Imagine the pack ignoring you in order to protect you from the super natural yet you find out.
“wait-so… you guys have like fangs and claws? OMG DO YOU HAVE SUPER SPEED”
“Yes Y/N we do but been supernatural isn’t a toy” Derek said practically lecturing you.
“yeah of course” you said nodding your head. “OMG CAN YOU READ MY MIND!”

The War - Scott McCall

listen to the song here

You walked out into the motel parking lot, unsure as to why Stiles Allison and Lydia had all texted and called you repeatedly while you were working on getting Isaac out from under the damn bed.

y/n it’s important, it’s Scott - Lydia


y/n please you have to come idk if the others texted you but it’s serious

You shook your head, tucking Isaac into bed, which he was now on top of, and leaving the room.

But of course Scott didn’t text you, seeing he was your ex boyfriend and everything.  You rolled your eyes to yourself, thinking back to the day he told you that it was just ‘too dangerous to be in a relationship in this town’.  You made your way across the balcony and quickly down the steps, heading to the buses as your phone continued to buzz and ring in your pocket.

You’d loved Scott.  You’d done everything with him since you were six.  So him admitting his feelings for you (sorta on accident) last year had been one of the greatest things to ever happen to you.  You were dating when he was bit, and you were the first he told.  You were there for him, every step of the way, every midnight phone call when he was freaking out, every full moon, chaining him up when he begged you, and sitting with him.  You’d dated through the whole you, fighting off his alpha and a kanima together.  You thought it was real, your feelings for each other.  

But they clearly weren’t reciprocated.

Here stands a man

At the bottom of a hole he’s made

Still sweating from the rush

His body tense

His hands, they shake

Oh this, this is a man, boy

“Okay what the hell did you need me-” You neared where you saw Stiles and the girls, and your eyes widened as a sparkling light caught them.  “..for” You finished weakly and stared at the boy in front of you.  

Scott was drenched in gasoline.  As well as a six foot radius around him.  His hand held onto a flare tightly, it trembled with fear, or maybe the cold.

“It’s this place, it’s screwing up all the werewolves.  My guess is wolfsbane or something-”

“Scott?” You spoke softly, no longer caring to listen to Stiles’ ramblings.  “Scott… Scott what’re you doing?” You stepped forward, nearing the puddle of flammable liquid.  

“There’s no hope” He mumbled, and your lips quivered.

“There’s always hope” Allison said.

“Not for me” Scott replied instantly.  “Everytime I try to fight back it just gets worse” He said in a broken voice.  “People keep getting hurt, people keep getting killed”

“Scott-” Stiles moved forward, but you put a hand out, silently telling him to stay put.

“Scott this isn’t you” You murmured.  “Listen to me, someone’s in your head telling you to do this, it’s not you” You inched forward again, the toes of your shoes at the edge of the gasoline.

“What if it isn’t?” He asked you.  “What if it is just me? WHat if doing this is the best thing for everyone else?”

“Scott it’s not-”

“But it is” He cut you off.  “Everyone’s always coming here looking to hurt me, and they just hurt everyone else in the process.  Lydia’s going crazy because of me, Allison’s lost family because of me, I broke your heart y/n” Your breath hitched, and a pang struck in your chest at the words.  “Why try and save me? I’m better off dead”

“You’re not” You spoke boldly, and took a stride forward.  Into the puddle.  “You’re not better off dead.  You didn’t break my heart.  You’re not the reason Lydia’s going through this, and Allison’s grown stronger through what she’s gone through” You told him.  He stared at you, tears streaking his face as his chest heaved with heavy breaths.

“I don’t mean anything y/n” Scott cried.  “Before… before the bite I was nobody” You shook your head, taking a few more steps towards him.

“You’re not nobody Scott” You whispered.  “Alright? You’re somebody, and before all this supernatural shit, you were my best friend okay?” He didn’t say anything.  “Scott, I love you” You’re voice was even softer.  “So.. so if you’re gonna do this..” You hesitantly and shakily reached out a hand.  Letting out a deep breath as your fingers held tightly onto the flare.  “You’re gonna have to take me with you”

Here stands a man

With a bullet in his clenched right hand

Don’t push him son

For he’s got the power to crush this land

Oh hear, hear him cry, boy

You snatched it out of his hand and threw it off into the lot, crying out loud as relief spread over you.

“y-y/n?” Scott shook his head, dazed at what had happened in the past seven minutes.  “Are-are you okay? Are you hurt?” His hands wrapped around your face, looking you over for any sign of pain.

“I’m okay- I’m good” You mumbled.  In seconds you were pulled into a bone crushing hug.  You sobbed into his chest, and Scott’s hands tangled into your hair and rubbed your back.

You thought back to all the times you’d ever even touched.  Starting in the first grade, holding his hand when he’d told you about his parents fighting.  To earlier this year, when he’d kissed you softly before leaving your room, and ending your relationship.  You never thought that he’d ever touch you again.

Then again, you never thought he’d try to kill himself either.

“I’m sorry- I’m so sorry y/n I’m sorry for everything-” He mumbled into your hair.

“NO!” Before you could look to see what happened, Lydia and rushed forward and tackled you both to the ground and out of the puddle.  You barely caught a glimpse of the explosion ignited from the flare rolling into the gasoline.  You didn’t even have the time to yell out a yelp, Lydia and Scott both covering you underneath them as flames erupted into the air.

Don’t you ever leave me alone

My war is over

Be my shelter from the storm

My war is over

I am a sad boy

Stiles had taken Lydia back to her room, Allison nervously following after the two clinging on to each other’s arms.  You’d watched them walk away, whispering amongst themselves.

“In case you’re wondering,” Scott spoke, standing next to you.  “They are talking about me” He chuckled, rubbing the back of his wet head.

“Yeah I had no doubt about that” You said, giving the slightest of smiles.

“You… you uh wanna walk me to my room?” You let out one soft laugh, and nodded.  You followed next to him.  It was quiet for a bit, and you shoved your hands into the pockets of your jacket.  “Do… do you want to talk about it?” You bit your inner lip.  Your head screamed yes, but somewhere in there was doubt.  Small, but enough that you shook your head, and told him no, that you understood.  Though you had no clue really what was going on.

“No, no I’m good” You whispered back weakly.  Scott heard the skip in your heartbeat though.

“You’re sure?” You didn’t answer just licked your lips and stared at your feet as you went up the steps.  It stayed silent as you neared his door.  “Can I ask you an awkward favor?” You shrugged.


“I’m gonna shower off all this gasoline… would you stay in the room? Like… in case I lose my mind again” You nodded faintly.

“Sure” You said again.  He smiled for a short moment, unlocking the door and letting you in first.  You just sat on the end of a bed as he went into his backpack for sweatpants and a tee shirt.  You looked all around the room as Scott walked into the bathroom, closing the door on his way.  Eventually, after a few minutes of listening to the shower water run, you fell asleep there.

Here stands a man

At the bottom of a hole he’s made

Still sweating from the rush

His body tense

His hands they shake

Oh this, this is a man, boy

Scott stared at himself in the fogged mirror.  A towel around his waist, drops of water still splattered on his body, and damp hair falling onto his forehead.  He stared and stared, and the longer he did, the worse he felt.  Thoughts just kept on piling on, had he really tried to kill himself? Did he really want that? Or was that just the motel shit? Maybe it was both? Did you really tell him you loved him? Did you mean it? Or were you just saying that so he wouldn’t blow himself up?

After what felt like hours, but was only fifteen minutes, he’d left the bathroom, in plaid sweatpants and his lacrosse sweatshirt, and somewhat dryer hair.  He wandered into the room, immediately finding that you were passed out on one of the crappy beds.  Your head was at the end of it, arm hooked under it, following yourself.  Your legs curled up behind you.  In fact, your entire body was curled into yourself, probably to preserve the little warmth you had.  Despite himself, he smiled at how peaceful you looked.  There was even a gentle smile tugging onto the ends of your lips.  One that he hadn’t seen in a long time.

But he neared where you slept, and folded the blanket over you, tucking the covers so that you’d stay warm the rest of the night.  He contemplated lifting you up and turning you to lay the right way on the mattress, but he didn’t want to wake you up.  Mostly in fear of you becoming embarrassed or upset, and wanting to leave.  And he just knew that he didn’t want you to leave.

Scott climbed into his own bed, as silently as possible, which seemed to take a million years longer than normally intended.  Not that he would complain.  Once he’d finally gotten situated, on his side, under one blanket, he watched you for a few minutes.  (creepy? Um… maybe) but he just didn’t care anymore.

He didn’t know that he missed our smile so much.

Here stands a man

With a bullet in his clenched right hand

But don’t push him son

For he’s got the power to crash this land

Oh hear, hear him cry, boy

“You don’t get it? You don’t get it do you?” You stepped back staring at the strawberry blonde dead in the eyes as you spoke rigidly.

“Okay, okay y/n look at me, sweetheart just-”

“Don’t fucking sweetheart me” You spit before you could think.

“Okay, I’m sorry sw- y/n, I’m sorry it’s habit”

“I know, you always call me sweetheart you always do! It’s because you baby me! You’re the people thinking that I’m trying to kill myself!”

“Well then y/n what’re you doing with the gun?” Lydia’s hands gestured wildly to the pistol in your hands, and you laughed, a maniacal one that is.  “Just, just put it down” You laughed again, holding it under your chin.  You gave her a wide eyed, joking grin.  “Stop! y/n stop! Please! Sto-!”

But you’d already pushed your finger against the trigger.

Don’t you ever leave me alone

My war is over

Be my shelter from the storm

My war is over

I am a sad boy

You jolted awake, kicking and thrashing, bawling and sobbing.  You felt like a mess, tangled into the blankets.  You didn’t exactly know what you were doing, just that you needed to get up, out of this bed.

“y/n! y/n hey!” You looked through your tears, towards the sound.  But still wrapped and stuck in the blankets.  “y/n will you look at me?” Scott took the blanket off of you, balling it up and sliding it to the side.

“I- I shot- I had the gun again-” You went on mumbling about how you’d killed yourself in your nightmare, mumbles and cries that Scott heard but didn’t quite understand.  He nodded here and there, letting you go on in your small rant to get it all out of your system.  By the end you were banging your fists against the floor repeatedly.  Until your body was beginning to shut down, the adrenaline having already coursed out of your system.  You slouched against him slightly, unable to keep yourself sitting upright.  At least properly.

“Come on” Scott hummed, arms wrapping around you, and getting up on his knees, lifting you limply.  “Let’s get you back in bed”

“I don’t wanna sleep” You mumbled, forehead hitting against the front of his shoulder.  Scott sighed, rubbing your back gently, and he set you into his bed.  “Mm this is warmer”

“That’s why I’m letting you have it” He said, pulling up the blankets over your shoulders.  You gripped onto the edge, pulling it further until it just covered the end of your chin.  When you shut your eyes, he slumped over towards your bed.

“Scott?” You opened your eyes, barely, but enough.

“Hm?” he hummed as he sat down, yanking the covers up from where you’d crumpled them on the floor.

“You um- you don’t have- you don’t have to stay over there” Your voice failed you half way through your statement, growing into a quiet whisper.  But Scott’s enhanced senses made it clear wording to him.  He opened his own eyes and stared over at you.  It would be easy, slip out of bed, take the three steps across the space between your beds, and slide in next to you.

But that would make the both of you so much more vulnerable than you already were.  Him having attempted suicide, and you having had a nightmare about it.  You were as broken as he wanted you to be for the night (not that he did, but he didn’t want to make those cracks into craters).

When he’d opened his mouth to give you a soft and kind protest, you were already sleeping.  Your eyes had slipped shut, and he could hear your heartbeat had steadied.  Scott allowed himself a slight smile, and prayed that you wouldn’t be awoken in the night by terrifying images.

You woke up to your body bumping in an uncomfortable seat.  Your eyes blinked open, light from surrounding window blinding you momentarily.

“You awake?” Your line of sight turned into Scott McCall, and instantly your surroundings were thrown at you.

“I’m on the bus” You mumbled to yourself, looking all over the place.  You were in a seat, on the window side.  Scott next to you.  Behind you sat Allison and Isaac, both looking like they were about to pass out on each other.  In the seat across from you, was Stiles and Lydia, talking rapidly and staring intently at each other.  If you didn’t feel so exhausted, physically and emotionally, then maybe you would’ve made a comment about their obvious eye fucking.

“How perceptive of you” Scott chuckled.  You could’ve laughed, and you almost tried, but something clicked in your brain telling you to just slump further into the seat.  “Did you not sleep enough?” Scott asked, concern on his features.  You opened your mouth to speak again, but no words came to mind.  You leaned your body forward, top of your head smushed against the seat in front of you.  “y/n?” He put a hand on your back, and your immediate reaction was to shrink away from him.

But you didn’t.

You let his hand just rest there, taking in it’s warmth, and how it brought back memories of safety and sadly, home.  You sighed, a Scott both heard and felt the light vibration from your back to his palm.

“You can talk to me you know.  I’m probably not the ideal counselor, but I’ll listen” You nod, and sit up properly.  Scott slides his hand to rest on your shoulder.

“I’ve been having dreams where I kill myself” You whispered, voice painfully even.

“Since… what happened yesterday?” You shook your head.  “How long?” You it your lip, and Scott heard your heartbeat racing.  “It’s okay, you can tell me.  I know you’re not…” he didn’t say the word you were both thinking.  “That’s a very strong scent, and I don’t smell it on you” He told you.  “How long have you been having-”

“Since you broke up with me” You said, no longer in a flat tone.  “Since that night and nearly every night since” Scott’s mouth made an o, and you nodded, sucking in your bottom lip.  “Yeah.  Pretty depressing” You said.

“No it’s not”

“Dreams about killing myself? Seems depressing to me” You stated bluntly.  Scott let out a breath.

“Want me to tell you somethin depressing?” You shrugged, and nodded.  “You know how sometimes we’d meet at the overlook in the Preserve? Really late?” You nodded.  How could you forget? Everything happened there.  He kissed you first there, you had many dates there.  You lost your virginity to each other there.  It was your secret place to meet up and rant about shitty days, the supernatural.  “Well..” Scott sucked in a big breath, like he was uncertain if he still wanted to share.

“You don’t have to-”

“I still go there most nights, just sit there from like… eleven to one.  Then walk home”

“Why do you walk?”

“It’s pretty dumb”

“So are werewolves but here we are” You shrugged, lips showing the slightest ghost of a smile.

“Well I always think, maybe today she’ll come, maybe I’ll see her and we can just sit there like we usually did.  That maybe if I walk, then there’s more of a possibility of catching you on your way there… or home… I don’t know I told you it was dumb” By the time he finished, you were blushing furiously and you knew that he could hear your thundering heart, but you didn’t say anything.  Just sat in silence for a few minutes.

“You… you were hoping to see me?” He nodded his head, expression contorting to a nervous one.  “B-but-”

“y/n I still love you, that hasn’t changed… and it never will” Your eyes were clouded with tears in seconds, and he could hear your shallow breaths.  “D-did I say the wrong thing?” You shook your head, giving him a watery smile.

“No, no you said exactly the right thing” You whispered.  And you could see his victory smile beginning to form.  You grabbed onto the hand that he’d sat on your shoulder, and intertwined your fingers together.  Holding on tightly and resting them on your leg.  Then you leaned your head over, and set it against his shoulder.


“I’m sorry, come again?” Scott asked, turning in his seat to face you. You tapped your foot impatiently, planting yourself on his bed.

“Your friend Liam. I have… A crush on Liam.” You repeat, avoiding his eyes. “You asked why I’ve been so quiet lately. There’s your answer.”

“What does that have to do with you being-”

“He’s oblivious, Scott! And it makes me upset.”

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