The Cremation of Sam McGee is a wonderfully atmospheric narrative experience based on the poem of the same name by Robert W. Service, with narration by the late, great Johnny Cash, and a darkly witty story that tells the tale of a prospector who must cremate his dead friend’s body.

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NCIS Imagine: McGee Saving You From Drowning

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Breath of Fresh Air

It’s cruel how something that’s necessary to keep you alive is now what’s killing you.

The frigid water burns your lungs as you fight to keep your head above the surface.  So many contradictions.

Water to keep you cool. Water to keep you from dying of thirst.

Water burning your lungs. Water drowning you.

Your hands switch from keeping you from sinking in this rushing river and from reaching out desperately for anything to hold onto. You can barely see, water constantly blinding you so that the world is a fight between black and swirls of the blue of the sky and the harsh white of the snow.

It doesn’t take long before the black fuzzy spots stay in your vision and there’s less recovery of oxygen as you lose energy to keep yourself from sinking.

You should be panicking about it but perhaps it’s the fact that everything is going numb that prevents you from it.

You barely even register the grip on your wrist when strong fingers curl around it suddenly. Wonderful oxygen floods your lungs and you suck it down eagerly as your saviour pulls you out of the water.

“What were you thinking, [Y/N]?!”

McGee’s angry voice brings the whole world back to you. No longer in the rapid’s grasp, the fight for survival is gone, only to be replaced with horror. Tears fill your eyes as numbness gives way to fear.

McGee’s anger dissipates at the sight of your face and he pulls you to him, uncaring of your wet clothes. “Hey, hey. It’s okay. I got you out of there. You’re safe. I’ve got you.”

And he does. And unlike water, the thing that was supposed to keep you alive, you can always depend on McGee.

And while the water had ripped the air from your lungs, McGee’s reassuring kiss will always be like a breath of fresh air to you.



Can I have an imagine where reader is dating Tim and she stays with him when his father dies? 

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Slowly, everybody who attended the funeral began walking away in small groups. The air was quiet except for the low voices of people talking to one another as they padded away. Even the team left, leaving McGee to stand in front of his father’s casket.

You didn’t leave, though. Instead, you came up to Tim’s side, brushing up against him to let him know you were there. At first, you didn’t say anything. All the “I’m sorry’s” have been said before, and you were sure Tim was tired of hearing it. So you waited for him to speak.

Finally, he swallowed and looked to the ground. “We never got along, Y/N, but that doesn’t mean I won’t miss him.”

“I know.” You quickly replied. “You’re allowed to miss him.”

Tim considered your words before slowly nodding, glancing over to you. Your hand slipped into his, further giving him your support, and Tim squeezed your hand in return.


Photo shoot and contact sheet for Sound and Vision promo

© Tony McGee, 1989

“All of the shoots that I did with David over the many years we worked together were shot on film. When shooting in black and white the printer would supply you with a contact sheet made from the negative, showing you each photograph taken on that roll of film in the frame order they were shot.

These “Contact Sheets” would then be sent to David who would personally sign off on the images by placing stars on the image of his choice - more stars indicated more highly favoured choices. These are the original contact sheets, personally edited by David using his favoured gold star editing process.”

Signed on the back by Tony McGee.

One thing I noticed that seems to support Ziva being alive at the end of Season 13 is that she was already unreachable before the farmhouse went up in flames. The series of events seems to go a little something like this:

-Various people involved in the Jacob Scott situation start getting killed

-Jacob Scott goes to the office, where he uses the wifi to look up Ziva

-NCIS discovers this, Tony and McGee try to get ahold of Ziva, she’s not answering calls or emails, no one they can think of seems to know where she is

-Monroe mentions that someone she knows from Mossad told them rumor was that Ziva was living at the farmhouse

-The farmhouse goes up in flames

-Orli shows up early the next day; clean, unharmed, baby Tali in toe; with a fully stocked go bag

Mossad, at least in the NCIS world, has lied about what they know before. Think the whole Bodnar situation. And as Tony says, they know everything. So we’re supposed to believe that a man who was locked up for years escapes from prison, prompting essentially an international man hunt, looks Ziva up online, and not only does a rumor escape Mossad that Ziva’s probably at the farmhouse, but when said farmhouse blows up with her supposedly inside Mossad’s response is basically “oops!”?

I suspect they’d have known there was a safety issue at the latest when Scott does the Internet search, but I think at a minimum they would’ve been tipped off when agents from the US start inquiring about where she is. Given her allegedly mended relationship with Orli, I doubt she wouldn’t have known how to get to Ziva as quickly as possible. The notion of protection from Mossad for her young daughter may have even been the driving force behind that reparation.

It’s also a little beyond belief that if everything was fine and good, that Ziva wouldn’t have responded to Tony’s attempt to contact her. The show doesn’t really say whether she and Tony cut off ALL contact when she stays behind in Israel, but it’s heavily suggested. If she was, as Orli says, feeling remorse over not telling Tony about Tali’s existence, what better opening to rectify that problem than a random call from him?

Also, when Orli doesn’t deny that they haven’t found a body for Ziva, Kort is still on the run. Who told Kort to look at her in the first place? NCIS. Better to say nothing until the coast is clear. And no one says that the documents are at the farmhouse, just that Ziva probably has them. So it’s Ziva specifically he’s looking for, not necessarily where she lives.

I suspect that Mossad was at least passively aware that Scott had escaped, and they obviously knew that he was the wrong man. At some point, they realize that Kort was going to be coming for Ziva, who is openly and notoriously living at the farmhouse. So Mossad comes to Ziva, concoct a plan that involves destroying many of Ziva’s remaining ties to Eli. Ziva tells Orli to take Tali to Tony, it’s time that he knew and she will be less traumatized long term by acclimating to her biological father than living on the run for what could be a long time. She litters the go bag with clues, and goes on the run.