“Well, I told you about the… the brains. I told you about the guts, I told you about the muscle, the scientist, the politician, the leader, I told you about every member of the team, except myself. The part I play. I’m the wild card. I’m the guy who looks at the reality in front of him and refuses to accept it. Like right now I should be terrified, right? But I’m not.“

All my McGee and Potter headcanons, OK? (blame jess)

How many times did he and Sirius get pulled into her office, and rightfully so, and they’d do their song and dance and her lip would end up twitching and docking points or handing out detentions, depending, but then she’d just tell them to get out and leave her in peace for at least three days. But then as they were halfway out the door she’d James to hang back and ask him how such and such beater was shaping up and did they practice that maneuver because it was shaky in the last match and did she need him to pull extra practice time because she could certainly do that if he thought they needed it.

James would always ask, after she’d finished handing out punishments, if she wouldn’t mind giving them each a biscuit because they were better than even his mums.

Instead of giving him a month’s worth like he deserved for some shit he pulled in sixth year, she instead made him grade her work and tutor two third years b/c she was busy doing Order stuff (but couldn’t say that) and that extra responsibility was part of what helped him grow up and he just kept doing it throughout sixth and seventh year.

The moment McGonagall heard that Sirius was going to be staying with James for most of the summer hols at the end of the first year she wrote to Mrs. Potter and told her all the boys’ tricks for trying to weasel out of trouble and ended it with “Please respond in kind before term starts and let me know you’ve survived and I can expect in terms of any new tricks they’ve picked up. Best of luck to you, Mrs. Potter. Mineva.” She’d been writing all term about James’s behavior but this is when they transitioned from Head of House/troublemaker’s parent to allies against a common (adorable, mischievous) enemy. They developed a lovely kind of friendship and Minerva would randomly come up to James and tell him that his mum said hello or he ought to write home because his mum just sent her the most delicious fudge and mentioned she had extra. Mrs. Potter wrote to Minerva during 5th year Christmas hols and explained that Sirius was living with them. When Mrs. Potter passed away she came to the funeral. (DO YOU WANT ME TO WRITE THESE LETTERS B/C I WANT TO OK)

Listen I cannot tell you how many time she busted Lily and James for snogging ok. And they would have the common sense to look properly ashamed but no one believed it for a second.

She’d be lecturing in class and she sees James doodling on his parchment. She knows he aced this material months ago, and she hasn’t stopped lecturing, but he realizes that she’s staring at him and her eyebrow is raised. He knows he’s busted. So he picks his wand up and holds it over his shoulder and transfigures the vase on the floor behind him into something outlandish. Purely showing off, they both know, but it works and she continues on with her lecture.

He gets into a physical fight with a Slytherin. It wasn’t about Quidditch or anything like that. And he tries to win, but as it turns out he gets his arse kicked because two more joined up against him. She gives him a short, necessary lecture about being Head Boy while handing him a wet cloth to wipe the blood off his face. She stops her lecture because she knows it’s about the war and about Lily and he’s already embarrassed that he lost his shit and he is so frustrated at everything going on. He just unloads all his worries about the war and prejudiced assholes and she just lets him get it all. She tells him to keep his head down for three more months because he’s not doing himself or Lily any favors by starting fights now.

And then she welcomed him into the Order by telling him that now he could do something about it, properly, and that she was glad to have him on her side.

Basically she was a stern but protective momma bear ok.

And listen those boys fucking adored her and doted on her in order meetings and she would be all exasperated like will you boys ever grow up?

And at James & Lily’s wedding she told Lily that she was simultaneously proud of her and she told her, “Best of luck to you, Mrs. Potter.”

“So pirates that weren’t really pirates were actually Russian sailors who were on a covert mission to steal a Navy research ship that wasn’t actually a Navy research ship in order to get back nuclear weapons that we thought they didn’t think we had retrieved?”

5x06 - Chimera