Theresa Peters is one of the most powerful women in Hollywood. In 2008 she joined UTA as a partner, and has since acquired a whopping 59 clients. Peters began her career in the William Morris mailroom, like so many before her, where she told the Hollywood Reporter she, “Learn[ed] more in three months than you would in three years running around this town.”

She was able to see the whole process of selling a show when she was assigned as an agent’s assistant , and then she rapidly moved her way up until becoming a partner and the head of the talent department at UTA. Her most notable clients include Ewan McGregor and Kirsten Dunst.

FYI. This information is two years old, at that time she was considered the 14th most influential agent is Hollywood. From the

McGee: (walks calmly into Vance’s office) Sorry I was late, I was… Doing things-

Tony: (crashes in) Hey! He pushed me down the freakin stairs!

McGee: Push is a strong word. I’d prefer calling it… Giving you a little nudge.

Tony: I’ll give my foot a little nudge up your butt!

McGee: (points at Vance, who is facepalming) Watch your freakin language in front of the director!


Friday things ☺️🙃

• I slept in until 10am today!! :) yay for that!

• I relaxed, ate a yummy breakfast, and watched Netflix for a few hours in bed :))))

• then at noon I went to the gym and bouldered for an hour, then afterwards did some boxing and weights for 45 minutes! 💪🏼 no muscles mcgee over here lol

• me pre gym {2nd pic}
• me post gym {3rd pic}
Clearly the gym does me some good lol!

• now I’m sitting in Barnes and Noble reading, watching vampire academy, drinking a soy latte and H20, and about to open up a clif bar to minx on :)

• and then I work at 3!

I hope you’re all doing well and happy weekend!! ✌🏼🙌🏼💗

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"In eight days the summer hols will be over, and I will be forced to go back to responsibilities and equally nasty things such as having to see snivellus's hair and herbology." " Honestly. Living in the Evans household is like being under the inscrutable eye of Minnie McGee 24/7" some quotes from an angus thongs + perfect snogging inspired self insert (Lily's younger sister Rose lol) hp fanfic i wrote in 2008 (angus thongs + perfect snogging shaped how i lived back in 08 tbh)

BYE @bantasticbeasts this anon got u beat, sorry :/ 


☆ * ° ♠  Alice Madness Returns : W o n d e r l a n d  ♣ ° * ☆

“Ah, Alice. We can’t go home again. No surprise really. Only a very few find the way, and most of them don’t recognize it when they do. Delusions, too, die hard with memory. Only the savage regard the endurance of pain as the measure of worth. Forgetting pain is convenient, remembering it: agonizing. But recovering the truth is worth the suffering and our Wonderland, though damaged, is safe in memory… for now.”



Retail Price: $3.99
Writers: Danielle Burgos, Kiernan Sjursen-Lien
Artists: Jim Campbell, Cara McGee
Main Cover: Kiernan Sjursen-Lien
Subscription Cover: Cara McGee
After fleeing The Outsiders’ company, Wirt stumbles upon hungry buzzards who agree to give him information on Greg’s whereabouts in exchange for some “renovation” work on the place previously known as Pigeon Town.