Mayor Richard Wilkins

This Year’s Girl

So I was thinking about how Faith’s medical bills were paid. I was thinking about why she was kept on machines and such during her eight month coma. Then I watched the video the Mayor made for her that was the presentation of her switching bodies gift. He said that he could only take care of her so much, and it made me think that he ended up being her legal guardian (because she was still a minor during the 3rd season) or at least her medical proxy, and that he set up the orders that she was to be kept alive to the best of the abilities of the hospital (she wasn’t on life support, but she might have needed other care that many wouldn’t expend on a woman in a coma who was never supposed to wake up) and he paid off the medical bills.

I kept trying to put together clever gifsets and stuff for this “Cutest Moment” day but…they were unreasonably frustrating (and just NOT WORKING OUT!). So I figured the actual clip would be fine.

I love this scene (but that should come as no surprise since I love the Mayor and his relationship with Faith. Still, this is by far my favorite interaction. If nothing else, I love Faith’s excited skip at the very end. It’s just a ridiculously cute moment.

30 Days of Buffy

Day 27: Cutest Moment



#1: Mayor Richard Wilkins - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

“That’s one spunky little girl you’ve raised. I’m gonna eat her.”  Richard Wilkins served as mayor of Sunnydale, California for 100 years.  Everything was going swimmingly in the good ‘ole, demon-infested hellmouth until that pesky slayer came along and shook things up.  In the third season of Buffy, the Mayor intends to perform a ritual that will turn him into a full blooded snake demon.  The thing about giant snake demons- they get hungry.  With the help of Faith and a group of vampires, the mayor decides to perform his 'ascension’ at the 1999 Sunnydale graduation ceremony where there are plenty of delicious students and faculty to snack on.  That’s right after he delivers an excellent speech to the students about how working hard pays off.  What a guy.

So why is the mayor #1 on this list?  For one thing, he’s incredibly powerful even when he’s not a giant snake demon.  Secondly, Wilkins is one of the most unique and quirky characters ever created.  He’s obsessed with hygiene, refers to himself as a 'family man,’ and detests foul language.  Of course, all of these qualities go against his demonic nature, and they play up his 'two-faced’ politician quality.  He proves to be one of the greatest threats that The Scoobies face largely because of his unpredictability and power.  While many people probably wouldn’t put The Mayor at the top of a list like this, I believe he has qualities that make him an exemplary supervillain and an all around 'fun’ character to watch.  Hell, I’d vote for him in an election.

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