• (Guess what? Based off of another covo. lol.)
  • Me: I'm an adult. I can do all the adult things and be perfectly fine. I will stay up later, drink all the coffee and-
  • Mommy: No you can't.
  • Me: Yessss.
  • Mommy: Nooooooo.
  • Me: MHM!!!
  • Mommy: No, you're just a little baby. My little baby.
  • Me: (Melting into a puddle) M-maybe mommy.
  • Mommy: Yes you are! Who's my baby girl? Who's mommy's little girl?
  • Me: (slipping into little space) MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!
  • Mommy: (petting me on the head) Yes you are!
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Why you shouldn't disobey Mommy

Kitten: *is tied up and being edged by mommy* Mmphm
Mommy: You’re so naughty kitten. Touching yourself without permission.
Kitten: I-I-I’m so-r-r-r-y Ma'am.
Mommy: Are you? Have you learned your lesson that fast? It’s only been 2 ½ hours of punishment.
Kitten: *breathing heavy* Y-y-yes I ha-a-a-ave. I-I pr-r-romise to ne-e-ever to-touch my-y-self a-again.
Mommy: *kisses kitten’s forehead* You have my permission to cum.
Kitten: *has mind shattering orgasm* Thank you mommy.
Mommy: *unties and cuddles kitten* Relax now. Mommy will take care of you kitten.

NCLEX Pharmacology Medical Suffixes

  • -amil = calcium channel blockers
  • -caine = local anesthetics
  • -dine = anti-ulcer agents (H2 histamine blockers)
  • -done = opioid analgesics
  • -ide = oral hypoglycemics
  • -lam = anti-anxiety agents
  • -oxacin = broad spectrum antibiotics
  • -micin = antibiotics
  • -mide = diuretics
  • -mycin = antibiotics
  • -nuim = neuromuscular blockers
  • -olol = beta blockers
  • -pam = anti-anxiety agents
  • -pine = calcium channel blockers
  • -pril = ace inhibitors
  • -sone = steroids
  • -statin =antihyperlipidemics
  • -vir = anti-virais
  • -zide = diuretics