Guess What’s In Your Holiday Drinks

It’s cold out and you want a treat. And while that holiday latte seems so tempting and festive – a small treat, in the scheme of things, really – you’d be surprised by just how much sugar is in one of these cups. Take, for example the Dunkin’ Donuts Peppermint Mocha Latte, which has 73 grams of sugar per large cup. The latte isn’t even the most sugary drink we found and yet it has more sugar than eight christmas cookies or two cans of Coke.


McDonald’s rolls out many near-identical restaurants, of course, but the McCafé in Coban, Guatemala, by Solís Colomer y Asociados provides customers with a sense of uniqueness and ownership. Photographs of leaves, printed on vinyl, surface the gypsum-board disks floating overhead, and the particleboard paneling is punctuated by perches for avian-kitsch red bird figurines. Photography by Marko Bradich.

Ready to celebrate St. Patricks day with McDonald’s tomorrow? You better think twice.  

A shamrock shake contains as many calories as 1.5 big macs, or 1.5 large fries, or 2.5 hot fudge sundaes or 3 egg McMuffins. Find out more about McDonald’s festive treat here.