#manbuns are trending and we at Style at Mac are #hereforit

The top knot has become a mainstream hype that has been sported by some of Hollywood’s finest, such as Chris Hemsworth, Jared Leto, Harry Styles and Gavin Rossdale. Although buns are a great androgynous way to keep your hair out of the way, they can often look unpleasant if they are not knotted improperly so we at Style at Mac compiled some inspiring types of man buns to inspire you to style your own mane through the art of the bun this spring. 


Who said buns have to be on the top of your head anyway? 


Teach us your ways, Jared. 


Life’s too short not to be a bit risqué.


Because looking like you just rolled out of bed isn’t always a bad thing…I mean, just look at Avan.


Complimentary wicked beards are always welcome. 


Chicago Bulls Joakim Noah keeps his hair tamed with the power of the bun during a game. Could he play without it? Probably not. 


 Keep it irie like musician Trevor Hall. 


Hurley’s South African surfer Craig Anderson knows how to keep it wavy. An incredible ombre is optional. 


 Buns pull on the hair’s roots which can cause damage so it’s recommended that  buns should be avoided for thinner hair. If you’re working with thick, wavy or curly hair, go ahead and keep doing your man bun thing, boo. 

Is your hair receding? We are sorry to hear that. Don’t do the bun. The bun will just make your facial features look exaggerated and that’s not exactly a good thing. 

If your hair isn’t quite grown yet, don’t try and make a bun out of something that isn’t there. Get a weave, start using lengthening hair products, but do not try and make a bun out of hair that’s not really there, or your buns might end up like Miley Cyrus at the 2013 VMA’s. 

Written by Nezariel Scott