By shutting out students, Stephen McNeil proves teachers' point: they lack adequate resources
Premier Stephen McNeil has demonstrated that he has no clue when it comes to negotiating. He’s made the collective bargaining process all about him, instead of the issues.

Collective bargaining is not about emotions, it is about facts, and the premier does not seem to understand this. His most recent decision to close schools to students is very transparent and will backfire.

It is obvious to most that the teachers’ position in their platform regarding resources has just been proven when the premier decided that it wasn’t safe for the kids to be in school if teachers work to rule. Nova Scotia parents are smart enough to see past the inconvenience of the kids being home to understand that this move is a simple PR stunt in an attempt to get public support for the government side.

This isn’t the teachers’ fault. The kids are out of school because of the government. Does he not realize that Nova Scotians were educated by fine teachers who taught us how government works in junior high civics?

Surely Premier McNeil has profited from an excellent education as well. Shame on him for playing such a cheap shot.

Go back to the bargaining table and bargain in good faith. This isn’t about you. It’s about the kids, who should be in school this week.
N.S. government to reopen schools amidst NSTU's work-to-rule campaign
By Keith Doucette

HALIFAX – Nova Scotia’s schools are going to reopen Tuesday after the province said it’s satisfied students will remain safe during a teacher work-to-rule campaign.

The Liberal government had cancelled school today as the Nova Scotia Teachers Union launched the campaign following a breakdown in contract talks.

The government was preparing to introduce a bill to impose a labour contract on the teachers, but Liberal House leader Michel Samson told reporters the bill would be delayed.

Education Minister Karen Casey had previously said schools could be closed for up to a week, depending on the passage of a bill that would impose the contract on the union representing 9,300 educators in the province.

Casey said the original decision to close schools was needed to ensure student safety, citing risks posed by the union’s job action.

The union had directed its members to do the minimum amount of work required under the current agreement, including arriving at school 20 minutes before classes begin and leaving 20 minutes after they end.


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The only voice actor I know is Scott McNeil, so he can do everyone, I guess!
Liberals hit pause on controversial bill to force contract on teachers
Province House is in recess while government hopes to address work-to-rule safety concerns with Nova Scotia Teachers Union.

word is they’ve paused the session because six of their own MLA’s were planning to vote against the bill

While Education Minister Karen Casey was supposed to be briefing reporters about the bill, Government House leader Michel Samson announced the Grits would recess the House. That happened at about 11:15 a.m.

Samson said talks had resumed between the teachers’ union and the province regarding safety concerns around the work-to-rule job action the teachers planned to start today. He said his party would wait for the results of those talks before deciding what to do next.

But a union spokesperson said no such talks are happening. There was one phone call and nothing more. In fact, the majority of the union’s bargaining team is at Province House.

On Saturday, Casey announced schools would be closed to students, citing safety concerns, until the legislation is passed. Teachers announced last week they would begin the job action today following the latest breakdown in contract talks.

Samson deflected questions about public outcry over the school shutdown, and criticism that Liberal MLAs were facing. Party staffers shepherded MLAs away from reporters trying to ask their thoughts on the bill.

Liberal MLA Bill Horne would only offer: “I don’t like the way it’s going.

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Why Aren’t There More Black Superheroes? 

by Tyler McNeil  (Art via hypertransitory)

“…Unless you avidly follow superhero and comic book culture, you might think there aren’t but a few superheroes of African descent. The lay person will name Storm, Black Panther, Falcon, Static,Cyborg, and Green Lantern ( John Stewart). After that, there will the inevitable furrowed brow, skyward gaze, and the ” uuhhh…errr…uummm..“ as they struggle to name a black superhero that hasn’t been featured in a cartoon or movie. 

Why is this the case. That’s simple. Black superheroes ( or any non-Caucasian for that matter) just don’t get the same spotlight. To date, nearly a hundred white people of various nationalities have portrayed major heroes or villains dating back to the earliest portrayals of Batman and Superman in the early days of television. By contrast, the number of "ethnic” actors to portray major characters is less than 30 by my estimation. Why is this the case? Thats not so simple. 

This article wont delve into that issue. Instead, this will serve to educate those who aren’t aware of how significant a presence blacks have in the superhero genre…“

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