Here’s a YouTube version of the Maya No audio post.

Original comic by phoenxwright

anonymous asked:

can the mods list their top 5 aa characters?

1. fra n ziska my wif e my love my everythign
2. nick. someone please help him
3. mia fey
5. lana skye

- mod nick 🌊

1. trucy! duh!
2. apollo
3. maya
4. phoenix
5. edgeworth

- mod trucy 🌟

1. Dick Gumshoe
2. Sebastian Debeste: Yumihiko Ichiyanagi (do AAI 2 characters count?)
3. Pearl Fey
4. Rhoda Teneiro
5. Tyrell Badd

- mod Larry

1. Miles Edgeworth
2. Clay Terran
3. Klavier Gavin
4. Phoenix Wright
5. Simon Blackquill

(i’m really gay, can u tell?)

-Mod Miles

1. Franziska Von Karma
2. Maya Fey
3. Klavier Gavin
4. Kristoph Gavin
5. Phoenix Wright
I also really love Matt Engarde but you only asked for 5 so. :c

-Mod Maya


The AA6 Twitter campaign was a success, and as a result Capcom has released a special promo prologue anime for AA6!

Subs will be added.