J&J’s #McNeil #recall of Children’s Liquid Medicines was initiated over a year ago. Some products are still not available. This image can be found

J&J, McNeil and related companies have #recalled a number of products in the past 18 months. When the popular children’s products will return to store shelves remains to be seen.

Gabriel F Zambrano,,  is actively investigating cases involving McNeils recalled Children’s Liquid Medicine. Potential adverse events include “Stevens Johnson Syndrome” or “SJS”, related complications and resulting disabilities. 


George Speros, an executive agent at The Society Management is running a campaign to educate readers on mistreatment of animals, and has enlisted the help of runway stars.

The site isn’t exclusively fashion-related, but there are tangible ties (e.g. use of fur) between both. Hopefully you fashion followers will be interested in participating in a movement to incite change :-)