Littles of Tumblr, please read ❤🍼
  • <p> <b></b> I wish I had little friends I could skype or meet up with in little space. Imagine a little sleepover ?? Or a play date ?? Does anyone agree ? It's kinda lonely when you feel little and you have no one to share your bliss with.<p/></p>
  • EDIT 15/12/16.
  • Ohmygosh guys ! This is my most noted post haha. Please remember to message/inbox me if you want to chat. I now have a group that you can join if you like, or when I get my Skype back we can have play dates but in the mean time I'd love to message you on tumblr/kik/SC/phone. Just remember to message cause for once I can't keep up with the replies hah !

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caregivers: DON'T EVER...

💦insult things we like

💦flirt with other littles

💦lie to us

💦tell us we are annoying

💦say our stuffies “can’t talk”

💦tell us our coloring/drawing is ugly

💦punish us out of anger

💦tell us to shut up

💦say “thats nice” when we’re excited

💦yell at us

💦take our stuffies/binkies/blankies away

💦tell us we’re being childish

💦force sexual acts on us

💦ignore safe words

💦make fun of us

💦tell others our secrets we trusted you with

💦starve us for punishment

💦make your little cry (outside of punishment)

💦forget aftercare

💦insult us

(all these things feel awful, i know from personal experience)

feel free to add to the list if you think of more!

little age characteristics(for me)

1 and younger
😚sleeps lots and lots
😚likes lullaby music and white noise
❤loves blankey and stuffies
❤loves her paci
❤snuggle monster
❤lots of cuddles
👗wears onesies and diapers or pjs
🍼fueled by bottles and squeeze pouches and puffs
🍼messy eater
🚽potty monster is scaarry stay away from it!!
👣moves by crawling/rolling/scooting
💬communicates with smiles and uhhhuhs or uh uhs and a few words here and there
📖loves story time especially touchy feely books

😚still needs her naps, a bit more challenging to put down but sleeps for hours
😚lullaby music or a movie and a nightlight
❤brings her blankey and turtle EVERYWHERE
❤still loves her paci
👗onesies, pjs, cute shirts and diapers ir pullups
👣on the move! and enjoys hiding!
🍼drinks mostly from a sippy cup but likes bottles at night
🍼big girl foods! spaghetti/pasta are s big hit, pbjs, pancakes, chicken nuggets
🍼still a little messy! forks and spoons are less fun than your hands!
🚽will occasionly use the potty. usually only if asked nicely or promise of candy!
💬asks whats that hundreds of times a minute
💬talks to self/animals lots!
💬sometimes hard to understand
💬i can do it myself! (puts shoes on wrong feet clothes on backwards)
😫subject to some tantrums
📖 i like looking at pictures and making up stories!
👶i like playing pretend! kitchen and house and dress up
🎨art is fun! crayons and markers and fingerpaint and playdoh
🌳playgrounds are always a hit!
🛁bubbly baths with toys!

Dear little boys

Dear little boys,
You are just as important and relevant as little girls. I know it might seem like the whole community is against you with the pink and the name ddlg which is daddy dom/little girl. However that is not the case. You are loved, you are supported, you are valid in everyway that is possible. You may not be as popular as a little girl but you are just as amazing as any little girl out there.

Mommy Space is...
  • Singing lullabies to your little one as you put them down for a nap.
  • Reading a chapter book to your little one and stopping on a cliffhanger chapter so they have something to look forward to.
  • Seeing the look on your little one’s face when you surprise them with a new stuffie.
  • Stroking their hair while you watch a Disney movie together.
  • Putting on your little one’s shoes and socks and brushing their hair.
  • Feeling overprotective of them in public and going into mama bear mode.
Please daddy
  • Me: daddy can I have this?
  • Daddy: no you're to little
  • Me: daddy can I use the big girl toilet?
  • Daddy: you're to little for that big thing
  • Me: daddy can I eat this?
  • Daddy: no that's bad for you
  • Me: daddy can we watch that?
  • Daddy: no that's a daddy show not for little girls
  • Me: daddy I can wear that right.
  • Daddy: no that's for big girls pumpkin you're to little
  • And these are only some of the little problems we face as littles😩🍼❗️