Mayhem Lauren


New Adult book recommendations:

Sweet Filthy Boy | Stay With ME | Riot | Mayhem | Ugly Love | Rowdy

Since Ive been reading lots of NA books since the start of this year, I decided to share with you guys some of my favorites. Despite the cheesy covers, these books were really enjoyable. Let me know if you decide to check any of them out!


Mayhem Lauren - Got That Fever


meyhem lauren ft. action bronson & heems - special effects 


MarQ Spekt - Danger featuring Mayhem Lauren, FT and School of Sharks.

Off the Machete Vision LP which you can buy on Bandcamp for peanuts. Get involved!

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Kool A.D. has just released a shit ton of new music today, so if you have two hours to spare then 19 and 63 should do the job nicely.

With skywlkr, Mayhem Lauren, Lakutis and even Ad-Rock and ‘Kanye West’ hopping in board and more shout-outs to Justin Bieber than you know what to do with then things are never going to be too uninteresting.

Check out the video for 'Erotika’ below.