I take the fact that I am able to pursue higher education for granted. There are people who go through extremes to even go to my school, which is just a small community college. Yet it is draining me of both my physical and mental energies. X, California is draining me and I just need a new start in a different city. Even if that city just be one over a bridge. There’s not much for me here. And I’m going to hit post and do my physics reading before I sound like a pop punk song. 


My girlfriend took me to get new hair to cheer me up.

I am going to go back to blue,but first I have to get the old one off. Sadly we ran out of materials at the end. (Thats the reason i have light green at the top)

Anyway. How do i look?

there’s a gentleman i met a couple weeks ago at an event… he is so hot… and speaking with him for about 10 minutes the attraction grew… no beer goggles… so the problem is.. is he is married…

the problem is he’s married.. and i really don’t.. care (: and i wanna go for it..