? Come out with us? [Momma Jin]: Princess? Please tell me you’re taking care of yourself. And that you’re eating right. Don’t forget we believe in you!
[JHOOOOOOOOOOPE]: You’ve practiced enough, you’re more than ready. Please allow yourself to take a break and come over for a movie night with us. We’ve got your favorite snacks!
[Jiminie]: We’re not taking no for an answer! You’re coming over…right?
[Oppa]: Yah! Pabo, come over? They won’t stop whining until you do.

Feeling a ping of sadness as you read their messages, you picked rehearsal over them yet again. Every once in a blue moon you would agree to take the night off and hang out with them. One night in particular you literally didn’t have a choice.

You nearly screamed when you opened your eyes at the sound of the music track being stopped, seeing Namjoon, Taehyung, Jimin, and Yoongi standing before you.

“Guys! The fuck? I was practicing!“ you stated with obvious irritation.

“Y/n, now is that any way to speak to your best friends?” Namjoon asked.

“Or to Yoongi-hyung?” you hated when they pulled that card. He was only four months older than you! Yoongi smiled his signature gummy smile at Jimin’s question.You rolled your eyes, not believing these boys.

“What do you guys want?” asking after you took a sip of much needed water, wiping the sweat from your face.

 “To hang out with you duh!” You laughed at the expression on Taehyung’s face.

“Sorry guys, no can do. You know the showcase is only,”

“Three months away!” They said in unison. “Yes we know Noona, but you need a night off,” Jimin pouted.

“I know I’ve been a bad friend but I really do need to prac-,” you couldn’t even finish your sentencebefore Namjoon threw you over his shoulder at Yoongi’s signal.

“You don’t have a choice tonight pabo,” Yoongi winked at you as he followed behind Namjoon. The other boys already ahead of you guys at the doors holding them open to let you and Namjoon through. You couldn’t help but grin at him and his cocky gesture. “Fine! I give up!” you grunted.

At the end of that night you were glad they made you take a break from dancing. Jin made a very delicious shrimp alfredo, which was your favorite. Hoseok and Jungkook picked out a few comedy movies for the night. You couldn’t believe what amazing friends you had.

You let out an audible sigh, realizing you now had to wait to hear back from the manager of the showcase, to see if you got the part. Replaying the audition in your head, you knew you could have done better on certain moves. But you had to admit, you slayed it.

Going over to your bag to retrieve the clothes you were to change into after the shower you desperately needed, you heard a faint knock at the door. You opened the door to find a stranger holding a bouquet of roses. They were the deepest ruby color you’ve ever seen, “Delivery for y/n?” he said with the kindest smile. Cute. After you thanked him, you were alone once again. Attached to the bouquet was a simple note,

“Sorry I couldn’t be there babe,” they were from y/b/f/n, the only one you allowed to call you babe. “I know you killed it. Now go have some much needed fun! Xoxo y/b/f/n”

You had hoped that she was going to be able to show up, but it was kind of hard to when she lived four thousand miles away for the time being. You couldn’t be upset, she was chasing her dreams, just like you were chasing yours. Your eyes started to water, you missed her so much. 

Finally you opted for a quick hot shower before heading home. You found it quite odd that none of the boys had stayed to congratulate you or even to ask you to go out for celebratory drinks, now that you could actually go out. You figured they would have jumped at the chance to take you out to a club or anywhere really.

In the process of towel drying your hair, you hear a familiar voice rapping as your ring tone. “What’s up Yoongi?“

“Nothing much, I just wanted to call and tell you how proud we are of you,” you blush, thanking the heavens he can’t see you. “We would have loved to stay but we have such an early radio show to do in the morning.” You can’t help but feel a little sad that you can’t celebrate with them.

“It’s okay. You don’t have to apologize, but you guys definitely owe me a night out to celebrate,” you stand to collect your things and head for your car.

“Yah pabo we do,” he said in that sleepy voice of his. You reach your car and you can’t seem to find your voice for a second. “Y/n? You okay?”

“You guys are so dead! Why…the fuck…would…you guys wrap my car in cellophane?!” you can’t help but think it was Jungkook’s idea, that brat!

“Hmmm? I have no idea what you’re talking about,” you can hear Yoongi try to refrain from laughing but fails to do so. “Sorry pabo gotta go! Bye!” and with that the line went dead.

These assholes! You find it comical yet frustrating because all you wanted to do was go home and relax. Laughing to yourself you get to work trying to uncover your car of this prank, and succeed about twenty minutes later. They are so dead! Even though it was only a ten minute drive home, you turn your radio on full blast as it played ‘Mommae’ by Jay Park. You find yourself singing along to the song, drumming your fingers against the wheel and before you know it, you arrive at your apartment. Turning down the radio, ensuring you won’t scare the crap out of yourself the next time you start your car, and stepping into the chilly air that filed the night.

Every inch of your body felt heavy as exhaust settled in, hating that you lived on the top floor of the apartment complexes. Why did you have to live on the top floor? You grab your duffle bag and head for the stairs leading to your place. Great.

After what seems like a lifetime, you reach your door and slip your key into the deadbolt and twist the doorknob. 

“SURPRIIIIIIIIIIIIISE!” you drop your bag and clutch your shirt yelping. You were startled at the sight before your eyes. I swear I can’t with these boys! Frozen at the doorway, you look around to see that they have decorated your living room with streamers, balloons, and confetti, various food and drinks filled the table. Faint music plays in the background. Your heart swells with love for these dorks.

“You guys!” you start to say but an impatient Taehyung grabs your arm and pulls you into your living room. 

“You know we couldn’t just abandon you on your big night Noona,” you look over at Kookie who holds an empty box that used to contain the very cellophane wrap that surrounded your car. He chuckles.

“Oh you better believe I’m gonna get you back for that Kook!” you go over and hug the boy. Before you know it the other six members join in and make it one huge family hug. Your smile is still spread from ear to ear, “I love you dorks.”

“We love you too y/n. Now can we eat? I’m starving! ” Jimin whines as he pats his belly. You laugh. “Of course! Go eat!” All but one member heads towards the feast on the table.

“Did you really think we weren’t going to celebrate you tonight pabo?,” Yoongi leans close and whispers in your ear before lightly placing a kiss on your cheek. Your hand raised to cover your smile as your face flushes crimson from his affectionate gesture. What the fuck? Looking back at you Yoongi winks at you and heads towards the rest of the group. Min Yoongi you are such an ass.

 *if you stayed this long, thanks for reading! 

this is probably my favorite icon of cor. just because this is an actual photo prompto took of him. and if you’re not looking you can’t really tell that something is just fucking exploding in the background, and cor has elected to ignore it for the sake of prompto’s photo.

No but seriously, imagine Nico dragging Noriko shopping with her to one of her favorite stores. Imagine the moment when both of them reach for the exact same colorful, flamboyant, glitter-filled phonecase. Imagine Nico being awed and downright thrilled to find out that Noriko actually shares her tastes and being happy she’s getting to know this side of her. 

Imagine that being the moment Nico switches from Sonozaki-san to Nori-chan. Noriko being a little taken aback but then looking down with the softest blush and smiling because it’s happening, she’s actually making friends. 

Imagine Katsuhira noticing the change in the atmosphere between the two when they drop by his apartment full of bags. How proud and happy he is when Nico shows him the selfie she took with Noriko and he sees how content and at ease Noriko looks in it. 

Just, Nico and Nori-chan becoming close friends and hanging out together and Nico helping Noriko remember the way she herself used to be when she was a kid. My heart. 

me describing depression to my millennial friends

Me: Hey bros 😜 so imagine every day of your life isn’t lit 🔥😞 and youre so #tired you cant do basic tasks such as socialization 👦👦 or eating 🍴🍴🍴

My millennial friends: That sucks man 😂 Is there an app for that?