Could somebody please reassure me that hideous, clumpy mascara that makes you look like you’ve never used mascara before isn’t an actual trend?

I refuse to believe that anyone would deliberately want to look like they used their eyelashes to stir a bowl of tar.  Like, I know a lot of you younger gals want to rebel, and will do anything and everything completely opposite to what your mom does, and I am all for expressing your individuality (lord knows I’m practically the polar opposite of my own mother with my facial piercings and extensive collection of spiked jewelry).  However, I would have thought it preferable for most people to not feel like their eyelashes were glued together.  Not to mention that mascara applied lightly still takes a lot of makeup remover, let alone having it globbed on like this.

Is it just me?  Am I just “out of touch” on this?

For a classy mani, flowers are always a good idea. It was the first that I used “St James” by Nails Inc. and I love this nail polish. It’s a pinkish red. This nail art is inspired by BadGirlNails on Instagram.

Polishes I used :

Nails Inc. : St James

Barry M : Christmas Gold

Barry M : Strawberry

Maybelline : Knitted Gold

L’Oréal : Riviera Lavender

L’Oréal : Gourmandise

OPI : Jade is the New Black

OPI : Suzi Takes the Wheel

Essie : Stylenomics

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CL - Maybelline ‘Lash Sensational’ Mascara CF (15s)!