“Well, I told you about the… the brains. I told you about the guts, I told you about the muscle, the scientist, the politician, the leader, I told you about every member of the team, except myself. The part I play. I’m the wild card. I’m the guy who looks at the reality in front of him and refuses to accept it. Like right now I should be terrified, right? But I’m not.“

Little Sister

For an anon who requested “Can I get a one shot where the reader is like Tony’s cousin or sister and he forgot his lunch so she brings it to him and Gibbs and reader take a liking to each other when they first meet?”

You tossed the bag down in front of Tony, watching his head snap up in surprise and you smirked at him, arms crossed over your chest.

“Had I know how much of a struggle it was to get in your building I would have taken it to work and eaten it myself.” You laughed, sitting on the edge of his desk and looking around, “So this is where you work? Not bad, when you were little we were just hoping you learned how to hold a pen correctly.” You teased and Tony glared, opening his bagged lunch and glaring.

“You took my tasty cake.” He accused, rummaging through his bag, “Two fruits and no pastry? What do I look like to you, (Y/N)?”

“Someone who could use more fruit in the diet and less tasty cake obviously.” You grinned, and Tony looked more then ready to argue back when you were interrupted.

“Tony who’s this?” A woman with an accent asked, and you cocked an eyebrow at Tony, causing him to send you a dirty look, “New… girlfriend, we should know about?” You spun around, both you and Tony making nearly identical faces of disgust.

“Girlfriend?” He repeated, “No, this is my sister, (Y/N), (Y/N) this is my team Ziva David, and McGeek.”

“My name isn-” Tony didn’t even bat an eye.

“Abby is downstairs, you’d like her, and Ducky is our ME. Then there Gibbs, he’s our boss, and trust me he might look like a hard ass but he’s-”

“He’s what DiNozzo?” Tony paled slightly and struggled to get back to looking like he was doing something productive.

“A great boss and and great man?” Tony offered and you laughed out loud. This was great, watching someone besides you putting Tony in his place.

“Tony you’re being incredibly rude, introduce me.” He muttered under his breath before spinning around again.

“Boss, this is my little sister (Y/N) She has all of the devilish good looks of the rest of us DiNozzos and half of the charm.”

“Hey!” You glared, punching his arm.

“(Y/N), my dear, lovely sister, this is Gibbs. My boss.” You considered giving Tony the finger, then also considered the fact that you were an adult woman, in a federal building, so you settled for an eye roll before extending your hand to Gibbs.

“I’m sorry you got stuck working with my ever so charming brother.” Gibbs took your hand and shook it, chuckling slightly.

“Well, while I have to agree with the devilish good looks part, I find it hard to believe that you’re the less charming sibling.” Woah was that a blatant flirt? You blushed slightly and laughed, looking at your very very uncomfortable looking brother.

“You don’t seem like too much of a hardass either. My dearest brother must just be really bad at describing people.” You joked, ignoring the huff from behind you. Gibbs nodded in agreement, not even sparing his surprised looking team a glance.

“Well if you’re free sometime we could always do coffee, introduce ourselves in our own words.” He offered.

“Sounds good to me, Gibbs.” You smirked.

“Call me Jethro, please.”

“Well then it sounds good to me, Jethro. But I’m running late so I’ll..” You grabbed a piece of paper from your brother’s desk and jotted down your number, handing it over and grabbing your bag, “Call me later,” You swooped and kissed your brother’s cheek before waving at this team, “Nice meeting you all!” You called before seeing yourself out. Everyone was silent for a moment, unsure of what exactly they just witness.


“Yes boss?”

“Get back to work.” 

Who Hurt You? (Part 1)

Title: Who Hurt You? (Part 1)

Pairing: DiNozzo x Reader

Word Count: 2,575

Warnings: angst, abuse from significant other (not Tony), and some cursing I think.

A/N: I have had this series for SO LONG. I was trying to save it for December, but I just couldn’t wait any longer! I hope you all love this! <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

You made your way to your desk and threw your jacket over the back of your chair.  You had a rough night last night with your boyfriend, Alex.  You had been together for almost two years.  At first he was loving, kind, and caring, but as the months went on he became more aggressive and more hurtful.  Instead of kissing you and taking you on dates, he would insult you and belittle anything you did.  These past few weeks he’d been more physical and you weren’t sure what to do about it.  You knew if your team found out, things would only become more of a hassle for you.  You didn’t want to answer questions and have them pester you on the matter.  You were going to think of a way out, even if it was on your own.  You didn’t want your team to think that you couldn’t handle it.  You fought off bad guys all the time, so this should be no different, right?

Your team was on a case where a Petty Officer was found dead on his ex-wife’s kitchen floor.  The husband and wife had been married for 10 years and he just got back from his last tour.  He was a respectable man and he seemed to be loved, except for the fact that one person didn’t love him enough to not kill him; his wife.  You were the one with the lead, but ultimately Abby pulled through and proved your hunch.  However, you still had to get her confession, so you weren’t done just yet.

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Surprise Visitor

For the Anon who requested “Hey could you please do one where you’re Tony’s baby sister and you come to visit him at work and no one knew you existed. Thank you love your writing ❤️” 

A little bit implied McGee x reader but it’s mostly just a cute little Sister Tony blurb. Hope you all like it, I felt like I rambled a little too much but ah well. Tony’s sister is one of my favorite things to write for (*wink wink nudge nudge*)

People gave you odds looks as they past and you knew exactly why. Reason one; You probably were not supposed to be here. Reason two; you were currently lounging in a desk that wasn’t yours, reading a book and drinking a coffee. Reason three; you were far too relaxed for someone who did not even belong here. For examples see reason two. Reason four; everyone felt like they’ve seen you before, but none of them were sure were they might know you from.

“Uhm. Hello?” You glanced up from the book you’d been staying busy with and grinned, tilting your head to the side and looking over the man in front of you .

“Hey there.” You greeted, grin turning into your family famous smirk. You watched as the man became slightly flustered, unsure what exactly to do.

“That’s- That’s my book.” You glanced down at the novel in your hands and shrugged, tossing it onto Tony’s desk.

“Sorry, you left it out. I was bored.” He gave you an incredulous look, leaning forward to quickly grab the book, not taking his eyes off you. As he stared at you, you smirked again, giving him a moment to try and work it out.

“You look… Really familiar, have we met before?” Really? Could noone put two and two together? God you guys looked similar, you were sitting in his desk, you told him you’d be in town… Unless.

“(Y/N)?” You spun in the chair, smirk dropping and glare coming on full throttle.

“Anthony.” You stated. His face paled slightly and he looked from you to the other man who was still standing there confused.

“Anthony? What could I have done, I just got here! Probbie, what did you say to her?” You got up from your chair and rolled your eyes, glare only dropping slightly.

“He didn’t say anything because he doesn’t know who I am, did you not tell them!” Tony gave you a sheepish grin before shaking his head.

“Never came up?” Another eyeroll from your end before you opened your arms, “Well come on, I haven’t seen you in months, and so far this has been a pretty subpar hello.” Tony grinned widely before coming around his desk and enveloping you in a tight hug, lifting your feet from the ground momentarily.

“What is going on?” A woman with an accident asked from behind you, and while Tony continued to squeeze the life out of your body you heard the other man answer.

“I’m… not sure?” When you finally broke apart Tony kept an arm slung loosely around your shoulders, turning to his team and smiling brightly. You grinned as well and watched as it clicked on the other man’s face, his own mouth turning into a surprised ‘o’.

“DiNozzo.” Both of your heads jerked to the side, but your brother quickly dropped his arm from around you, standing slightly straighter.

“Yes boss?”

“No girlfriends in the office.” You both made nearly identical faces of disgust and you stuck your tongue out slightly with a small ‘eyuk’.

“I don’t think they’re dating boss, I think Tony has a family member he’s neglected to tell us about.”

“Right you are McGeek.” Tony gave the other man a dirty look, and you elbowed your brother in the side.

“Introduce me,” You demanded, “Before I actually start thinking you don’t want them to know I exist.”

“Right, Right.” Tony nodded, watching his team began to smirk at him. He crossed his arms moodily. “This is my baby sister (Y/N). Emphasis on baby, and sister, McGeek. Which means hands off. Not that I think my lovely sister has such bad taste as to-”

“Tony.” You quipped, rolling your eyes.

“(Y/N), This is my team, not my team, since Gibbs here is the boss, but that’s Ziva David, and Timothy McGeek.”

“Why didn’t you tell us you had a sister?” Ziva asked, raising an eyebrow. You turned to look at your brother, arms crossing over your chest as you smirked.

“It never came up! And besides McGeek never told us about his so it only seemed fair. (Y/N) and I have a very good sibling-ship going. I was not hiding her. I wasn’t hiding you! It’s just, It’s kinda like in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, I’m Ferris, and you’re Jeanie, and sure we love each other but we love to piss each other off more, and-”

“Shut up Tony.” You laughed, watching your brother flounder trying to find a suitable answer for everyone in the room. Tony listened to you at once, grinning sheepishly again, and McGee let out a low whistle.

“She can shut him up in two words, and we haven’t had a moment of silence in two years. I like her.” He announced. Tony sent him a glare, protective arm going around your shoulders.

“Better not like her too much.” You laughed, patting his chest slightly and grinning up at your brother. It was good to see him again, it’s been too long.


Requested by Anon - Can you please do #6 from your may prompts with Tony and McGee? Maybe the reader works on the team or something like that. Thanks!!
Prompts – 6 – ‘You underestimated how much food I can stuff in my mouth before I need to be stopped.’

Word Count – 642

Characters – McGee x Reader and DiNozzo x Reader

You walked out of the elevator with your hands full of food. You looked up when you heard DiNozzo clap and rub his hands together.
‘What did you get us this time?’ He asked, you smirked. You put your hand in the paper bag and pulled out a wrap for DiNozzo and the same for McGee. You walked over to Gibbs and left his meal on his desk. You took a seat at you desk and placed your feet up on the desk, you leaned back in the chair and watched as they both took a bite out of the wraps.
‘Ugh.’ They both said as their faces contorted into disgust.
‘What is this?’ DiNozzo asked, holding a bit of lettuce up.
‘Tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, avocado. You know healthy stuff.’ You said with a shrug as you took a bit of yours.
‘How can you eat that?’ DiNozzo asked as he winced when you took a bite of your wrap.
‘I don’t have the same as you.’ You said to them as you tilted the wrap towards them, showing the contents of your favourite fillings. The perked up when they saw what you had.
‘That’s unfair.’ McGee whined.
‘Nope, just saying hat the boss said.’ You told them and they slouched slightly. You looked back to the desk, you chewed your food in silence.

‘I bet you can’t fit this whole wrap in your mouth.’ DiNozzo said once he saw you finish your food. You quirked and eyebrow at him
‘How much?’ You asked him.
‘$5.’ He said and you looked at him.
‘Is that all?’ You asked and he nodded.
‘McGee, you in?’ You said as you caught the wrap that DiNozzo flung at you. He sat up and nodded.
‘$10.’ McGee said and you smirked.
‘Okay, rules?’ You questioned them.
‘All the wrap has to be in. Nothing left in the wrapping.’
‘Do I have a time limit?’ You asked and they shook their heads no.
‘Okay, if I win I get everything?’ You asked and they looked at each other before nodding. You unwrapped the wrap and placed it on the desk. It was an overload of greens. You swallowed the excess saliva.
‘You regretting it already, Y/N?’ DiNozzo asked with a cheeky smile.
‘Nope.’ You said as you took a massive bite. You pushed it to your left cheek.
‘Oh, that’s her first mistake.’ DiNozzo said and McGee looked at him with a raised eyebrow.
‘She took too big of a bite, nowhere to put it.’ He told him and you shook your head slightly, taking another bite. They watched in silence as you took three more bites and then it was gone. They stood with their mouths opened as you held up the wrapper. Gibbs turned the corner.
‘Showing what your mouth can do again?’ He asked, you nodded you head chewing the wrap and DiNozzo choked and Gibbs slapped him on the back of the head.
‘You okay there DiNozzo?’ Gibbs asked and you smiled as you swallowed the last bit.
‘Y/N, get you money and grab your gear.’ Gibbs said as the boys quickly gathered their gear.
‘Yes boss.’ You said standing and grabbing your money before walking behind Gibbs. You heard footsteps come up behind you and you walked backwards into the lift.
‘Thank you for the money boys.’ You said fanning it in front of you face.
‘Well we didn’t think you could do it.’ DiNozzo said and Gibbs shook his head smiling.
‘You underestimated how much food I can stuff in my mouth before I need to be stopped.’ You said to before McGee pressed the button and they were going down.  There was a sudden slapping noise and then DiNozzo grunting
‘What was that for?’ DiNozzo asked.
‘You didn’t eat you wrap.’ Gibbs said and you and McGee burst out laughing.

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McGee & Heartbreak

This was requested by @lapsissolaregina! I hope you all enjoy this! <3 <3

Word Count: 311

Warnings: fluffish, comfort

(gif is not mine)

As everyone was leaving for the night, you stayed at your desk.  It had been a couple of days since your boyfriend broke up with you.  The pain and hurt was still fresh.  You still didn’t understand why he had broken up with you.  

McGee stopped in front of your desk, seeing the somber look on your face.  McGee knew this couldn’t be easy for you.  He never would have done that to you, but he couldn’t change what had happened either.  He could only be there for you.

“I’m always here to talk [Y/N],” McGee began.  “I know it seems like things are never going to look up, but they will.  You’ll move on and before you know it, it’ll be like that guy never existed.”

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Mr. Jealousy

For an Anon who requested a jealous DiNozzo! Hope this was jealous enough! 

“Here I brought your coffee. You left it in my car.” You looked up the paperwork you were reviewing to give McGee a smile.

“You didn’t have to go back and get it, there’s coffee in the kitchen.” But even as you were saying that you were lifting the cup to your mouth, taking a long sip.

“Yeah but it’s not nearly as strong as what you drink, and we all know you’re an absolute bear in the morning without the proper levels of caffeine.” He teased you, leaning on the side of your desk. You laughed and agreed before asking him about a show that both of you watched, asking if he’d seen this week’s episode.

Out of the corner of your eye you could vaguely see Tony sulking, handing his papers a little harder than he usually would, and making a lot of noise in doing so. You raised an eyebrow at McGee but continued to talk, ignoring the mild temper tantrum going on beside you.

“I always have it set to record, just incase we get called away and I miss it.” Tim explained, taking a sip of his own coffee.

“Better than what I do. My TV is so old it doesn’t record anything anymore, so I may or may not find a way to download it off the internet.” You laughed and Tim shook his head.

“That’s why your computer always has viruses, stop doing that. Just come over and watch it- that way we can throw our theories out right away and-”

“Can you two shut up and go do some work!” Tony snapped, causing both of you to look over surprised.

“What?” You asked, both eyebrows raising.

“I want to get this paperwork done, so I can leave. And you two keep running your mouths! (Y/L/N) Try getting some work done, McGeek Abby wanted you to go down and help her with something. Talk about your shows on your own time.” You were stunned. After Tony’s little outburst he turned back to his desk, ducking his head and staring at the paper he’d been “reviewing” for the past five minutes. Tony was usually the last person in this building to get on people for not doing their work.

McGee looked like he wanted to argue back but you shook your head and motioned towards the elevators, whispering “I got it.”

You waited for McGee to leave for Abby’s before getting up and walking over to Tony’s desk, sitting on your usual corner. You sat for a moment, watching him scribbling angrily, refusing to look at you.

“You going to tell me what crawled up your ass and died?” You asked eventually, grabbing the pen from his hand before he went all the way through the paper and had to start over.

“I don’t know, (Y/L/N). Why don’t you go ask your boyfriend McGeek?” Tony bit, grabbing for the pen. You laughed, holding it away from him.

“My boyfriend?” You asked, reaching a hand out and playfully feeling Tony’s forehead, “Do you have a fever or something?” He swatted your hand away glaring and it clicked, “Oh…” You nodded smirking.

“Oh…. what?” Tony asked.

“You’re jealous.”

“Me?” He snorted, “Jealous of  McGeek?”

“Jealous I was over there talking to Tim about our “shows” instead of being over here.” You grinned. Tony glared at you.

“He drove you to work.”

“My car is in the shop, Tony, what did you want me to do? Walk?” You laughed, grinning at this jealous version of Tony. Tony was a protective person, and you’d seen him make a spectacle before when someone had insulted your team, but this jealous was all for you, because you let McGee drive you to work and talked about shows.

“You could have called me.”

“Tim lives about fifteen minutes closer to me.” You reminded him placing your hand over his and squeezing. “Do you want to add half and hour to your morning commute to come get me tomorrow?” He gave you a little huff before nodding.

“I don’t mind.” You laughed loudly and leaned down, giving his cheek a sweet kiss.

“You’ve got nothing to worry about with Tim.” You promised, giving the hand another squeeze. Tony smirked, his jealousy turning back into his normal arrogance.

“Of course I don’t. However, my TV does record, and I’d much rather you come watch your ridiculous shows at my house. Okay?” Rolling your eyes you nodded and hopped off his desk, intending on actually starting your work now.

“It’s a date, Mr. Jealousy.”


Imagine developing a crush on McGee after spending a lot of time with him undercover.

At first, you had almost been intimidated by going on an undercover operation with McGee. After all, you were new to the team. He had a good several years of experience over you. He had always seemed friendly but you hadn’t had much of a chance to get to know him.

Going undercover with him changed that.

It can generally be said that, when you have to pose as someone’s spouse, you get to know them pretty well. When you went undercover with McGee, the two of you served as rocks for each other. You were each other’s connections to who you really were. You learned to depend on each other. Quickly, you learned that there was no reason to be afraid of McGee. He was one of the sweetest dorks you had ever met.

And, you had to admit, you had developed a bit of a crush on the man. You had just spent so much time together that you couldn’t help but like him a little more strongly than as a friend. Whenever you had gotten stressed during the operation, he’d been able to cheer you up. He’d put on music or read to you or dance you around the room. The little smile he’d give you when he saw you relax or when you’d hold his hand or kiss him made your heartbeat pick up. At first, you had thought it was all for the act.

You had thought a lot of things at first.

Gif Credit: McGee

Watching You

For the Anon who requested 21 and 41 with Gibbs “I think I’m in love with you, and that terrifies me.” “Quick, kiss me.”

“We lost him?” McGee panted as you two came to a stop, having chased your killer from one side of campus to the other, losing him in a crowd of party goers downtown. Your killer was a student targeting former Marines who had come back to college to finish their education after their service.

“I’ll call Gibbs.” You grumbled, picking up your phone and dialing. You told him your location and he said that they were on their way to meet you and you’d all regroup and move from there. You and Tim stayed where you were, making light conversation but you couldn’t shake a feeling, and the hairs on the back of your neck kept prickling.

“Do you feel like we’re being watched?” You whispered, tugging slightly on McGee’s sleeve. He rolled his eyes at you.

“No.” He stated, pulling his arm away from you, and successfully removing his sleeve from your nervous hands.

“McGee!” You whined slightly giving him a look, “Someone is watching us, I can feel it.”

“What can you feel?” The voice came from directly behind you and you squeaked jumping and turning around, hands going up.

“Not funny DiNozzo!” You glared, punching his arm. Gibbs smirked at him,

“At least you weren’t wrong.” He offered and you rolled your eyes.

“No it was not you two, I just have a really bad feeling, okay?”

“You always have a bad feeling.” Gibbs teased and you crossed your arms over your chest frustrated.

“I’m serious!” Gibbs opened his mouth to answer you, but then his eyes widened and suddenly he was launching himself towards you, there was a loud bang, and you were both on the ground.

In seconds McGee was pulling Gibbs off of you and flipping him onto his back, and that’s when you noticed the blood all over the two of you. The source? His shoulder.

“Gibbs!” You cried, hands pressing to the wound, “McGee?”

“It was Louis, he shot and us, Ziva and Tony are chasing him down, worry about Gibbs.” You nodded your head, putting as much pressure on the wound as your could.

“I’ll be fine (Y/N) It’s a shoulder wound. Just don’t let me bled out.” He instructed and you couldn’t help the little laugh, even when he was the one shot he was still calling the shots… pun not intended.  

“I don’t let anything happen to you.” You promised, giving him a tight smile. Gibbs winced slightly. 

“McGee, walk away for a minute.”

“Boss, I-”

“McGee.” He barked, and that was not a voice you were able to argue with. McGee got up and took a few paces away, turning his back to you.

“Gibbs?” You asked unsure, his hand came up, gripping your shoulder, then moving to the back of your neck, you watched him, cheeks heating up.

“Can I come back?” McGee called, and you rolled your eyes, looking back down at Gibbs.

“Quick,” He whispered, “kiss me… I might die after all.”

“Don’t say that.” You whispered leaning down to kiss Gibbs gently like you’d done many times before. But never in such a dangerous situation, and never this close to your team.

“I think I’m in love with you, and that terrifies me.”  You whispered, sniffling back a few tears and he frowned, hand coming down to wipe the tears away.

“Why does it terrify you?”

“Because I can’t lose you this soon after saying that.”

“(Y/N)” Gibbs smiled. “I love you too. You are not losing me.”