Requested by @fuckkoffcourtney : if you take requests, could you do an imagine where maybe the reader is stiles’ older sister in senior year and he’s a junior and the pack including her is at lunch together and her phone rings and lydia is like “you still call your dad “daddy”?“ and reader answers it and says “yes derek?” and the whole table cHOKEs and it’s just really funny??? thanks so much!

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@vixenwinchesters Mmkay, I enjoyed writing this one. Requests are always open!

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You were Stiles’ older sister. He had introduced you to Derek, who was your boyfriend now. You knew about the supernatural, as you had seen Derek shift on numerous occasions. Class was pretty boring today, so you had messaged Derek, telling him how bored you were. You had just come out of class and had gotten your food when your phone rang. It was laying flat on the table and everyone could see the word, ‘Daddy’, as the contact. The whole table erupted into a fit of laughter, and Lydia gasped out, “You still call your dad ‘Daddy’?” You stared them down as you answered the phone.

“Yes, Derek?” You said. They all went quiet and you raised an eyebrow. Some of them were halfway through chewing food and they had frozen, mid chew. You grinned, and went off to talk to Derek real quick.

You finished the call rather quick and made your way back to the table.

“You have got to be fucking kidding me…” Stiles said in shock.

Lydia was the first to joke about it. “Ooh, kinky.” She said giggling.

“Don’t act like you don’t have yours.” You said, and she shut right up. Stiles stared at the both of you. Scott was just sitting there, shaking his head that was in his hands. Isaac was just staring along with Stiles. Done with lunch and school, you waved good-bye to your brother and friends, and got out of school.

“Thank you so much for coming and picking me up babe,” You said, and leaned over in the car to kiss Derek on the cheek.

“It’s no problem. I wanted to see my babygirl anyways.” He replied, and grinned cheekily at you.


Imagine the pack ignoring you in order to protect you from the super natural yet you find out.
“wait-so… you guys have like fangs and claws? OMG DO YOU HAVE SUPER SPEED”
“Yes Y/N we do but been supernatural isn’t a toy” Derek said practically lecturing you.
“yeah of course” you said nodding your head. “OMG CAN YOU READ MY MIND!”

Scott McCall - You shouldn’t be alone right now

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You laid down at your bed, listening to your favourite song. A knock on the door made you look up. You got up and paused your music.

‘Come in!’ you yelled, looking at your watch. It was 5 pm, so dinner wasn’t ready. Stiles popped his head in your room.

‘Hi sis, Scott asked if I wanted to come over, you know, watching a movie. And probably sleeping there as well. Is that okay with you?’

You bit your lip. You had serious night terrors, especially since Theo had almost killed you. Just like your brother, you were a member of Scott’s pack. Only, where Stiles was 100% human, you were a werewolf, bitten when the alpha pack was in town. Before that, you had no idea about the existence of werewolves. You did remember how left out you felt. You had always been close to your brother Stiles, and because of that, also with Scott (no one knew you also had a major crush on him, not even Stiles, even though you told each other everything). When Scott turned in a werewolf, he and Stiles hanged less with you, to the point you were barely talking. In that way, being bitten was a good thing. It made you and your brother close again. You hadn’t really seen a down side. You liked being strong, being able to defend yourself. That was until Theo came along. First you really liked him. He made you forget your crush on Scott. The two of you even dated. So, after he tried to kill you, you had a lot of nightmares.  Stiles was the only one you’d told about it. And even though it had been a while since your last nightmare, you weren’t too thrilled about Stiles leaving, especially since your father wasn’t coming home tonight. But you were glad Stiles and Scott were doing something, and you didn’t wanna blow it, so you nodded. ‘Yeah, sure. Have fun.’ You forced a smile, and Stiles frowned.

‘what do you mean “have fun”?’ he asked.

‘euhm, exactly what I say?’ you answered, but it sounded like a question.

‘Did you really think I’d let you alone? You’re coming with me. Scott has already prepared the extra bedroom for you.’ He rolled his eyes. ‘Sometimes I’m a good brother, you know.’

You smiled, and hugged him. ‘you’re the best big brother in the world. All the time.’ You kissed his cheek, and he smiled.

‘Just grab your pyjamas, and meet me downstairs.’

You grabbed the first shirt you was, and some sweatpants. You ran down the stairs, putting on your leather jacket on your way down.

Stiles grinned. ‘you look exited.’

‘I am. It’s been a while since the last time we did something like this, just for fun.’

Stiles’ grin widened, and there was an exited sparkle in his eyes. ‘Than let’s go and have some fun.’

You yawned. Melissa had a late shift in the hospital, so the three of you had watched four movies in a row while basically eating everything eatable in the house. You weren’t the only one getting tired, considering Scott and Stiles started yawning an hour ago. They didn’t want to admit they were tired though, because you hadn’t yawn. As soon as you did, Scott paused the movie

‘thank god, I thought you’d never get tired.’ Stiles breathed, while getting up. Scott offered you his hand and pulled you up, holding on to it a little longer than necessary. When you looked up to see his face, he turned his head towards Stiles. The three of you went upstairs, and as soon as you wished each other goodnight and closed the door of the guestroom, you breathed in deeply.  You changed in your pyjamas and laid down. As soon as you closed your eyes, you fell asleep.

You were in the library, looking at a book Mason had told you to read. Theo popped his head around the corner of the bookshelves.

‘Good book?’ he asked, nodding towards the book in your hands.

‘ don’t know, I haven’t read it yet.’ You answered, closing your eyes as he pressed his lips against your forehead.

‘Are you going to?’ he knew you loved books, so the answer was kinda obvious.

‘I guess, Mason said it’s good.’ You shrugged.

‘Anyways, how are you sweets?’ You rolled your eyes, and he smiled, knowing that you liked him having a nickname for you, even though you’d never admit it.

‘I’m fine, just wishing that I’d have more time to study. With all the stuff going on with the dread doctors, I haven’t got any time to catch up on schoolwork yet.’ You frowned at the thought of the growing pile of homework.

Theo grinned. ‘And yet, every free moment you do have, you spend here, either looking at books, or reading books.’ You smiled sheepishly, and he put his arm around your waist.

‘I’m not complaining. This way I get to see you without the… stressful vibe.’ He softly pressed his lips against your temple, and you grinned. The last people left the library, so the two of you were alone. He let go of your waist and frowned.

‘what’s wrong?’ you asked, stepping forward to put your hand against his cheek. He grabbed your hand an pressed a kiss on your palm, before letting go.

‘You have to understand that I really like you, and that I really don’t want to do this.’ he shot you a look full of pity, before flicking out his claws.

As he stepped forward, you stepped back. You didn’t ask what he was doing, because you knew. Stiles had been right all along. You just thought he was being the overprotective brother he was. You ignored the question in his glowing blue eyes when you didn’t flick out your claws. Even though he turned out to be bad, you still knew you couldn’t hurt him. Your relationship turned out to be fake, but you knew the feelings you had for him were everything but fake. As he did another step towards you, you finally realised what was going on. you jumped back, finally flicking out your claws. You showed your fangs as you backed away slowly. He didn’t seem to doubt as he walked up to you firmly. His hand went for your throat, and you screamed when his claws cut through your skin when he lifted you up. A grin spread across his face as you continued screaming. You couldn’t breathe, and you almost passed out from the pain. Suddenly Theo’s grin disappeared, and you saw Scott’s worried face. He pressed your shoulders to the bed, while whispering: ‘y/n! wake up! It’s just a dream. You’re alright, just wake up.’  When your eyes opened he sighed of relief.

‘Sorry, I’m sorry.’ You kept saying as you started crying.

‘Hey, don’t cry, you’re alright.’ He sat next to you and pulled you against his chest, rubbing your back, whispering comforting things. You breathed in deeply and whipped your eyes.

‘Where’s Stiles?’ was the first thing you asked.

‘Lydia called, there was some sort of problem. Stiles went to her house, but he didn’t want to leave you alone, so I said I’d stay.’ His brown puppy eyes were filled with concern, his crooked jaw tense.

‘Thanks, I’m fine.’ You said automatically. ‘You can go back to bed. Sorry I woke you up.’

He shook his head.  ‘You’re not fine, and I’m not going back to bed. You shouldn’t be alone right now.” You nodded grateful, and he looked at you while he bit his lip.

You rolled your eyes. ‘C’mon Scott, just ask what you wanna ask.’

He doubted a second. ‘Do you maybe want to… talk about what happened? I mean, what did you dream about?’

You decided it was time to finally talk to someone, and, except for Stiles, there was no one you trusted more than Scott. So you told him the whole dream. His eyes went wide in shock. You’d vaguely told the others Theo had attacked you, but you’d never go in detail. You even showed him the scars in your neck, which had never faded, even though you had healed within minutes.

When you finished, he looked at you in disbelieve. ‘And all this time, you’ve never talked about this with anyone?’

You shrugged. ‘I told Stiles. That was enough.’

‘and do you have nightmares like this one more often?’ the concern hadn’t left his eyes yet.

You shrugged again. ‘Yeah, I used to have them every night, but no only about once a week.’

He shook his head again. ‘I can’t believe you had to deal with this alone, except for Stiles, for all this time.’ He grabbed your hand and squeezed it, what made your heart pound. He cocked his head, and you realised he was listening to your heartbeat. You groaned quietly as he frowned. It took a moment before he put the pieces together, and his eyes widened. ‘oh.’ Was all he said.

‘yeah, I know, and I’m sorry, I…’ before you could continue, Scott pressed his lips against yours, shutting you up. After a few minutes of kissing, he grinned. ‘you have no idea how long I wanted to do that.’

You smirked back at him. ‘well, who am I to keep you away from it.’ And with those words, you leaned in to kiss him again. And even though you knew Stiles would be so mad, you also knew it’d all work out.


Puppy Love - Scott McCall

Relationship: Scott x Reader
Warnings: so fluffy, like one swear word??
A/N: i’m honestly really happy with how this turned out. i really hope you guys like it.
Word Count: 1050

You had always pondered the thought of adopting a puppy with Scott. Yet, at the same time, you already had one-him. However, your puppy still wanted one of his own, and you couldn’t help but oblige. Who wouldn’t?

So, later on in the week, on a breezy Saturday afternoon, you and Scott took off to another young couples home. Your heart fluttered and butterflies danced within you at the thought of adopting a puppy. It was as if you were at the very beginning of starting a family with the love of your life.

You knocked on the front door of the modern home three times, stepping back and lacing your fingers within Scott’s. He pulled your hands backwards, and pushed them forwards, swinging them to and fro like a child until the wooden door creaked open.

There stood a small girl, whom you assumed was about four years old, and a little boy cowering behind her back. She grinned up at the two of you, and a woman peered from behind them, mirroring her expression.

“You must be Y/N and Scott.” She stuck her hand out to the two of you, shaking your hands and inviting you into the cozy home. “I’m Alice, my husband, Brett is in the backyard with the puppies.”

She guided you two through a large living room and into a kitchen, which were both very clean and tidy. To the right of the kitchen was a hallway, which had a glass door built into it. Alice respectfully opened the door for the two of you, allowing you both to walk before her and out into the back yard.

It was large and spacious, just like the rest of the house. A good sized pool was built into the ground, a hot tub not far to the left. A fire pit was off to the right, next to a covered bar area. The backyard, and whole home was beautiful.

At your feet, eight puppies squirmed and chased circles around yours and Scott’s ankles. Your fiancé giggled and crouched down to pet the puppies. One in particular pawed at his leg, aching to be held. He grinned down and the fluffy creature and pulled him into his arms, ruffling his ears and peppering his face in kisses.

The two of you stayed in the spacious backyard for a while, playing with puppies. There was something about the one that Scott had formerly picked up. It was as if he was the perfect one for you both.

With a glance at each other, you both knew which puppy you would be taking home with you that day. After signing paper work, and taking care of all of the necessary needs, you and Scott left the stunning home and started the drive back to yours.

“There was something about that house, the couple and their kids. I really saw us living a life like that. They were so in love with each other. And they loved their little ones so much. You could tell just by being there for a few minutes. I can’t wait for a life like that with you.”

You looked over at him, leaning to kiss his jaw. After all of those years, he still managed to make you fall apart like putty, with just his words.

“I love you, Scott.”

“I love you, Y/N.” The puppy squeaked in your lap, panting and wagging it’s tail. “And I love you, little one.” His large hand scratching the small, furry back of the animal in your lap.

“We should name him Silas, or Kai, or Klaus! Can we please name him after someone from The Vampire Diaries? Please baby?”

Scott couldn’t help but agree, wanting nothing more than for you to be as happy as possible.

“Silas, it is” he approved.

You continued the drive home, jamming to your playlist and playing with the puppy the whole way. You carried Silas inside your apartment, letting him roam around and staying close behind him the whole way. Scott would often giggle as he would sniff at random objects in the home, or slide across the wooden floors when he ran.

Later in the evening, as you were making dinner, you could hear Scott playing with the puppy in the living room. He would throw a braided rope toy, and Silas would chase after it. The baby didn’t quite understand the concept of fetch yet, and would run back to Scott, but would not drop the toy, which resulted in a game of tug-of-war.

“Y/N! Help me!” You heard your partner shout after a few moments of silence.

“Scott, I’m cooking. What is it?” You could hear slight grunting from the other room, and followed the sounds into the living room. “Scott?”

“I’m stuck under the couch.” He whined. “I threw the toy for Silas and it went under the couch. I just wanted to get it but I couldn’t reach and somehow, I managed to wedge my entire body under it.”

You couldn’t help but burst into a fit of laughter, running back to the kitchen and grabbing your phone. You started snapping pictures of Scott, most of them coming out horribly shaky because of your constant laughter.

“Help me, Y/N. Please. I beg of you.” He stretched his arm out towards you, in hopes that you would grab it and pull him out.

“Okay, hold on. I just have to send this to the group. This is gold.”

“Stop taking pictures! I’m fucking stuck. Be useful and help me!” He shouted from under the furniture.

You finally set your phone down, grabbing Scott’s outstretched arm and using all of your might to pull him out. After a few failed attempts, you managed to pull the man out from underneath the couch.

“Oh, my savior!” He exaggerated, sprinkling your face in kisses. You burst into another fit of giggles, pushing him away and standing up.

“Okay, I have to go finish dinner before I burn the house down.”

Scott’s grip on you loosened, letting you go and allowing you to continue your unfinished duty.

“Shit. Scott, call the pizza place!”

He chuckled, reaching for his phone and dialing Dominoes.

“Hello, yeah I’d like a large pepperoni pizza and wings.”

Scott x Winchester!Sibling

Pairing: Scott x Reader

Word Count: 1430

Warnings: none

Request: @patrickshowtimekane  ASKED:
Hey, do you think you could do a crossover of supernatural and teen wolf imagine where Sam & Dean Winchester are your brothers but you’re in a hidden relationship with Scott but they find out when Castiel tells them and they threaten Scott?… sorry is the request is really long!

A/N: I love spn so much <3 I hope this was goone :))


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Liam Imagine~ Truth Or Dare?

Word Count~ 1257
Rating~ idk, like 13+ or something
Warnings~ alcohol use, fluff
Pairings~ Liam x Reader
A/N~ Lovelies, send in your name and a color into the comments, my ask, or my DMs. I have this thing I want to do that involoves you guys.Love you all, hope you enjoy! BAI!
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Request~ Anonymous said:
Imagine request: You and the pack decided to have a hang out at Lydia’s while her parents were away. (Let’s pretend werewolves could get drunk) you guys decided to play truth or dare. And Lydia decided to asked you is it true you like someone in this circle. And since the circle was practically filled with werewolves that could tell if your lying new you were when you said no. (You liked Liam) but you wee to scared to say anything. You can create and ending:)

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Imagine Being Derek’s Twin Sister and Another True Alpha

Hello lovelies. Let me know what you think of this!

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Part 2

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You had just arrived at Derek’s place, and knocked on the door. The door opened and you saw an unfamiliar face, and you narrowed your eyes.

“Guys,” the boy said, “Come here.” You heard someone coming to the door, and all you saw was your brother’s face, before he engulfed you into his arms. You wrapped your arms around his back and grinned.

“Hey Der.” You said, muffled against his chest. He had one hand around your back, and another on your head, holding you in place.

“Sorry to break up the lovey-dovey reunion, but who the hell even is she?” The boy who opened the door asked.

“Can’t you tell? I’m his twin.” You replied, and then he let out a drawn out, ‘Ohhh’. When Derek finally released you from his bear hug, he reached over and flicked the boy on the head.

“So, who are they?” You asked your brother.

“Well, the one a hit, he is Stiles. Human. Annoying as hell. The other one, that cam to the door with me, he’s Scott. True Alpha. Gonna be good at it. Also, annoying. The red haired girl is Lydia. Banshee. Strange, of course. This blond is Isaac, my beta, reckless. And the dirty blond is Liam, Scott’s beta. Anger issues. That help?” He replied, and you nodded your head, before going over to Scott.

“So Scott. Wanna go up against another true alpha? Get a feel for how it feels to get taken down a few notches?” You challenged with a smile. You saw the competitiveness in his eyes once you said that, and withoout waiting for a verbal response, you kept walking through the house, and made it to a training room. You moved to the side once entering, and saw Scott come barreling past you, and fell flat on his face. You raised an eyebrow, before shaking your head.

“Nice try. But you cannot seriously think that would work. Now, before we begin, let me turn on my playlist. Otherwise, I might tear you to shreds before we even begin.” You say, and hook up your phone. Not catching the look of disbelief cross his face. Demons by Imagine Dragons came on, and you couldn’t hold back  the snort of humor at the song. You then shifted, and roared in Scott’s direction. He shifted as well and roared back. He came after you first, and you put him flat on his back. “You think these attacks will work, yet you surely are wrong. ”

“Yeah. But it’s distracting you.” He responded before you felt a force hit your side and force you off of him. You saw it was Liam, his beta. You growled, and they attacked simultaneously. You dodged each of their attacks, while landing few attacks yourself. Then, you roared again, even louder than last time. And it caused them both to shift back, unintentionally. You turned your head and shifted back as well.

“That’s one of the things you will be able to do when you are more trained. You can shift anyone back into their human form, just by using your voice. No matter who they are. I will teach you. And then, maybe you will be able to make me shift back. Hasn’t ever happened before, but anythings possible.” You said, and walked off. They were staring after you in disbelief, before you heard Scott come running to you.

“How soon before you can show me?” He asked.

“After I eat some food, then we can immediately begin working on that.” You said, and enjoyed his reaction of a huge grin and jumping up and pumping his fist in the air.

Werewolves Don’t Exist - Scott McCall

You were walking through the school corridor, a slight smile on your face as your favorite song began to play in your earbuds.  As you reached your locker, the boys and Allison were already there, and you smiled wider.

“Hey guys” You greeted, shoving Stiles slightly so you could actually get into your locker.  “What’s up?” You took out an earbud, and looked at them.  Allison looked at her phone, Scott stayed silent, and Stiles straight up pretended to be interested in his fingernails.  “Um.. what’s going on?” You asked, taking out your Bio textbook.

“Nothing just… my grades are still bad” Scott sighed, and you gave him a sympathetic smile.

“Well I can help you study tonight, if you want” You offered.

“He can’t!” Stiles butted in, making you jump.  “We-we’re practicing” He added.  “Lacrosse.  Cause… cause I suck!” You bit your inner lip, heart sinking.  Stiles was trying pretty hard to get Scott out of being around you.  It was a little concerning, and your mind went wild with depressing thoughts.

“Oh.. oh okay some other time then” You said quietly, turning back to focus on the inside of your locker.

“I don’t know… we’re sorta busy this week” Scott said.

“Yeah, Scott and I have a lot of work to do” Allison piped up, and again, your heart broke.

“Alright” You said softly, and closed your locker slowly.  “I’ll um.. I’ll see you guys in lunch” You weakly said, and walked off towards your next class.  Which you had with Stiles, but he made no effort to walk with you like he usually did.

Maybe Scott didn’t want to be friends with you.  Maybe none of them did.  Which really hurt, seeing that you’d known Scott and Stiles since the second grade.  But since Allison had shown up in the beginning of the year, Scott seemed to care a lot more about her and Stiles, and not about you.  You wondered if he liked her, or if they were actually dating.  He probably wouldn’t have told you if they were.  Seeing that he was doing anything and everything to stay away from you.

You took in a deep breath, and tried to push away all your negative energy, and focus on your notes.

But your mind kept going back to your thoughts about Scott.

You loved him, you really did as cliche as it was.  But to fall in love with your best friend, is probably one of the worst things someone can do to themselves.  And the worst part, was that you knew it.  You knew he’d never like the way you did him.  He’d never know how you felt either.  Especially now. 

Why bother with him if he won’t bother to at least be a friend?

Lunch was terrible, thanks for asking.  You sat silently, and were paid no attention to.  Scott was too busy with Allison, and Stiles was too busy with Lydia.  Why does she even sit here? We’re not exactly the popular crowd, you thought to yourself.  Not that it mattered, Lydia gave all of her attention to Jackson.  So in reality, you were the seventh wheel.  And your self esteem was just dropping lower and lower today.

So did you stay and finish your sandwich that only had one bite in it? Hell no! You got up quietly, grabbed your bag, and threw your lunch away.  Then walked the hell out of that table of awkwardness.

You decided to just go home.  So maybe you didn’t have a car, and it was difficult to sneak out of the school building, but once you closed the door behind you, you just sprinted.  Wanting to get away from that place as fast as you possibly could.

“y/n!” You slowed slightly, enough to turn and see Scott running behind you.

“Scott?” You stopped completely, and he ran up to you swiftly.  “What’re you- how’re you even- Scott are you okay?” He gave you furrowed brows to express his confusion.  “Your asthma how’re you-”

“I’m fine” He answered abruptly.  “Now why are you skipping school?” You shook your head and began walking again.  Completely ignoring the boy.  “Hey- hey y/n” He reached to grab your arm, but you smacked his hand away.

“Just let me go home Scott, I don’t feel well” 

“You’re lying”

“I’m not”

Scott didn’t push it any further, knowing that the only way he could tell you that he knew you were lying, would be telling you he was a werewolf.  And he couldn’t do that.

“Well… well why didn’t you say anything?”

“Like you were listening” You grumbled to yourself, still walking away.  But Scott heard you fine.

“I would’ve been, it’s not like you tried to talk to me” You rolled your eyes, not even thinking through the fact that from where you were both standing, he shouldn’t have been able to pick up on what you said.

“Would you have Scott?” You whirled around, jabbing a finger into his chest.  “Or were you too busy mister goo goo eyes?” He shook his head, giving you another confused look.

“I don’t know what-”

“Don’t play idiot Scott! Since Allison’s got here, it’s like you’ve forgotten we were friends” You sighed, eyes expressing your hurt.

Scott could smell how depressed this made you feel, and he suddenly felt a huge wave of guilt.  He had pushed you to the side, but not because of Allison, because of his now supernatural based life.

“y/n I-”

“Save it Scott” You said, shrugging him away.  “Allison’s probably gonna wanna hear about it anyway” You mumbled, wet eyes meeting his broken ones.  With that, you turned and walked off.

And Scott let you.

He watched you walk away, until you were barely a a dot on the sidewalk.

“Scott, hey Scotty” 

“Wh-what?” Scott turned to Stiles, who was waving a hand in front of his face.

“Dude, you just got us killed” Stiles waved off to the video game they were playing.  “You always win, you know, keen reflexes and all” Stiles shook his head, and bit into three licorices at once.

“Sorry I’m just… I don’t know” The werewolf boy sighed.  “I should’ve told y/n, she deserves to know-”

“Bro.  I love you.  But you do this all the time.  First you’re all ‘i lover her too much, if she knows she’ll get hurt, and then it’ll all be for nothing I can’t live without her blah dee blah dee blah-’”

I get it Stiles-”

“And then next you’re all ‘she’s probably gonna hate me cuz i keep on lying to her’-” 

Stiles I get it okay? I fucked up!”

“Hey mr moralities watch the language-”

“But I did okay? And now- no she probably does hate me!” Scott scrambled to his feet, and ran out of the room.

“He-hey!” Stiles ran after his friend, finding Scott putting on his jacket and shoes at the door.  “Where are you-?”

“I’m going to y/n’s” Scott said, opening the door.

“Okay well I guess tell her I say-”

Scott jogged out of the house, door slamming behind him.


“y/n! y/n open the door, I know you’re inside!” Scott yelled for what felt like the millionth time.  He knocked rapidly.  “y/n, please! Answer the door” He begged. 

“Heh, McCall, you just continue to prove how pathetic you are” Scott turned abruptly, finding Matt Daehler behind him.  He growled, eyes glowing gold with anger as he stalked towards the boy.

“What did you do to her?” He growled, grabbing Matt’s shirt, and shaking him.  “Where.  Is.  She”

Matt laughed.  He laughed.  He had the nerve.

And Scott silenced his dark chuckle with a hard punch across his jaw.

You blinked your eyes open, and immediately grew afraid.  It was dark, and you were laying down because you were staring up at a ceiling, that you didn’t recognize.  But when you tried to move, none of your limbs made an inch.  Again, you willed yourself to sit up, but you couldn’t.  

Before tears could even form in your eyes, you heard a scratching sound.  You turned your head quickly, in search of the owner of the sound.

“He-hello?” You asked in a shaky whisper.

“y/n” Jackson? He was the one who stepped into view.  You looked up at him, and something was off about his eyes, he was standing above you, so it was sorta far, but they looked big, and… and green.


“How are you dear? Oh right,” he chuckled.  “You’re paralyzed”

“How? What’d you do to me!?” You demanded.

“Well Matt has to get your sorry ass werewolf of a friend here somehow” Jackson said, and you narrowed your eyes, shaking your head.

“How sick in the head are you Whittemore?” You snarled, and he dropped to his knees, waving a clawed hand over your face.  Your eyes widened, watching lizard-like scales appear over his face.

“I’d watch what you say next, very, very carefully my sweet” He growled, and you whimpered, seeing his razor sharp teeth.  “I could kill you in an instant.  And it wouldn’t matter.  No one knows you’re here, I could snap your neck…” A sharp nail trailed down your neck, and further down your body.  You saw it, but couldn’t feel a thing.  Again, you whimpered in fear, which only made him smirk.

That’s when you saw what creeped you out the most.

His skin and clothing seemed to just shred away, body completely covered in the scales, and a long tail practically ripping out of his back, which instantly sealed back up.  You screamed, and the tail whipped around your neck, yellow eyes glowing with excitement.  He held you up in the air using the tail that wrapped around your neck like a noose

“Mm I can smell your fear” Jackson growled out, and trailed a tongue over your cheek, his teeth grazing your skin.  “I can taste it.  It’s delicious y/n-”

“Back off!” A female voice rang, and you barely saw something fly through the air.  Before you could register that someone had shot the lizard boy with an arrow, Jackson toppled over, and your limp body crashed to the ground.

Well, it almost did.  You were caught in a strong pair of arms.  You looked up, finding bright yellow eyes and a furred face.  But you’d recognize that crooked jaw anywhere.

“Scott..?” You whispered.

“It’s me, you’re okay, I’m getting you out of here okay?” You didn’t nod, though you tried.  Your body was becoming overcome with sleep.  “No, no y/n don’t close your eyes, just stay awake for me okay? Stay awake y/n, stay awake…. stay awake… stay awake…”

When you woke up again, you freaked out this time, remembering the last time you woke up, was not a pleasant experience.  Your arms thrashed on a mattress as you desperately pushed yourself up, finally able to move again.

“Hey hey hey, you’re okay, you’re at my house, you’re okay” You looked over, wide fearful eyes meeting Scott’s.  “You’re okay” He repeated, sitting on the bed next to you.  You slowly allowed yourself to nod.

“I was- you had- Jackson-” Scott just nodded, and he ran a hand over your forehead, pushing back your hair.

“I’m so sorry, I thought never telling you would protect you, I swear I was trying to keep you safe-”

“Tell me what?” You whispered, pushing yourself up to sit fully upward, staring back at Scott.  His hands fell to fiddle in his lap.

“I-I’m…this is gonna sound crazy but… I’m a werewolf” He looked up to you, eyes the golden color you’d seen earlier that night.  Your breath hitched in your throat, and you tensed.  “And tonight you were taken by Matt and Jackson, the lizard-uh-guy, yeah that’s called a kanima and Matt is like the contro-”

Scott stopped when you crashed into him, wrapping your arms around his middle tightly, and he hugged you back as quickly as he registered the action.

“Are you okay?” You asked, burying your face in the crook of his neck.

“Ye-yeah I’m fine” Scott stuttered.  “It’s you I’m worried about-”

“Well I thought you hated me” 

“Hated you? y/n I could never I-… I love you” You pulled back, staring at him with parted lips.

“Y-you l-l-love m-me?” Great now we’re both a stuttering mess.

Yeah of course I do” Scott said, and hand laying overtop of yours, clasping onto it and rubbing his thumb over your skin.  “I always have y/n, the only reason I didn’t tell you was because I didn’t want you getting hurt, or being mad I just.. I wanted to protect you” You slowly smiled at him, finally feeling a sense of safety that night.  

“I love you too you furry weirdo” You said, and Scott smiled back at you, and leaned in a little bit.

“Can I- can I kiss you?” You nodded, licking your lips slightly before his found yours, and his hand laid on your cheek softly.  When you parted, you rested your forehead against his.  “And by the way” Scott whispered, meeting your eyes.  “You’re the only one I have goo goo eyes for”

this one’s for @peter-andhislostgirls *heart*
xoxo ~ jordie