McCree made a mistake

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Your hanzo listening to metallica. imagine hanzo listens to death metal when hes meditating and nobody but genji knows and one day mccree asks to join and makes the music loud expecting t to be quiet traditional japanese music but shits his pants from the loud screams of the music. hanzo meditates peacefully as and genji is sent to the medbay from laughing to hard that he overheated

McCree learned something really important, that day.

He learned to read what’s the name of the band on the screen of Hanzo’s mp3, before turning up the volume.

Young Guns

This is becoming a problem, I haven’t fan arted a thing so much since high school. My excuse is I wanted to draw young action guys doing action things. Couple notes: I did this for funzies so I continue to give the finger to proper, non-half assed, backgrounds. Hanzo’s not in his normal Young Hanzo outfit 100% just cause I wanted to include the cool tattoo. I’ll just call it a transitional look between past and current Hanzo™. 

I swear I’ve only got one more in me before I’m out of Overwatch related stuff I desperately want to draw.

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Hi I love your accidentally turning the boys on ( with junkrat, soilder76, and hanzo) I was wondering if you could it for Reaper, and Mcree. Please? P.s I love your writing xox

A/N: First post found here.


  • You were seated with the most lush outfit that complimented every asset of your gorgeous body and Reaper was painfully aware of it.
  • The tight fit of your formal wear with a dip so low it left it have a tantalizing view of your chest. 
  • Reaper watched as you crossed your legs, the curve of your neck uncovered and so open for him to smother with attention. 
  • You leaned forward across him, the man freezing as you reached for a glass of champagne the ship provided. He curses himself mentally as his eyes drift past your unmarked neck and down the V-cut of your formal wear. He sucks his teeth and clench his hands reminding himself he cannot touch -not yet. You pull back, ushering a small apology when you “accidentally” brush against the fitted fabric that expands over his thigh. 
  • Reaper watches you sip from your glass rather elegantly. A drop slipping past the rim and onto the side of you mouth. He yields some self control when your tongue immediately goes to lap it up before circling over your alluring lips.
  • He cannot wait to have you all to himself at the end of this. 

Jesse McCree

  • There wasn’t much to avoid it really. One bad move and the two of you were locked together within a storage room for safety against the enemy.
  • It was a tight fit, a broom poking at your back with Jesse firmly pressed against your front. One leg of yours locked between his and vise versa. 
  • Your hands are crushed at your sides in order to avoid having them locked between you and his lush and full torso, which was more apparent due to its chafe against you.
  • You move around in order to adjust more comfortably. However, your thigh rides up between his legs and the friction is gives has him startled yet incited in such a delightfully shameful way. 
  • Jesse grips at your arm giving you quite the shock. He leans in and with a low voice and speaks into your ear. “Darlin’, Imma need ya to really stop doin’ what your doin’.” His hand covers your mouth before you can question as someone storms right by the closed closet door . With furrowed brows, you stare at him squirming once more and only stopping when he pathetic puff of a groan rumbles in his chest and something is felt at your inner thigh. 
  • It doesn’t take long to put it together before a wicked grin claims your face and McCree know’s he’s made a mistake in letting you know what was going on. 

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Is the scar on mccree's face important? Or in any case related to the story?


It actually is the only left over of the actually plottwist this story has so yes, it is very important and definitely realted to the story. The slightly younger Mccree made a big mistake by starting a fight he hardly could have won and paid a pretty high price. Living with that burden is only possible for him because he stole something he shouldnt have touched… like ever. And there is only one person that can help him get back what he lost: 


Just Hanzo does not know that and if he would know (what Mccree did) … Mccree wouldnt be alive anymore. 

(I swear I just waited for someone to ask this HUEHEHEHHEHEHEHE also I can´t tell too much since.. it actually is important later on xD)

Quick Draw

McCree wonders if he should have left the hat in his room.

           He fidgets where he stands—perpetually alight with a nervous energy that has him tapping the toes of his boots, hooking his thumbs in the belt loops of his pants, grinding his teeth, eyes skirting the room restlessly.

           He crosses gazes with the Commander—a tall, brick wall of a man who carries the countenance of a prizefighter and moves across the battlefield like war and smoke personified—and who had, for some miraculous, unknown reason, taken pity on a scrap of an arms smuggler.

           McCree swallows hard, offering an uneasy nod.

           The Commander stares back at him evenly, and nods back before turning towards Morrison and Amari in low conversation.

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Yyyaaaaay! I love reading your posts! I have a request for you :3. How would Genji, Reaper and McCree react to an S/O, who was normally quiet and shy, that just jumps onto them (front or back) and clings to them like a koala bear and refuses to let go? Haha :D


He had just finished up his katana practice for the day, and he was feeling a little worn out. Secretly, he was hoping his s/o would cheer him up after the long day. Sighing, he left the practice range, but just as he came back inside HQ…whump!

Something flung onto his back and clung there, making him jump and spin circles to see what it was! Whatever the thing holding onto him, it had a tight grip! Genji tried to feel his back to find out what it was, and was surprised to see that it was in fact his s/o!

Smiling beneath his face plate, he was glad they were there–just who he was hoping to see.

“Hi, Genji.” they whispered up to him sweetly.

It was odd to see them display affection in such an outgoing way. His partner usually would just give him kisses on the cheek and bashfully tell them they loved him, but would only ever do those things in private.

“Are you just going to hang there for a bit?” Genji chuckled.

“I’m a baby koala.” they giggled.

He laughed at them and hoisted them up higher on his back.

“Alright, little bear, let’s go then.”


Gabriel was fine with a quiet s/o who didn’t show too much public affection. He wasn’t one for spontaneous acts of love either, and he by no means wanted other Talon agents to see that he had a weak spot.

So when his lover suddenly clung to his chest as tight as they could, burying their face in his cloak, he growled, “What are you doing?”

He was just thankful nobody was around to see.

“I love you…” they mumbled into him, gripping him tighter.

Reaper fought the urge to roll his eyes since their words seemed so heartfelt, but he never liked overly gushy things like that. Sighing, he placed a clawed gauntlet on his s/o’s head and gently stroked their hair.

“…Same.” he whispered back.


“Whoa there!” Jesse gasped as his tiny s/o grappled onto him from behind.

It was strange to see his partner so open with their affection. He loved to tease them about their shy nature–flirt with them in public and whatnot until they were stammering–but it was a nice change of pace to see them so forthright.

“Giddyup pony!” they cheered and kicked his sides as if he was a horse.

“Heheheh,” he chuckled, “Alright, cowgirl, you asked for it!”

“Ah!” they yelped as he trotted as jauntily and bumpy as he could up and down the halls.

He loved hearing their bubbly laugh, and only wished they could be this excited more often. Their trail ride would have gone on longer, but McCree made the mistake of trotting down the same hall Commander Reyes was walking down. The commander gave the two a very stern look and ordered them to get back to work.

“Yessir, Cap’n Tightpants.” Jesse rolled his eyes.

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How would Hanzo, McCree and 67 react if their s/o who is bloody and bruised up was being held hostage in front of them by the enemy who a weapon point at them???


On the outside, he is stoic. His eyes narrow, but nothing else betrays what he’s feeling inside. His voice is calm as he tells the men “to not put another filthy hand on [you].” The men snarl in reply, “how are you planning on stopping us?” One of them aims his gun at Hanzo, the other still trained on you. In the blink of an eye, the man aiming at you is dead, an arrow in his head. The other man, startled beyond belief, fires at Hanzo. Hanzo swiftly dodges his fire with grace before firing a second arrow. Both attackers now lay dead on the ground, bullet holes strewn in the wall behind him.

Hanzo rushes to you with an unusual lack of decorum. He picks you up and carries you swiftly back to base. He takes care of your wounds himself and attends to your every need. He makes sure you have ample quantities of tea, painkillers, and pillows. He doesn’t say much about the attack, but when you ask, he replies how worried he was for you. With a gentle hand on your knee, he adds he couldn’t imagine living in a world where you were gone.


Oh those bastards made their last mistake. McCree doesn’t think, he acts. He rolls straight towards the men holding you hostage, throwing them off guard. He tosses his serape over to you, and you clutch it over your mouth and eyes. McCree throws his flashbang and places a quick-but-sloppy bullet into each of the attackers. You cough a few times, but the serape protected you from the brunt of the flashbang.

McCree picks you up and carries you bridal-style to the nearest safe building to take care of you. You swear you saw him crying at one point in your haze, but you don’t bring it up. He won’t stop apologizing and calling you all your favorite petnames. He keeps placing small kisses on each wound you have.


He can’t believe they got you in the first place. He thought he had been so careful, so good at keeping you safe. But he wasn’t stupid, he had already prepared you for the day that this could happen (living the life of a wanted man had made him wary, after all). He stares at the men holding you hostage and says a single, gruff word. Your mind quickly shuffles through its memories and recalls its meaning- get down now!  Morrison fires his rifle at the men as soon as your head dips down. Before they have the chance to reflexively fire back, the men are all eliminated.

After he’s got you in his arms he immediately checks you for wounds. He’s cursing himself under his breath for his mistakes, for letting this happen to you. He doesn’t allow you to speak- not even to forgive him. Once you’ve recovered  he starts drawing up new plans to prevent this from ever happening again. You try once again to thank him for saving you, but he’s too disappointed in himself to take any credit.

i told myself i could handle drawing mccree and his mechanical arm but i made the Grave Mistake of adding genji to the drawing and now im just suffering because i had to make my life more difficult